Sunday, November 23, 2008

My First Award, My First Meme, My First Tag

Soulbrush honored me with my very FIRST AWARD! It is the Lemonade Award. Thank you dearly Soulbrush! I am not real clear as to what it is for but I figure it means I am sweet and sour simultaneously and worth at LEAST 50 cents! I'm just excited to be thought of. Now, she has requested me to list 7 Random Facts about myself (to see what makes me so sweet and sour!) Bookmama has tagged me with my first meme. So here goes..................
7 Random Facts (about me)
1. I have been married for 25 and a half years now and a stay-at-home mom to a son (20), daughter (15) for 20 years. Christian, conservative.
2. Like to prepare desserts, decorate cakes (started out doing my kids' birthday cakes)
3. Just started painting on canvas a year ago, first since college.
4. Enjoy performing in theatre (when I can, didn't begin until age 35) have played "Amnesia" in Nunsense, "Prickly" in Magnolia , emcee events such as dance recitals and fundraising auctions.
5. Was a tomboy growing up (2 older brothers, no sisters). Played football, basketball, baseball and tennis with my cousin as the seasons changed. No teams for girls where I lived back then.
6. Love to sing but didn't sing in front of anyone until I was 35. Have performed solos in opera, contemporary christian, country, blues, gospel and broadway tunes.
7. Suffer with degenerative disc disease in neck and back, fibromyalgia, arthritis and putting off a total knee replacement (dislocated that knee in college while practicing for a dance team!)
That should put some type of picture (probably a cartoon) in the minds of some of you as to who I am. There is more that I could add either, I will get tagged again or you will have to wait for my sizzling autobiography!!!
My First Meme:
The rules? Answer the following questions in one word and then pass it on to seven others.
Tagged by

Where is your cell phone? Pocket
Where is your significant other? Study
What is Your Haircolor? Blonde
Your mother? Remarkable
Your father? Unforgettable
Your favorite thing? Singing
Your dream last night? Duh
Your dream/goal? Accomplish
The room you’re in? Kitchen
Your hobby? Painting
Your fear? Aging
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Walking
Where were you last night? Home
What you’re not? Satisfied
One of your wish-list items? Countertops
Where you grew up? South
Last thing you did? Grapes
What are you wearing? Sweats
Your TV? Awards
Your pet? Multiple
Your computer? Totally
Your mood? Depressing
Missing someone? Parents
Your car? Pleasurable
Something you’re not wearing? Perfume
Favorite store? TJMaxx
Your summer? Short
Love someone? Yes
Your favorite color? Pink
When is the last time you laughed? Today
Last time you cried? Bedtime

TAGGED for this meme, You're It ! Cris, Lindsey, Michelle Lee, Karin Bolstad, Leet, Robyn, and Lisa Reed

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BEHOLD! The Canine Messiah...

He was indeed sent. in order that some might live a more complete and fulfilled life. There has never been, or probably never will be another four-legged creature to walk these hallowed floors (floors that need cleaning again) of this house that shall be held in any higher esteem. This very moment, he is whining for his supper. I prepare it with the utmost care, for this is his sustenance, served twice daily. Food that is precisely soaked in very warm water - no other food of any type passes his hanging, spotted mouth. Still crated at times due to the fact that he insists upon looking for anything to put in his royal mouth. Friends, I give you His Royal "Hine"ness - Apollo. Sixty-five pounds of majestic mischief.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fall in Love

This is my latest "Maytagarama" in progress. I believe I am getting a bit faster with my work, need to. VolleyGirl said she would help me put up all of them on a slideshow here soon. Thanks for all the comments this past nice to find them during the day!

Here are just a few of the photos I have taken lately. Love those turning leaves and this is why I love to paint the scenery around here. How many of you know what's in the field in the second photo?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Painting and Punkin'

My latest completed painting is a 5x7 acrylic that I donated to VolleyGirl's school fundraising gala last Saturday evening. SuperSpouse and I attended and had a great time with our friends and looking at all the silent auction items. I sold bingo cards for an hour or so and that is pretty fun as well. I am well into another "Maytagarama" and my goal is to get those out of here by Turkey Day. A friend of mine owns some laundramats and asked me to do 14 old washing machine themed paintings. It is not exactly a subject matter that does it for me but gives me some compensation!

Originally I was going to put an image of His Royal "Hine"ness, the Canine Messiah or as I call him -Fat Bastard, (Apollo the English bulldog, four-legged, mechanical-tailed ruler of our abode) on our jack-o-lantern. I did not leave myself enough time to do it after working on his heavenly image for a bit. I had to punt (yep, football term) and went with "THE" A. Then the time, actually, the sun was setting on me and I had to decide to put in the "Roll Tide" - not as perfected as I would like, but the message is clear. If only I could have added the #1 on Friday! Some of my newer blog friends, Alabama football may be foreign to a nutshell, around here it is right up there with the election. (For many in this part of the country, it would be more important!) SuperSpouse attended UofA and BigBoy is there now. We're No. 1 ! Yeah!