Friday, February 26, 2010

Belated Dogs On Thursday: Yesteryear Theme Again

Let's take a peek into my regal photo album this week, even though mom did get some snaps of me this week....her being a certified puppyrattzi and all but this is just fun! Speaking of fun, above is me and that crazy Dudley.....he loves to tease me....endlessly!!!
Many moons ago, I could see the cuteness that owned me.
Awwww, my childhood.....before I chewed up this bed. Kids will be kids...even royal ones.
Only fitting that you see my first royal portrait that my best buddy did when he was in high pastels I believe. Who said wrinkles are ugly??? Ahhhhh, memories, go make some good ones Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Luna, Snickers, Buddy, Dizzy, Penney, Tonka, Hope, Trixie, Bella, Zoe, Chief and Sophie!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Animal Wednesday, Yesteryear

Let's go back, back into's the early, early 80's and I am in my dorm room working on this drawing for class. Assignment? Do not remember. Grade? It is probably scribbled on the back of the drawing paper. This is both my kids' favorite. Photo not so great. Had this framed for our very first house, um, around twenty-one years ago so that's what is making the different shades show up in the photo. This is approximately 16x24. I still remember working on it as I sat on my bed in the dorm.
C-c-cold today.....and we were standing out looking at vehicles again...the wind was blowing...............

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday on the Bloom

Though my brain seems to be empty...please hold the comments on the obviousness of this....I yearned to draw, so this morning I have for awhile. This is with a micron pen and is unfinished. Will fill up the entire space, provided the noggin doesn't go into complete lock down. All these edges will be touched on or added to in some manner. This week is different, Mr. Unplugged has taken the week off before beginning his new job and we have been vehicle shopping....need I say more?

Friday, February 19, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

Taken last week with my "not quite as trusty as my last cellphone camera" cell camera. One of my favorite sights is trees against the sky. Envisioning some paintings of this nature...(double pun) However, finding it hard summoning up excitement to draw all those teenie, tiny branches. Lazy, maybe. Just monotonous. Perhaps, I will do a slightly diseased tree, it would also turn a bad thing into good! Go directly to to see some beautiful sky shots taken with much better cameras than mine.

The P's

The past two days were particularly productive. Allow me to share the excitement beginning with some good ol' potty and tub scrubbing. Not necessarily recommended for spurring the creativity but there is some satisfaction upon completion of the tasks. Now, here I thought that my hand was getting cramped up from working on this tree last night, when all along it was probably that stimulation with the bathtub that came in to effect........okay, that mutes my 'artist' pain quite a bit. Today, my back is vocalizing but I shall press on! Later yesterday I spent some time painting on the strawberry that was started after finishing the banana. I finished (I think) this pencil drawing that was started earlier this week. It is approximately 7 1/2 x 9 1/2, looks smoother, more blended than the photos show.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dogs On Thursday: Welcome Sophie!!!

Welcome Sophie to the extended family!!!! She is pictured above with my eldest great nephew, 5 year old Finn. From all accounts her transition has been a smooth one. She is a bit over 2 years old and previously belonged to a friend of their family.
You may recall this photo of 3 year old Eli from December holding a friend's yorkie in the Christmas parade. He's a real animal lover and it seems Sophie has found a nice place to sleep at night with him. The boys' dad's allergy to dog hair has not been bothered so far by Sophie's coif!!! May their family be together for years and years to come! Now, for a word from the chosen one..........
This week has had it's ups and downs. One of the most comfiest spots for me to lay is in front of the large window in dad's study, it also is a super spot to have the vent blow on me....ahhhhhhh.
Mysteriously to me, dad disappeared earlier this week for an overnight trip. Hours before he was to leave, sadly, it must be reported that moi got into a wee bit of trouble. I know, I know, shock, disbelief, I feel you. My behavior has often been described like a toddler, getting into things, always looking for something to put in my mouth. Duh, what's a toddler? Puhleeze - it's fun to put things in your mouth! However, I confess that the timing for me to chew up the cord to dad's cellphone charger was ill timed on my part. The photo above depicts my sitting in the den, staring at the front door, waiting for dad to come back... All is well at the castle, you will be relieved to know I didn't lose any sleep over the cord. Welcome to the pack, Sophie!!! Long may your tail wag with your new family! Keep wagging the tails for your super families Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Luna, Snickers, Buddy, Dizzy, Friday, Penney, Tonka, Hope, Trixie, Bella, Zoe and Chief!

Monday, February 15, 2010

What A Little Snow Can Do...

We have a wee bit of snow on the ground, since Sunday. These photos are of BigBoy and VolleyGirl from our last little snow in early January. I was going to post a photo of the color pencil picture I was working on but the photo looks terrible, just doesn't accurately depict the work. After it is finished I will post it. Seem to be in some type of artist's block, along with dieter's block, exercise block, but I digress..........nothing is coming to mind to draw whatsoever!
All siblings are required to throw snow at one another and my 21 and 16 year olds are not too old for that.
Had to show you the photo I caught of VG..............before the end of the month she was in an orthapaedic boot for the stress fracture that apparently wasn't healed. Good photo though!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Serious Valentine Day Sentiments

Last year, some of you may recall that I snacked on the practically all-sugar conversation hearts that are widely available during the season of love. Stopping to read the writing on the little, tasty treats made me think.....what if they could take healthy foods and put little quirky sayings on them? Tonight, I did a couple of quick color pencil drawings with the similar idea, though I did not make them heart-shaped as last year.

Please, don't tell me, this squash isn't romantic.....well, perhaps the strawberry is a bit more sensuous.
I do believe they speak for themselves. Oh crap, I did a horrible job on the shadowing! Did I mention these were quick? May you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day whether you have a sweetie or not.You know, go buy a bag of conversation hearts, you can at least have conversation with SOME type of sweetie! Whatever your sweetheart gives you, be appreciative. Years ago, one of my friends received a dustbuster from her boyfriend for V'day......doesn't that just suck?!? I realize that is the purpose of them, but that gift was a two-fold sucker. They did not end up married - shocker. Probably best that I just leave it with Happy Valentine's Day to all my blogger friends......may your flowers live long and the chocolate not go to your hips!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tragedy, again......only worse

Update: One of the wounded is a parent of a student at VolleyGirl's school and a parishoner of the church nearby my house where our kids went to elementary/middle school. He and his wife are very dear friends of my best friend and her husband. He made it through surgery, just woke up and recognized his wife. He is still in ICU.

That is my town on the national news again. My actual town is a bedroom community of this town, but next to one and the same. The prestigious university of our city has had a shooting this afternoon. A female, Harvard educated, biology professor, apparently renowned, was denied tenure this morning so it appears she shot 6 at the biology faculty meeting around 4 p.m. Three were killed, two are critical and one stable, all professors except for one staff member. One week ago today we had the middle school shooting and the funeral was just today. Unbelievable this time for some reason. Anger, that's what I feel

Still Fruity......

Keeping with the fruit theme at the moment. This is 8x10, acrylic on canvas board. Only difficulties encountered with painting this banana was my prop kept changing every time I returned to work on it! ;) What do you think I am working on now to pair with this? Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock - yes! Bonus points for you! Strawberry. Hmmmm, thinking perhaps a heart shaped strawberry cake for VolleyGirl and Mr. Unplugged for the V'Day weekend....but then I would devour over the limit, contributing to my thin challenged, soul receptacle, which only hinders my sorry, broken down knee. Today, a cocktail of WD40 and pain meds would not begin to touch the worn out hinge.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dogs On Thursday: Soul Special

Originally, my plan for today's "hear ye! hear ye! celestial canine time" was on the topic of a new friend coming into the fold of the extended family. However, due to the comment left by my second mum, Miss Soulbrush, considering she has been ill the last few days. The topic today will be more focused on "moi". Dearest Mummy Soul, I know you have been requesting it, my mom here has stepped beyond the boundaries to bring you some never before seen photos......hope you enjoy them, feel better soon (slurp)!
First, allow me to share a few words on the ballgame last Sunday. Though my team did not walk away with the win, my salutations go out to the state of Louisiana and my Uncle's sidekick, "Pee Wee." Their jubilance is over the top, though Pee Wee probably is immune to the noise. He is quite elderly and this morning's report is that he has lost almost all of his sight and hearing but retains his physical prowess! You keep on waggin' buddy!
Warning: These next four photos may contain canine nudity and subject matter not suitable for children!
My best buddy gives me the royal dip regularly behind closed, that crazy, canine, puppyrattzi entered, with permission, to take these photos last weekend.
The shame of it - me, the Royal 'Hine'ness, Canine Messiah, buck naked, soaped up, like some type of common soap commercial!
Zone out, that's what I do, just concentrate on my next meal, or anything! Mom explained to me that Second Mum misses out on these tender moments and that I should put my pride aside for I did.
How freeing it felt, once that wall was let down! This personal moment was yesterday, immediately after my morning meal. Such a great feeling to run to the den, scruff around, roll on the rug. The canine puppyrattzi caught me again as I held this calming, comfortable pose for a few minutes yesterday. Feel free to blow it up into a poster, Mummy Soul.
Well, after the physical and EMOTIONAL week, YOU would be tired too!!!
Friends, far and near, furry and fur-free, don't hold back from the ones you love, particularly this Valentine's weekend! Especially Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Luna, Snickers, Buddy, Dizzy, Friday, Penney, Tonka, Hope, Trixie, Bella, Zoe, Chief and, coming next week - Sophie!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cats On/Animal Wednesday

Stretch out a little further there Dudley, so I may get an accurate measurement!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thank You/Opening Photos

Thank you all so much for your caring words concerning my last post about the school shooting. It continues to lead the news here in the Madison/Huntsville area as you could imagine. Yesterday, I learned that my best friend knows the family of the shooter because she had his little sister in her 3 year old pre-school class last year. His name has not been released to the public since he is a minor, it will be decided in a couple of weeks if he will be charged as an adult. This morning the paper revealed that 3 or 4 people had received organ donations from the victim which gives the family some comfort. We continue to keep everyone in our prayers.

This past Saturday was the opening of the art exhibit at Mill Villa Gallery from 12-6. I spent a few hours hanging out there along with the owners and 3 or 4 of the other artists. Mr. Unplugged, BigBoy and VolleyGirl made there way up there for awhile, as did one of my nieces, my sister-in-law and her family and a friend and her husband. The two ink pieces shown above was sold! I immediately thought of Teri and the cactus gang when I spotted the cactus pictured above in the area outside of the gallery....that pic is for you!!!
This is some of the seating area outside the gallery. In the background you can see the old elevator that brings you to the 3rd floor of the building where the gallery and 27 artist studios are. The gallery doors are to the left of this area shown in the photo above.
Outside the double doors looking in the gallery. One of the owners is seated to the left, the man, standing to the left in the back is one of the artists. He and his wife's work was displayed just to the left of mine. There is my work, right in the middle of the photo, about a third of the way down from the top of the photo...see the green pear and red apple, with the larger landscape below them....that's me!
There are large hallways on both sides of the gallery with artist studios. There are also some studios in the center, behind the gallery. I am hoping to get one of these studio spaces on the outside when it becomes available, they have the really tall windows's a close up of my section. The artist with the work just to the left of mine was set up working, see, just to the right in the photo. Her husband was in the previous photo. He is from England, she used to work at the same company I did, a lifetime ago, she was in the England office, they were awesome! She worked in pastels, he in pen and in oils. He was a trained cartographer and did some map type art that was amazing.
This photo is just to the left of their work, there were scarves and other items too. Two of my color pencil drawings are in the black frames in the front of the photo.

The photo above is from the back of the gallery towards the front doors. The Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment Center is the location of the gallery, which is on the 3rd floor. Orginally it was a textile mill back in the early 1900's and the wood floors are old and awesome, you can still see paint lines or markings from where equipment once was. The walls are the old brick. Stairs are available but the old elevator is used, must press the button that rings a bell to get the operator to come pick you up! There is a little restaurant and bread place on the first floor. In the near future more artist studios will be built on the first floor and you can already get on a waiting list but I like the 3rd and am going to get on that list. BigBoy was impressed, better than he thought, and was open to utilizing any space I might get in the future! The second floor hosts different events and has most Saturdays where anyone can come and set up there art, wares, etc. You will see a wide variety of items. The 3rd floor is the recent opening of the building, less than a year. Many people have not been up there. Okay, bored you enough? Almost finished with another fruit painting. They have one or two extras to replace my work at the gallery but that's all I have! Must have items ready in case something sells, responsible for providing art within 5 days of notification. I have also contacted another place here about exhibiting in the near future. I worked yesterday from 9-2:30 and that does it for the week. Until they get some more of their clients, it is hard to get all the auditors many hours. That is fine with me and Mr. U right now cause I am working on the art and he is in the throes of a job change, after 23 years, he resigned and will be starting a new job. Something he has been planning for a very long time, every i is dotted and t crossed with careful attention, so this has been whirling around here intensely the last couple of days, weeks and on for months. The company has changed over the years, he is now one of the employees from "old school" and this is a great change for him. I need to be available for majestic duties on demand for one thing.
Bored yet? Relax. I'm finished for now. Will wash, grocery, paint, cook, catch up on your sites the rest of the day! Have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Horrific Day

Sadly, our little town is in the national news, we have been before, for being a good place to raise your kids, educated, young, diversified community, one of the fastest growing in our state. My uncle lived here when I was growing up, it was a little place, close to the airport...seems like it took forever to get out here from my hometown. It was a few places surrounded by cotton field. Then the interstate was built and the town has grown soooo much. The high school is the largest in the state now and they are finally planning to build another. Yesterday, at 1:45, at the middle school less than 2 miles from our house a freshman student was shot by another freshman student. I usually have the television on the news when I am around the house but didn't. Only when I passed the school on my way out yesterday seeing all the police, the entrances blocked off to the school, photographers snapping photos and all the news trucks did I know that something bad had to have happened. Didn't take long to find out on the radio what had happened. Called my best friend where I work and told them. Then my niece and sister-in-law started texting me. None of my really close friends have children there but many that I know do. I can imagine how frightened those poor students were, especially after reading our paper this morning. Fortunately, the school officials, the emergency workers, everyone did exactly what they should do and in a very timely manner. Still, nothing could help, last night the boy died and now the other will be charged with murder. One thing that makes me angry is that I am not shocked. Not because our schools here aren't doing all they can to be safe or that we have much crime. Just because it can happen anywhere, just like every other town feels when it happens to them, because sadly this is what happens in our society now. My heart aches for the families of both boys though and for all the kids that will be nervous when they return to school Monday. Bless all those that are affected by this horrible incident.

Friday, February 5, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

This was taken last week while Mr. Unplugged was driving me to drop off the artwork for the exhibit. Go to to see some beautiful sky photos!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dogs On Thursday

Giddy, that's what I'm feeling in anticipation of the Super Bowl this Sunday. Canines do not watch t.v., you say? Ahhhhh, but you are viewing a Royal Canine, His Royal "Hine"ness, the Canine Messiah........proof for the disbelievers pictured above.........
Yes, giddy.....because today is my dearest 2nd mommy, my other mother, overseas nana, homeland honey.......Soulbrush....Miss Joss...birthday! Happy birthday from all my family!
"I feel giddy......."
"...oh so giddy, I feel giddy and....."
.....and tired now......all that giddiness tires a Royal out. Here's hoping that all my buddies out there furry or bare feel giddy all week themselves - especially to my English blogmama! Big woof out to Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Luna, Snickers, Buddy, Dizzy, Friday, Penney, Tonka, Hope, Trixie, Bella, Zoe and Chief! Hey, did you miss my buddy, Dudley's post below?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cats on Wednesday/Animal Wednesday

Keeping look out at the goings on of the morning. Freshly taken this morning at the top of the stairs, used the "soft focus" lens once again.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Homecoming Dance

VolleyGirl finally went to her school's Homecoming Dance this past Saturday night after it being rescheduled for the third time! Icy weather canceled the original date, then there were problems with the next two dates....Saturday was in jeopardy once again due to the possible winter conditions and was not given the go ahead until 11:00 a.m. that morning.
This was the first time she had ever had a boy come by the house to pick her up and go out to dinner then the dance. When he asked, fairly last minute to the original date, let me say that BigBoy and Mr. Unplugged had a lot to say about it. I believe the quote from BB was, "this is the day I have been dreading for a long time, my stomach is so upset..." He was planning on being home this weekend for the event but the threat of wintry weather kept him away. We all survived though it felt so weird. That boy was soooooo nervous! Mr. U reminded him that he expected him to treat her like a lady and let him see Apollo right before they left......ah, those daddys. I know, old fashioned you may say, frankly, good sense rules never changed, just our crazy society. Yes, we did watch out the window to see if he opened the door for her when they went to the car....he did. She is pictured with her best friend, they wanted us moms to go get a photo of them together before they ate. Then Sunday was busy finishing up her science project due....yes, I always do the title for her, covering it in something colorful and using the sticky letters. Obviously, I am fairly happy the weekend has past now!