Sunday, September 21, 2008

Leaves, football and, of course, sneezing

Photos snapped last year. Yellow tree at school, while waiting on VolleyGirl. Red trees enroute to school. Hope to use big tree in a painting I will donate to school fundraising gala and used the red tree photo for a painting that I donated to a silent auction Bookmama was organizing.

My most favorite time of year is the fall and there is a cool crispness in the air............eventually.

  • Dead leaves are so lovely.
  • You either are sweating in your costume or freezing, never seems to be just right.
  • Growing up, homemade popcorn balls with molasses was THE best.
  • Sitting in my dad's lap when the witch came on screen during the one-time Fall showing of "The Wizard of Oz!"
  • The lady that always gave us a cupcake when we were trick-or-treating. How do you put THAT in your sack?
  • The old man, rubbery mask that I was so afraid of it scared me even if it were lying on the couch.
  • Elementary school's Halloween carnival........amazing. Dad's hamburgers there and the the fish pond....great prizes!
  • Sounds and smells of the football game.

WEEKEND UPDATE: Volleyball tournament on Saturday. Arrival time: 7:50 a.m. Departure time: Approximately 5:15 p.m. Usually we pack up after lunch, not forwarding out of pool play, this time, undefeated and first in pool play. VolleyGirl was playing awesome. Result: 2nd place finish, big trophy and a butt that still flat from the bleachers.

BigBoy came home. Prepared him food. Helped him Saturday evening with an art project. Asked him last week if he wanted me to prepare him something special, like a cake. "Mom, you know I don't eat that crap" Fast-forward to Friday night after his stomach is full of shrimp, "what's for dessert?" "I thought you didn't want any." (Feeling bad, of course, as a devoted, spoil-your-college-baby-home-for-the-weekend) "Mom, you know, I want you to surprise me." Gee thanks. Lesson learned. Hmmmmm, what will I bake for the next weekend.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Today marks six years of a large void that began in my life with the passing of my mom. It certainly has become easier on a daily basis and life continues on heartily, full of blessings galore. Yet, it is amazing how quickly I can begin weeping in sadness. Not sure if grief describes it. Void describes it best. There will always be a large hole in my life that will not be filled. It was her place and only memories run across that barren space somewhat like a movie screen showing home movies. Often I think in situations, "What would mama say?" Usually, it's a humorous quip that comes to mind or a clear expression on her face still so familiar. One of the best feelings was seeing her standing at my front door, holding a basket with something usually early Christmas morning to witness grandchildren discover what Santa left, at difficult times during VolleyGirl's babyhood or just to visit. Simultaneously wierd and wonderful when I make a comment or gesture that is just so her. I may be alone in liking my hands a bit rough-just like hers. Always held her hand before kissing her bye and leaving her room. All I could say, as I bid her final good-bye was, "thank you, thank you, thank you"! Thankful my kids remember you. In memories, you really live on. I know you live, there. If I'm half the mom.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long and Winding Week

I am looking for more time to paint. This wash woman is begging me to finish her...............she literally has only one leg to stand on!!!
VolleyGirl has had one full week of volleyball. Almost a 2 1/2 hour practice Monday, games Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (all out of town), practice Friday, and tournament out of town yesterday. She has also been up every night until 12 doing homework and some mornings getting up after 5 to study more. She's exhausted and not happy, to say the least when she heard there was a two-hour practice scheduled for today. It was a steam room at the gym yesterday, the gym had no air conditioning and no fans. VolleyGirl stated she was so tired she couldn't focus, doesn't surprise me. Today she needs to do Monday and Tuesday homework and get in bed early. Never any time for anything else.
BigBoy is working hard at school and attended the football game last night. I can't express how proud and relieved I am for how well he is doing there. Blessed to the max. Last night around midnight he was starving and had to get 10 soft tacos- poor thing. A football player in class told him of a "hidden" store on campus where he could purchase gym shorts, tshirts, shoes, bags, etc for cheap prices in the large/overgrown sizes. He has spent a portion of his birthday money on it. He tried to convince VolleyGirl she could roll up an men's XL pair of shorts and it would look fine. She declined the kind offer. He comes home this next weekend and I am excited! Already making plans on what to feed him.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Typical Family Birthday

We celebrated BigBoy's birthday yesterday since it's tomorrow and he returns to school this afternoon. I have always made the kids some fun cakes......this one was totally for fun. BigBoy didn't choose this theme like some of his in past - Power Rangers, Golden Retriever, Toy Story; no, this was all me and VolleyGirl's humor. It was not my neatest at's a Mounds cake per his request. I haven't made my buttercream decorating icing for one of their cakes in two years since VolleyGirl had a hot pink polka dot cake. We were SO EXCITED when we found this plastic hunk! For it to have a red "speedo" matching the 20 candle we had found was just too much......pure ectasy that it also matched the "speedo" on the plastic blow up man for your keychain that I also had found. He thought I had found a bulldog for his cake......maybe next year.

Yes, the cake tasted like a Mounds bar!