Friday, February 25, 2011

Dogs On Thursday

I've been keeping myself busy with the usual, eating, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, trips outside, trips to the vet, and more sleeping. Watched dad and Best Buddy clean out a gutter off the back porch last weekend and wanted to help very badly! We beautimus English bulldogs have lots of skin issues, ear issues and so on even when you are pampered as royally as I am. This is trip two to the vet in the past month working on ear issues, this time a yeast infection. They were happy with my lovely weight of 72.8 lbs. Shaved a bit off since Christmas! Hope all my friends are healthy and happy especially Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Luna, Buddy, Dizzy, Penney, Tonka, Hope, Trixie, Bella, Zoe, Chief, Sophie, Budro and Snickers! Enjoy your weekend little buddies!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day

Finally, some art to show again. In honor of President's Day, I dug up these two portraits. These were drawn in 7th grade I believe with a plain ol' #2 school pencil on 9x12 sheets of paper and mounted on a larger black sheet (both similar to construction paper). It was part of a bulletin board display in the main hallway of my school for the month of February. I remember tiring of working on Lincoln's beard and just scribbling to finish. Recall being quite pleased with Washington's nose, though I see it is too small for him and his eyes weren't pleasing to me. Oh well, I thought it would be funny to show them on this day. Hope everyone had an enjoyable day. I'm thankful for great men like these that helped shape our country!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Wishing all my friends a Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hope you have a day feeling very loved.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dogs On Thursday: Snowy Edition

These are freshly snapped photos outside my humble abode this morning.
Just around this tree at the corner I did my morning business around 6:30ish.
Last night we had between 1 and 2 inches fall, bringing us to a total of 15 inches this season, HUGE track record for the south, don't recall it ever happening before. Roads are a sheet of ice, no school today, can't get to work today. Seems like a perfect day for this:
Oh wait, I do this each and EVERY DAY. Mom was very disappointed that my snore was miniscule compared to usual. Hope all my buds that are having a snow day, make the best of it.......100 degree days will be here before you know why do they refer to it as Dog Days of Summer?????? Go build a snowdog Snuffles, Annie, Ema, Luna, Buddy, Dizzy, Penney, Tonka, Hope, Trixie, Bella, Zoe, Chief, Sophie and Snickers!

Friday, February 4, 2011

SkyWatch Friday

We did get 9 inches of snow last month and I caught it falling it from the sky. See the skies at