Monday, May 23, 2011

Reminiscing (sniff, sniff)

(7-17-93, son, almost 5 yrs., daughter, 1 month)

Bear with me as I indulge in a little reminiscing. Though I have been doing a bit of it this past week, it really hit me Monday morning that my youngest is graduating from high school this Friday. Selfishly, it's not just the change of her school status, as well as my son's change, it is a whole new chapter for me. The end of a child in school where I must keep up with various activities, what's due, what must be sent in to school, school lunches, games, deadlines, uniforms washed, permission slips turned in, speaking with other moms, friendships, field trips, ballgames, dance recitals, excitement, disappointment, (okay, that won't end!) dances, school get the picture. My life changes drastically too. My son is finished with college and is home till next May when he marries (that will be a doozy). I catch a break on my daughter, she will be going to college here, living at home, at least her first year. Tomorrow is her last day of school, drawn out by make-up days from winter weather and the recent tornadoes that forced the schools closed for four days. So, I count down this week until Friday, graduation day. The countdown for my son never occurred since his last semester ended abruptly by the massive, destructive tornado that hit on the 27th in Tuscaloosa. He would have been there another week and a half but it ended without pomp and circumstance. So I celebrate the both of them for their accomplishments and share with you a little snippet of years gone by. I can't promise there won't be more before the week ends, after all, this is a once in a lifetime period of time! They were funny kids and are funny young adults. First day at Disney World. BigBoy is 6 1/2, VolleyGirl is 21 months. One of many times she mimicked him. "BigBoy", 4 years old 2 years old, thought Peewee Herman was hilarious. "VolleyGirl" at one month
One year old "BigBoy"....always into something, the stove drawer, cabinets, the coffee table. Notice the chair cushion is missing. 20 1/2 months. Kindergarten
Hmmmm, 3 or 4?

Almost 4 years old. 5 and 1, I think.
Easter 2011

22 1/2 and 17 1/2 years

Praying and thinking of those affected by the Joplin, Missouri, Oklahoma City and Dallas area tornadoes.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dogs On Thursday

Ah, normalcy again. Ha!!! Who am I kidding? Nothing is ever normal around here. My Lady in Waiting has clearly not been waiting on me lately, my sincerest apologies for the stifle of my weekly messages. There have been some interesting events of late.

Take, for instance, the blackout period. For me, it was not that big a deal, I quite enjoyed catching a little breeze from the little fan by candlelight......

All that matters is my Best Buddy is safe and sound home on the couch many mornings with me and it has been grand!!!!! May all of my friends have a grand time with your loved ones, especially Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Luna, Buddy, Dizzy, Penney, Tonka, Hope, Trixie, Bella, Zoe, Chief, Sophie and Snickers!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dark Times

Thank you all for your concern, my apologies for being so long in posting a status. Most importantly, we are all safe. We were without power until yesterday and I have been putting up our in-house camping supplies, washing clothes, took apart the insides of the refrigerator and freezer to thoroughly cleaning them. I had removed the food on about the third day but took the opportunity to clean since we had no food in them at all. Had to get to the grocery store for a few items. I knew that if I got on the computer I would be too long getting off. Our biggest relief is that BigBoy was not hurt since he was in Tuscaloosa at school. His apartment is basically located in the area, yards from the devastation of the tornado there. It was a day filled with numerous tornado warnings here and I was on the phone with him when he said a warning was just issued there. He was pumping gas. I had warned him the day before, that morning....always, to watch and listen about the weather and take it seriously. He did, thank God. His fiance was with him (will not refer to her as BigGirl), they were closer to his apartment than hers so went there, watched the tv coverage along with his roommate and two friends from a 2nd floor apartment. They watched the tornado approach until taking cover in the closet, heard the roar, felt the shaking and walked out safely to screams and a sight of rubble and devastation just yards away. Their building has some damage but is standing, unlike apartments across the street, houses, businesses, restaurants, Krispy Kreme, their favorite Japanese restaurant, a mall, much more......just unimaginable. Miraculously, his vehicle only lost windows on the passenger side, he and his friends had parked them in an area that was fortunate. He made it home Friday morning, obviously a bit traumatized. Dodged a bullet. An abrupt, tragic end to his time at school for the University of Alabama cancelled final exams and postponed graduation, semester is over. He has no desire to go back, but will have to in the future. Sadly, 39 confirmed deaths there with an astounding 300 + still missing. It was an EF5 tornado, 200+ mph, the strongest there is, and rare. There were 28 tornadoes that touched down in Alabama, another EF5 and EF4s. But we are fortunate, inconvenienced, big deal. Relieved, greatly. Sorrowful. 24-7 radio news running by generators for days due to all of North Alabama area entirely without power because the 9 main stations were twisted like toothpicks and the workers here, along with help from kind help, have done an outstanding job of getting most of us power in less than a week. Could be some hiccups along the way because this is a quick fix, so what, all of my family and friends are safe. Schools have been closed since last Wednesday.

I know this is small but this indicates the paths of the tornadoes across our state. There were hundreds reported on but not all touched down, reminiscent of 1974, the last most devastating outbreak. Like me, my mother and dad worried about my oldest brother away at school while we spent alot of time in the hallway under a mattress through the night. I never forgot that time, we spent days without power then too, three I believe. This will be my children's 1974. Something they will never forget and certainly will keep them cautious when severe weather approaches.

Please pray for those missing and those suffering. Thank you for your concern, means alot to me.