Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sometimes It's Just Black and White

This is all I had time to do yesterday between wash, spoiled dog and family. Thinking that this is a zenflower....obviously, of my own botanical design! I may be framing it in one of the 5x7 cute brightly colored frames and put it in my art stockpile. The entire rest of my week has some sole dog duties and that limits me a bit but we'll see how it goes. Rain again today...took more cloud photos taking VolleyGirl to school. Thinking I may start participating in Friday's Skywatch.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Head's in the Clouds

We had rainy, stormy weather blow through Saturday which made for some awesome clouds!
VolleyGirl and I went to Walgreen's to purchase a birthday card and all I wanted to do was look at the clouds and take photos. Sadly, we were in a bit of a hurry.

My head was spinning from looking in all the directions at the different shades and shapes. These are only the tip of the 'cloudberg'!
I took these with my cellphone. There are a few more on my cellphone but for some reason this morning they are failing to send to my email....argh!
The photos do not do justice to the various shades and beauty. I was taking them as we headed out for dinner in the early evening.....
My family is accustom to my constant sky/cloud photos but gives me a hard time about it.......doesn't deter me however!
Have household duties today and tomorrow but hopefully I can fit it some drawing later.......have a great Monday!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Was Not There.......Duh

Thanks to all of you thinking of VolleyGirl and her class as they traveled home from their trip yesterday. They arrived safely around 4:00 p.m. and did not have to travel in rain. We were spared from severe weather last night as was BigBoy at school!

Here is the pencil drawing that I posted a thumbnail of a few days ago. I cannot decide if I am pleased with it or not but I did learn from it and would not do it the same way should I choose this scene again. Funny thing, Mr. Unplugged commented that this event didn't look like that, which I responded as to how he knew. Told him there wasn't any photos of it, or sketches either so it could just be EXACTLY what it looked like! Critiques are welcome.......

Friday, March 27, 2009

This, That and The Other

Not quite finished with my pencil drawing, tried do so last night but Fat B kept coming up sniffing and blowing so I gave it up and finished this zentangle instead. The sun was coming through the kitchen window blinds late yesterday afternoon on the kitchen table where I take the photos to get good light. I loved the way it looked!
Working with the black ink really brings the contrast I enjoy though I plan more with the colored pens. The other day I purchased some neat small color frames with zentangles in mind, thinking that stepping into this venture I would throw everything against the wall and see what sticks!!! Plus, I like the variety and some things can be completed faster than others.
Recently I took on a challenge offered up by Soulbrush to post 70 facts about myself (many are still in a semi-conscious state). Those that participated were up for a card making kit via their name being chosen by Soulbrush's fluffy Snuffles. Proudly I announce that apparently my name had the lucky odor sniffed out by Snuffles!!!!!! The kit arrived just the other day! Thank you so much SB for your generosity and your constant support!
Yesterday I put some of my work in frames and started writing my resume- to be prepared for anything part-time that may interest me....there is one position that caught my eye......wheels are turning a bit in my head for directions to go in with my art. Those wheels have been locked up and rusty for some time now.....how do you denote wiping noses, field trips, team mom and homework task leader in a resume? Ha.
Apollo informed me that Mr. Unplugged was referring to next Saturday for a trip to visit BigBoy and not tomorrow.....information from spoiled-rotten bulldogs is unreliable. Must get on with the day, keep VolleyGirl and the 5 busloads of her class in your prayers as they will travel back from overnight retreat in rainy, Friday afternoon traffic.....severe storms here tonight and tomorrow.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: Royal 'Hine'ness Honor!

Last week Dad and my best buddy went off for a night - without me.....and upon their return they brought back, in my royal canine opinion, the most beautiful concrete adornment in my honor! Their excitement over such a find could hardly be contained as they gleefully revealed it to my mom outside the front door. I could tell she was just thrilled as well, as she instructed them to put it to the side and not in the island near the small angel. I was particularly impressed with the details and immediately proceeded with the official canine 'handshake'. Dad gave him a pet, which I must admit, did not please me that much. There was talk of getting a second for each side of the entrance......mom said it 'was her dream'. What does sarcasm mean?

Yesterday was rainy and the ground was wet and mushy. This, I do not like and it is all I can do to take care of business and get back into my abode. Though I enjoy the fragrances of the outer world, falling water doesn't agree with me.

I've managed to enjoy myself this week even though I have missed my best buddy. Being a curious fellow, I have overheard talk of a trip to see BigBoy on Saturday......that should be an experience. I hope I get my own bed.....should be a 'king' size.

Frankly, I'm exhausted now. Wishing all my canine peers out there abundant odors, especially Snuffles and Annie!
Apollo, His Royal 'Hine'ness

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stepping Out of the Boat.....

What is better than a 50% off sale of frames at Michael's? Having Michael's put the painting in the frame, complete with a wire hanger on the back for FREE! This will always be my way to go from now on....uh, er, well, expect for those situations when I complete the painting at 2:00 a.m. for an event the following day. My desire is to not work that way anymore, but, hey, who am I kidding....it probably will. Hopefully as I bloom, grow, mature, etc., etc., that will not be the way I work. Stepping out of the boat, preparing a variety of items to attempt to sell either by ebay, etsy, art festivals, local establishments. This morning I have completed my paypal account and linked it to ebay, etsy is next. There are several items in the house I plan to try to sell too. It is something that I need to do to help out around here. I'm excited about it.
This is a huge jump out of the boat for me, I do not like photos of myself but I decided to share my hair photo after having it cut and hilighted yesterday since a certain someone made the request! (No, I won't do EVERYTHING that I am challenged so don't try that!) I was born a blonde and have lived all my life a blonde......well, at least up to now, haven't lived my entire life yet! Yeah, yeah, yeah, bring on those blonde jokes....I don't care...I don't get them anyhow!!!! (Hardee, har, har)
Still working on that other pencil drawing. Time is not always my own around here. Volleyball practice last night......brought it with me but with three teams practicing, the balls were flying and funny, I wasn't in the mood to be hit up the side of the head with one! Now, VolleyGirl has a sophomore class retreat that she leaves for tomorrow morning and stays overnight. This means packing..............rain, thunderstorms and possible severe (code for tornadoes!) are in the forecast so that doesn't make me feel so great about 5 buses of kids on the road!

Apollo is in deep thought today, preparing for his post tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Harmless Sweet

Still playing catch up with everything but here is one of the drawings from the thumbnails I posted the other day. It doesn't photograph that great since the paper is wavy from the brown pencil. This morning I have an appointment to beautify my hair, yesterday I perused Hobby Lobby and Michael's for some frames. I am slowly trying to work on different things to perhaps enter an arts festival or two. Have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Upcoming Events

Here are two little thumbnail windows into what I am working on right now. One in colored pencil and one in graphite pencil. I hope to have at least one finished by tomorrow. I have been having family time the last couple of days and right now VolleyGirl is waiting for me to watch High School Musical 3 with her while I fold clothes. Hope to catch up some tomorrow. Sadly BigBoy leaves tomorrow and VG has practice........

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Days ago Soulbrush was kind enough to include me in this Sisterhood Award! All you lovely ladies that comment often on my site are on my list to receive this. Many of you Soulbrush had on her list but I would also like to include: Leet, Julie King, Supplies Overflowing, Teri C., Woman of No Importance, Victoria O'Neill, Michelle Lee, and Bookmama. The award reminds me of the teen movie "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants".........but fear not ladies - I will not be mailing you my pants! Hmmmmmmmmmm, though if I did, I feel that they should be of the knit, stretchy kind, unlike the denim jeans in the movie and shown in the award above.........

Dogs On Thursday: Patience Is A Virtue

Dad and BigBoy left me.......but I just KNOW they are about to come in that door any moment!
O.K., but now....I bet they are REALLY about to come through the door....waiting.....waiting.
I will try sitting here- real still and stare- really hard......then poof! -they will walk through that door! I said POOF!

C'mon guys, I can only sit still and stare just so long......please, walk through that door....or I may actually have to lay down!

I agree with Snuffles.....you've just got to stop and smell the roses, daffodils or just whatever odor happens to be handy for the sniffing.
(Editors Note: Apollo DID survive the evening minus his buds with little incident. His mom faithfully watched him in the den as VolleyGirl very loudly entertained three friends upstairs. Today he will begin his watch again, awaiting their arrival.........as soon as he wakes up.)
Later Mom has to post the award she received days ago........

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Bit Out Of Sorts

The kids are home, out of school this week and Mr. Unplugged has taken off so of course my usual routine is not usual right now. I haven't been on the computer all day. Washing, cooking, visiting. I did take VolleyGirl to a vball lesson yesterday and today. I have shagged the balls (okay, those of you from England, it is not what you think!!!!) meaning I have been chasing the volleyballs and picking them up during the lessons.......that I have discovered has been causing lots of pain in the evenings for me so I guess no more of that.

I did this zentangle last night with some new colored pens I bought a couple of weeks ago for mostly this purpose. I am still working on a colored pencil drawing.

Tomorrow the guys are going to be away and VolleyGirl is having three friends come spend the night. I probably will get some drawing time or computer time tomorrow night if Apollo, a.k.a., His Royal Hineness, Fat Bastard, Canine Messiah, will act right and not have been after him every five minutes to keep him from going up the steps and trying to cover the floor like a dustbuster! Hope to catch up with all the posts I missed today!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Life Sustenance and Drawing

My dad would have probably agreed with me if I were to say that for many in the south, homemade buttermilk biscuits are part of life's sustenance. My mom sure made more than her share of them and my dad did some too. I have made them through the years but more so in the last few years. I must admit loving them myself as well. I usually make them when BigBoy comes home and so I did this morning. Still feel like I have been ran over with something but that biscuit (or two) shall sustain me throughout the day I'm certain!
This flower was drawn a few nights ago with ink, I colored it last night with pencils and also worked on another sweet pencil drawing that I will probably post tomorrow. Don't bother trying to figure out what type of flower it is....it may resemble some type, or two but I just made it up.
Soulbrush has so kindly given me and many others an award which I will also post about and pay forward to others. In the meantime, my Bewitched nose still is out of whack so I must clean up in the kitchen!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Double 'Whew'...

Double, because the day was long and the loooong list of facts are complete! I did not take that many photos yesterday, seating was not great and games too close. I like how the ball showed up in this photo though. I thought it would be a fairly short day since it was to be tougher competition at this one and our team was missing two players and the setter was playing with torn ligaments in her left arm which affected her quite a bit....duh. VG played really well! I predicted we would finish around 2 p.m. The two men in the family always want to know when it's over even after years of telling them it all depends on how much you win........but what's a woman to do.....ha.....guess I could draw them a picture of it!!!! We left a bit before 7 a.m. and didn't return home until around 8:30 p.m. The team played pretty well considering and the competition was not what I expected. Today my body feels like a mack truck ran over me. It is alot of standing and bleacher sitting........but I do enjoy them though I was looking forward to getting home and all of us going out to dinner. Thankfully we have an entire week to spend some time together.

I have wracked my poor little menopause stricken brain to think of something really interesting to wrap up the facts challenge that I hypnotized each and every one of you this past week. I keep thinking that there is something I am not thinking of and you don't know how bad I wish mom were here for me to ask. It's like I know she would recall something right off that should be so obvious to me..........oh well, it's actually been sort of fun however it seems like my comments have dropped off! I've either chased some away with my yawning life or some have formed some type of opinion of me that is unpleasant! Whatever the case, I appreciate those that have hung in there. Here is the last of the 70 facts!!!!!!!

61) Pocohontas connection in ancestry
62) Had a pen pal from England
63) Rode with mom & aunt to sneak a peek of a KKK rally nearby (NOT TO ATTEND - TO SPY!!!) We got more than bargained some started coming by with guns out going towards a house! Wow did we get out of there!
64) I have degenerative disc disease and arthritis
65) LOVE to dance, have taken a hip-hop class-difficult to now though
66) Spent many nights in hospital with VolleyGirl, she was born with cleft palate, her whole babyhood was constant ear infections, carried her till she was 3 years old
67) Dislocated knee cap practicing high kicks to try out for college dance team (now have to have total knee replacement)
68) 100: decorated over 100 tshirts & painter's caps as different animals for children's choir performance, used to paint clothes in 80's to sell, once did 100 outfits alike for tupperware group to go to convention, baked 100 filled cupcakes for VG and 2 friends combo 13th bday and iced in their favorite colors, purple, hot pink and turquoise blue
69) Had photo taken with John McCain at a book signing a few years ago
70) Love historical things- movies, documentaries, antiques, old homes, etc. John Adams miniseries was amazing!


I have a fresh pot of coffee made for you, y'all come! (assorted teas available also)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Week Wrap-Up and Counting Down The Facts

Here is the zentangle I did a few nights ago.
The past couple of days I've been doing some cleaning and preparation before Spring Break. BigBoy and VolleyGirl are both out of school next week. Feel pretty good that I have squeezed out 50 facts, completed a painting, a couple of drawings and some zentangles. Saturday Mr. Unplugged, VolleyGirl and I are off for a one day volleyball tournament again. It is only an hour and a half drive away so we won't leave until close to 7:00 a.m. Thankfully I do not have to prepare food because it is not allowed, they sell it there. I hope to get some good photographs, probably not much sketching....I'm cheering, clapping seeing that VG is getting water and food in-between. O.K., control that gag reflex, the fact challenge is almost complete!
The next ten are:
51) Have met Don Rickles, the comedian
52) Have broken four bones
53) Art major, marketing minor
54) Have tap danced on stage dressed as a nun
55) Have shot a gun
56) Played on tennis team
57) Had a foot of intestines removed (sure to be crowd favorite!)
58) Made a 3-tier wedding cake
59) Raised a baby goat on bottle
60) Toured Graceland

When I snap my fingers...you will awaken!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Frozen Treat and More Freaking Facts!

I never know if I am tying up loose ends or just unraveling!!! The latter is probably the correct choice. Created this 'ice cream' treat last night. As I wander around my brain (yes, there does seem to be that much free space in there!), okay, wandering around looking for random, yet interesting thoughts, it feels like I am finding little strings from my past and present. How much do they weave together, the past with the present? What new thread am I weaving in for the future? Hmmmmmmm, a cool metallic, that will pop out and add some zing? Some rough string that doesn't pull easily through the fabric? Wow, I'm really not THAT deep, just occurred to me as I began to comment on digging up the next ten facts and noticing the zen treat posted above. Oh well, enough! Must not soil that clean brain space! The next ten nap inducing facts:

41) Like to topwater fish for bass but it's been years since I have
42) Both my babies were c-section
43) Emcee events such as dance recitals, fundraisers
44) Used to take Jazzercise classes
45) 2 separate carpal tunnel surgeries in 3 weeks before BigBoy's birth
46) Took walking tour of the Hoover Dam
47) Visited Teddy Roosevelt's home
48) Enjoy watching medical shows on Discovery health AND the fictional shows as well
49) Have ridden on a parade float
50) Held my 14 1/2 yr. old dog as she was euthanized

Now go splash some cold water on your face!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Change Is Coming!!! Ten More Thrilling (ahem) Facts

I get all excited...well, not all the time, but sometimes. It's hard for mom to catch it on camera since I'm fast as the wind! It's been pretty ho-hum around here and I have managed to pick up a bit more quality resting time but I feel the change coming on...........no, not Spring......Big Boy is heading home this Friday! I will be in hog-dog heaven for over a week!!!!! Mom not only likes to take pictures of me, she has been wracking her bring to think of ten more things that help put you to sleep! They are:

31) Went snow skiing once, at Lake Tahoe

32) Attended an Elvis concert

33) Walked 12 miles for March of Dimes

34) Sang with Contemporary Christian women's quartet for years

35) I was a Homecoming Queen

36) Wish I had been a nurse

37) I have fibromyalgia

38) Toured Louisiana swamp and fed alligators

39) Have worked for two Fortune 500 companies

40) I hate hearing the F-word

I'm going back to sleep until at least 11:00 a.m., then it's mealtime!!! See you all again next Thursday.
Sincerely, Apollo

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

'Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's On Its Way' (Plus Ten More Facts)

Here is a little colored and graphite pencil drawing I did last night. Quite challenging to get those shapes just right.......chickens aren't perfect either you know!

Ten more facts :

21) Believe Jesus is Son of God and my Saviour
22) Have served on a Federal Jury
23) Flew over Grand Canyon in a itty-bitty plane
24) Taught my first pet 7 tricks, taught Apollo 3
25) I have two older brothers, no sisters
26) Holding dad's hand when he died
27) Put alum in teacher's fruit cocktail in jr. high
28) Performed with puppet on stage in "Nunsense"
29) Engaged twice, married once
30) I love pizza


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finished Painting and More Facts

The 9x12 canvas cloud painting in acrylic is complete! I'm not a very fast painter, this may be a record for me.......ha!

Now, for the next ten (yawn) facts about me in the challenge:

11) Learned to waterski at 9 years old
12) Raised Baptist, married a Methodist by Presbyterian minister, sent kids to Catholic schools
13) Was lifeguard/mgr of pool in summer during college
14) In a back brace for months at age 18
15) Have tried chewing tobacco
16) Can twirl a baton
17) My two children born in hospital as myself
18) I was Senior class president
19) Used to walk 3 miles almost every day
20) I love popcorn

Sunday, March 8, 2009

In The Palm of My Hand and Taking the Challenge........

One of my latest obsessions........love to get my hands on a zentangle!
I am (gulp) taking the challenge, given by none other than Soulbrush, of posting 1o facts about myself for the next seven days. The challenge is not DOING it, it is THINKING of things, by the seventh day I will probably be counting hairs on my head or doing weird, insane things, in order to have something to list-stay tuned for I could be making the news later in the week! O.K., here goes:
1) I have never been outside the U.S.
2) Played the trumpet in school for 8 years
3) Have been in seven weddings yet didn't have one of my own
4) Held my mother's hand as she took her last breath
5) Sang my first solo at 35
6) Have slept overnight in my car more than once
7) I have always enjoyed watching t.v.
8) Drove myself to the ER with appendicitis
9)Quarterback on intramural football team in college
10) Sprayed cotton one summer

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Little Sketch....

I did this little sketch in ink last night and also another zentangle. Started out just stacking shapes and just evolved. I have offered to make my best friend's daughter's first communion cake and sounds like it may have to have a second tier to be enough. Learning to make my own fondant, hopefully I can do that by then. I did make a three tier cake for my nieces wedding and put real white roses on it.....my biggest...and most nervewracking ever!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Unbelievable......Actually Painted Today!!!!!!!

Hope you are sitting down....I actually started a painting today (sorry VolleyGirl, Maytagaramas can wait-a little). I LOVE clouds I've taken hundreds of photos. This is from one of them. It is a bit difficult to see the rays coming through at the bottom.

The Latest

Lately it appears all the art I have had time for are the zentangles, thank goodness I enjoy them so much. I do find them pretty relaxing as Teri C. says. Hopefully I can get moving on to some other avenues soon. Still plugging along on the Maytagaramas. May try my hand at pointalism (sp?) soon also. Up late again as VolleyGirl was up late finishing a project for school, seems it has been that way all week.... yea! it's finally Friday! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dogs On Thursday Special Feature: Apollo Debates Dog Tricks & America's Funniest Video of Gabe

I overheard mom and dad talking about and laughing at some video about a bulldog doing 'tricks'. In fairness to this other dude, check out the video site posted at the bottom so you will know what I am referring to. Anyhow, this Gabe dog is apparently embarrassing himself to make a buck. Hmpf....I am filled with waaaaay too much dignity for that type of thing.

Ya know, you just gotta love me for being me. I don't want to take any of my chair lazing and gazing time away to practice a skateboard or put some disgustingly used tissue in my mouth............whoa, hold on............tissue in my mouth.....I LOVE putting things that don't belong in my mouth actually IN MY MOUTH! I will give that one some thought...........right after this nap I feel coming on.
. Sorry if this offends you but this is about as close to a trick as I do. Being built so stout, muscular and solid, it is a real challenge to even get in this position! That Goob, Gabe- whoever he is, must be double jointed or something to do the things he is doing, come on, think of the dignity of the English bulldog! Real dogs don't dress up and ride wooden ponies!!!! I guess it might be somewhat entertaining to watch IF you like that sort of thing........me, it's about turbo sniffing, gobbling down a good bowl of food and getting all the attention just for being me cause I'm all dog!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Better For You Than Ice Cream

Today I have some cleaning and cleaning out to do, ugh, lots of vaccuming too. The vaccuming is not knee and back friendly but it needs to be done. Still wish I could twinkle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched! VolleyGirl had hours of homework last night or I would have had her do it. Pretty much homework and volleyball is all that she does, her room is going to require a bulldozer, since I refuse to touch it. Spring Break from school is coming up so she will have time then.......keep the door closed till then.

I created a new zentangle last night but this one was created last week when I did the flower one. Last night Mr Unplugged and I had been in the den a bit when I announced it was time for a zentangle. "What's that?", he asked. "What do you think it is," I said. "Is that some kind of ice cream?", he replied.

Tomorrow, Apollo takes the platform.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Update

We have our first snow on the first day of March!!!

I created this zentangle last night while we were watching a little tv together after the day of volleyball. Welcome to March and Spring???

VolleyGirl played well in this weekend but her team was eliminated in the second match of tournament play on Sunday.
Have a lot of catching up to do around here at home and with all my blog friends! Give me a day or two.....there's laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning.....ugh. I had already been feeling a bit under the weather and two days of cheering have left me terribly hoarse but I'm betting you will even notice!!! Mr. Unplugged and VolleyGirl requested my silence last night however.............(no respect at all around here! Ha.)