Friday, April 11, 2008

A Close Encounter......

Last week I went to buy bottled water at Lowe's. Yes, the home improvement store. I improved our home with five cases of 24 count bottles because they were less than $4 a piece. They were just inside the front door. Upon entering I saw an old man beginning to head towards the door, walking very slowly, with a cane. Yeah, kind of made me think of my dad in his last year. Made me think of VolleyGirl who just loves old people and says she wants to give them a hug. In that few seconds I thought, should I speak to him, tell him to "have a nice day", or "how are you today?" I imagined describing him to VolleyGirl and telling her that I I did. "How are you today?" I asked. He came closer, somewhat confused. Again, "How are you today", I said. He replied, "I am better now, able to eat now." I told him that was good. He looked at me puzzled and begin to tell me he couldn't recall who I was. I reassured him that he didn't know me, that I just wanted to say hi to him. He told me all his medications can make it difficult, that's what happens when you get old. I was informed that he lived alone and he had just spent $300 on a tiller to plant tomatoes, that it may seem silly but that he would have it from now on. He asked my name and I asked him his. Then he asks, Are you married?" I replied in that silly, sort of flirty way I always treated the older folks at the nursing home, you know, to make them feel good! , "Yes, sorry!" He enthusiastically as he looked right eye to eye and said, "Me too!" I'm a thinking I made him feel a little too good, or at least better than I had intended. He said something about willing to share his tomatoes with me but I had already felt a little icky and just did the pleasantries and moved on. Lesson learned: don't try to make the old men feel THAT good!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hit and Run

It has been a very busy couple of weeks so I am going to do a quick rundown to update. The weekend before last when leaving the town VolleyGirl had a tournament we were rear ended (the old-fashioned way, meaning hit by a truck from behind) in my beautiful new Toyota van. Thankfully, no one hurt, but the back window shattered, ruined bumper and back gate. It goes into the shop this Monday. Slammed with face mutation allergies that week. VolleyGirl had school team tryouts this week. Painting on Maytagaramas. Working on script for hosting the dance recital... will mostly ad-lib. Tournament last weekend also. Tournament this weekend...yea, it is local. My body is holding me hostage, it is a mutiny! Neck, back and both knees have been horrible the past two days and looks like they are still synchronized today too. That for the most part is it in a nutshell.

Bookmama sent me my first Meme.......guess that means all about me! So here goes...

What I was doing 10 years ago: Are you kidding? I can't remember that! BigBoy would have been 9 and VolleyGirl almost 5, you can figure that much out. I was active in church and especially the music there, singing in an awesome Contemporary Christian quartet and we would have been in this house a little over a year. Would have still had five more glorious years with my awesome parents.

Five things on my "to do" list today: Wash, (I bleed cotton socks...), bake a thank-you cake for a friend, allergy doc appt., paint, take VolleyGirl to practice

Five snacks I enjoy: popcorn (fav!), grapes, cheddar rice cakes, chocolate covered pretzels and anything with "Little Debbie" in front of it!

Five things I would do if I became a billionaire: Donate to church building fund, donate to school building fund, help a family member that may be in need, donate to a cancer research and arthritis research, sell this house and get a one story.

Five of my bad habits: Only five? Procrastinate, stubborn, eat when stressed, start something new before finishing other task, like to shop

Five places I have lived: all in Alabama.....boring!

Five jobs I have had: Lifeguard/Manager at YMCA, in a bank, at a Greek Pizza Restaurant, family-owned printshop, fine jewelry department, Fortune 500 company as a graphic artist (I can't count)

There you have it, riveting, huh? Since I have revealed so much, may as well post a photo of myself and VolleyGirl goofing around with the camera on my last b'day!