Friday, February 19, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

Taken last week with my "not quite as trusty as my last cellphone camera" cell camera. One of my favorite sights is trees against the sky. Envisioning some paintings of this nature...(double pun) However, finding it hard summoning up excitement to draw all those teenie, tiny branches. Lazy, maybe. Just monotonous. Perhaps, I will do a slightly diseased tree, it would also turn a bad thing into good! Go directly to to see some beautiful sky shots taken with much better cameras than mine.


  1. Happy swf. Love seeing a little color in the sky again. I looks like spring is trying to pop out.

  2. HI!

    Thanks for the reminder about plastic wrap- I even have some tucked away that I use for my oil paintings. My mind is slipping. It is terrible!
    I love your photo- in this post- maybe a dry fan brush or something like that can make those little branches? My brain is blanking again....

  3. I love bare tree branches against the sky, too. I take lots of photos like this but never do anything with them either. I gues we are both lazy. Easier to snap a photo than paint it out! :)

  4. Wow! That is pretty good enough for a picture taken from a cellphone. Most cellphone camera are not as good as that. :)