Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hopefully Not Lint.......

I framed this painting two weeks ago and cannot recall if I posted the finished painting or not. I am not moving as quickly on the "Maytagaramas" as I need to, next week I must really pick up the pace and crank those washers out!

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to host a dance recital for the second year in a row. It is an opportunity to help out some good friends of a company where VolleyGirl danced for several years and I get to ad lib all I want. It somewhat satisfies my acting itch that I have been unable to scratch for a couple of years now. You guys really need to be requesting paintings to purchase in order for me to feel like I can spend some of my time having fun!!! Yeah, painting is fun but I'm not itching there any more!
Today VolleyGirl and I will be having lunch with my best friend and her daughter after we pick them up from school. Between now and then I hope to go donate some blood. I really hope that blood will come out when they put in that needle instead of lint because the laundry has really picked up since BigBoy has returned to the nest! Later, I hope to attend BookMama's firstborn's very first t-ball game.....should be a funny, funny thing to see........

Friday, May 16, 2008

Missing with Action

It has been a looooong time since I last posted. SuperSpouse put such an awesome virus blocker on my laptop that I couldn't do hardly anything! It is still pretty protected, but hopefully I can get back to a schedule. I sure the hundreds that cruise through here are so relieved and giddy of my return!

The quick rundown, BigBoy came home last Wednesday for the summer, he and SuperSpouse promptly vacated to Las Vegas until yesterday morning. While they were away, I had the Canine Messiah, Apollo, His Royal Hineness, all to myself. He chose to act like a real, uh, royal pain in the hiney. Had to call in for a stronger pain pill! VolleyGirl finished club season and will finish the school year after next week. I started and completed a 16 x 20 painting for BookMama's work silent auction and was more than pleased that it brought $275 ! Yippee, they like it, they really like it! Leave me a comment if you like it.....

Being the red hot mama I am right now (not just the hot flashes or the burning going down both legs), I will be emceeing at a dance recital tomorrow, which will allow me to ad lib alot, sort of scratch my acting itch a little. Still have to go pick up an item or two before rehearsal tonight.
I enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day, thought of my mom many times, this was the fifth one without her I think, doesn't matter, I still miss her everyday and tear up thinking of her now....... The men were in LV but VolleyGirl and I had a nice day, watched a movie, had some Italian food. The offspring gave me a TJMaxx card, one of my fave shopping spots.
Helped a friend with a wedding cake last week and this week. I had been wanting her to show me how to make fondant and we made 5 batches. I cannot wait to try it on my next cake! Yesterday I piped some beading with royal icing on the top layer. I will not be able to attend the wedding, will be working for a living at the recital!
Love to all who bother to check in here occasionally, leave a comment!