Monday, February 15, 2010

What A Little Snow Can Do...

We have a wee bit of snow on the ground, since Sunday. These photos are of BigBoy and VolleyGirl from our last little snow in early January. I was going to post a photo of the color pencil picture I was working on but the photo looks terrible, just doesn't accurately depict the work. After it is finished I will post it. Seem to be in some type of artist's block, along with dieter's block, exercise block, but I digress..........nothing is coming to mind to draw whatsoever!
All siblings are required to throw snow at one another and my 21 and 16 year olds are not too old for that.
Had to show you the photo I caught of VG..............before the end of the month she was in an orthapaedic boot for the stress fracture that apparently wasn't healed. Good photo though!!!


  1. I think I am having Artist block too. I finished my painting and am in limbo for the next thing. Wow lots of snow. The kids seem to be having fun. I hope VG didnt hurt her foot again. You asked if those pink trees on my blog bloom this early every year. The answer is.. Like clock work. it will only get prettier from now on.

  2. Love that photo of her jumping up in the air! We're still having cold winter--no flowering trees just yet. We've had more snow than usual in NC, too, and it's been a real winter. Stay warm! Thanks for always being so sweet when you visit. xo

  3. Your kids sure are cute! And I can jump just like my dreams!!

    Many of us are of the 'same age' so let me recommend a book I'm reading and LOVING. It's called "The Core Balance Diet" and it's written by an OBGYN nurse practitioner who used to struggle with weight. This isn't a diet book. It's straight, understandable talk from someone who knows one diet isn't right for all people. She explains why some of us can't lose weight no matter what we do and how we can all 'get back in balance.'
    I love this book and I know it will change me...and that's a huge statement!

  4. I hope VolleyGirl is healing well... but it IS a great photo!