Thursday, December 31, 2009

HAPPY 2010 !

Happy New Year !!!!
May you all have a safe and blessed start to your new year. Looking forward to another year of continued friendship, making new friends and more art. You have not only encouraged my art but enriched my life as well.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cats On Wednesday

The lovely up, just like the Christmas decorations around here, now cleaned and put away.....I know he will miss climbing that tree!!! Y'all, I am worn out- will try to catch up with you all very soon!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Art of Christmas

Pictured above are the recipients of the zentangle created especially for them by request of their daughter...who just happens to be a magnificent artist living in the same town as myself. How honored and flattered I was to be able to do this for her, for them! It went all the way up to the last minute, finished in the late afternoon of Christmas Eve. I called Michele (see her blog) and proceeded to frame it. Apparently, they were very pleased with it....that really makes me happy! We left after she picked it up to my in-laws for the evening, returned home to bake a pecan and key lime pie.......then it was time to wait for Santa!
Like I said...most of these pictures and symbols were specifically for careers, interests, family and personal meaning to this long married couple. Now....Michele has already sent me information to create another one, with two more to come! Last night I managed to create the outside border for it. Next week is busy, working a half day Monday and then three full days, probably because my best friend is off all week to attend her daughter's basketball tournament. I also agreed to work for the sweet 19 year old on Monday so she could be out of town. Next month I need to limit my days and hours so to get ready for the art exhibit. I did rest some yesterday though my knee ached the whole time. We had a nice Christmas, love having the kids free from school and home all day.....they have been very helpful. Next week is VolleyGirl's last week out of school and I hate that I will be working so much....may see if I can get a little more time off. I want to catch up with everyone's site.......remember patience is a it may take me a few days. Hoping you are all healthy and happy! Off to the grocery store now....

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Wishing each of you and your families a very merry and blessed Christmas! Hoping all have a safe, happy day, with wonderful memories made. I have missed checking in with you this week, it has been a busy one but I have completed my art and baked. Thank you for all your wonderful comments you leave and especially your support! Love to you, your family and your cherished four-legged friends too!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Finished this a day ago and have one more to complete by Christmas! This and the next is are 8x10 in size. We wrapped gifts yesterday and hopefully will finish those today, attended a family
get together last night, seeing most of my mother's sisters and many cousins and their families. It is SUCH a blessing to see them all and I really should make the effort to spend more time with them...perhaps a New Year's resolution....hmmmm. Came back and watched "Elf" together again, still funny! Making my lists and checking them more than twice, have some cooking to do this week. I did not work Friday and do not Monday. It is still going pretty well. Met with owner of a fine art gallery this last Wednesday and decided to jump in and exhibit which will be Feb. 1-May 31. Must have pieces ready by middle to third week of January! I want to do some new after the holidays is already planned looks like. I finally have my business cards printed up correctly after Staples did them and they turned out horribly....BigBoy did the artwork without asking me one question and he had me pegged perfectly. They are gloss black with letters reversed with a very light design in the background that you may miss if you look too quickly. Keeping very, very busy, not anal though like some of you may think I floors are really dirty and bathrooms need cleaning again...........I am not a maniac...have to watch the back, if it goes, I'm in trouble! Hope all of you are well!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Rained and rained and rained....sick of the rain but the clouds are awesome! Spotted this as VG and I walked out of the grocery store into the parking lot....stepped right into a puddle that went into my shoe as I took the shot...but it was more beautiful than this! See the beauty above at

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dogs On Thursday

(a.k.a. Canine Messiah, His Royal 'Hine'ness, Fat Bastard)
2009 Official Christmas Portrait
Please view my housemate's photo on previous post.......

Cats On Wednesday

2009 Official Christmas Portrait


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Decked My Halls

Hey everyone! I have missed checking in daily and getting around to leaving comments. This is the "commissioned" zentangle that is not quite complete. It will be a gift from mom to her 16 year old daughter. I will be adding some color also. The job is going very well (though I'm not sure what my employer would say). Very excited that my brain still works!!! Though I would really enjoy spending more time on my art, can't deny that getting out of the house and meeting some new people has been good. It has been hectic this past week trying to get the decorations out, shopping and the job. Pleased to say the decorating was completed today, now behind in wash, BigBoy arrived home safely this afternoon for the holidays, a whole lot to be thankful for! Also, I sold five pieces of art this past week, all a result of the show in November! AND today I found out the owners of the gallery have saved a spot for me after I emailed some photos of my art! I am to meet with them this Wednesday at the gallery. Uh, my concern is, when, cause I need some more pieces! I will be working that in during my sit down time!!! Working on getting around to "see" everyone the next couple of days! Ho Ho Ho!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Parties, Parade, Panic?

Okay, one of my photos was accidentally deleted while typing (could I already be that rusty?) so you may have to scroll up after you read! Weekend before last we went to a birthday party for my great nephew. He is in the top photo, Finn, on the left, sitting with his little friend, "Snow White", while Finn's cousin, Stevey, my great niece, the monkey with a banana on her head looks on. Finn's birthday is Dec. 23rd (my mom's too) so they had the kid party earlier. What theme did he want? Halloween! So the party was a "Nightmare Before Christmas" themed party with the children wearing their costumes, Halloween decorations amongst the Christmas decorations! My niece made an awesome cake for the party.

Mr. Unplugged, VolleyGirl and I went to Christmas parade this past Saturday, the first time in many years that we have. The middle photo is Finn's younger brother, Eli, holding a friend's little yorkie while his mother pushed him in the parade......aren't they both adorable....I know, I am a bit partial! It had snowed a whopping half inch here and was very cold! That's Mr. Unplugged and VolleyGirl in the last photo as they waited for the parade to begin!
Quick update....last week was my first week on my new job. It went well, felt really weird since I have not worked regularly, training and such in over 21 years!!!! There were constantly little puffs of dust coming out of my ears as I learned something each day!!!!! It is a wonderful atmosphere, the co-workers are all really wonderful, one of them started the day before I did and she is my best friend. I work Tuesday through Friday this week and should be cleaning and putting up my decorations inside. I washed all weekend and put items out of the way for the decorating. I also worked on my photoshop skills a bit with some of my artwork that was already scanned in. I also worked on the zentangle some last night that is "commisioned"! Just must be very careful about this cleaning and many Christmas seasons has my back "went out"? Hmmmm, at least four.....not this year hopefully! Tried to catch up on my commments....I miss reading and posting daily so much!!!!! BigBoy comes in at the end of the week for about a month for the holidays! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa! I want to have all the decorating complete by then. He and his dad put up the outside decorating over the Thanksgiving weekend....will post photo soon!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dogs On Thursday

Best Buddy was home for a long visit but before he left I was given a "royal dip". It is soooo much fun to play with the towel afterwards!!!
That Best Buddy....I could just eat him up, I love him so much! (I think he really likes me too!)
The bath and playtime just can wear a royal canine out though......
Mom was gone all day today and I was really happy to see her tonight, getting all the petting I could from her...when she was available! Here's hoping that all my good friends out there are getting all the petting that is allowed...go for it Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Luna, Snickers, Dizzy, Friday, Penney and Tonka! Hey, look below and check out my housemate too!

Cats On Wednesday

Ah ha!!!! I knew Dudley was from a distant feline planet! Happy COW and AW to you all! Will catch up with you hopefully tomorrow!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zentangle for Niece

While watching the football game Friday afternoon, then later in the evening some other tv with the family, I managed to do this zentangle for my niece in a Roller Derby theme. Hoping to give it to her framed on Saturday at my great nephew's birthday party, I was disappointed to see that again I had made my image too large. It is almost 11 inches wide....I must mark my boundaries in order to have it fit an 8x10 frame it will not work in my favorite frame for zentangles! OK, I will punt, have a mat cut to fit and put it in a 11x14 frame. Had a nice long weekend with the family, Mr. U, BigBoy and VolleyGirl went to see "Blind Side" last night, it is a good movie. The Christmas extravaganza is almost complete in the front of the house and I kept washing through out the days so I am not far from being caught up. I have tomorrow free, then start work Tuesday. I have a few errands for tomorrow. Hope you all have had a great weekend!

Friday, November 27, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Captured this just outside the house last week while I was taking the pampered one out for business. Hoping all is well on this Black Friday! Catch beautiful skies at

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!!!

To all my great friends, whether your homeland observes Thanksgiving or not...I am so very thankful to have you all! I pray that those here that celebrate this day, it will be a memorable and safe one. Wish you all could come over and have a piece of German Chocolate cake with me. Everyone have a wonderful and blessed Thursday!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Still Around

Since my last post I have finished sketching out, started painting on a Maytagarama, started this zentangle, almost 8x10, which is already sold, and agreed to do a specific drawing for my niece for an auction by Dec. 5th. I know, probably should say no, but we help each other out, be supportive and it will also reach another group of people to my art.

I just received a call yesterday and my start date for work is Dec. 1st, Tuesday. That Tuesday and Wednesday I go in 10 until 2, Thursday and Friday is 9 til 4. That's just because I will be training for a couple of weeks. Generally I will work 10 til 2. Ah, yes, right at the holidays....but I knew that would be the case. I have still not sold anything at the coffeehouse but still hopeful I may before it's over. My niece has a prominent role at our main library and has gave me information about exhibiting there and I just emailed them. Also, recently she was at one of our swanky restaurants for an artist's reception for an exhibit and spoke with the manager about my work and I am about to contact him. Why....well, I enjoy doing my art for fun but I would also rather bring in some extra income doing my art on my on schedule than working at something totally unrelated away from the house. Not that I mind getting out of the house that much, may be good for me....we will see.

Got the big grocery run today, cooking some for us here at home this week though we will be at my in-laws for the main Thanksgiving contribution is a German chocolate cake. I usually look for a new cake to make but I haven't made this and I don't think my kids have tried it. I will come up with something new for Christmas. Speaking of that, have picked up a couple of things for the kids, and Mr. U already while I've been out. I really hope to get by to leave comments.....maybe tonight since BigBoy came in last night and they are going somewhere later today for a night. I miss the interaction with y'all so much!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long Sigh............

Sorry that I have been missing.....was watching the Royal One from Sunday night till last night. He is constantly looking for something to get into, so it is similar to watching a toddler, not letting him put anything in his mouth or get upstairs. It's a constant up and down thing from the chair so unless he settles down and goes to sleep, I can't do anything. I try not to put him in the crate cause he is in there when I leave the house. This week, both VolleyGirl and I had eye appointments, I had a dental cleaning and went to the coffeehouse for that photo. I was able to do this scribble last night after the Mr. came home. Nothing has sold at the coffeehouse. I got all my art scanned in and put on my laptop this week. They come up in photoshop so I will have to work on the brightness, etc. there. I have been supposed to be learning photoshop, illustration, etc. since getting the software last summer..............if I would get proficient in those, I would look for work in that area. I will be hired at the company I interviewed with but the information from my background check has not returned yet.......fingers crossed.....hahahaha. Now, ugh, I must address my eating......perhaps I am attempting suicide by food. Unfortunately, it is my comfort (in the moment), my go to when stressed, upset, sometimes even anger and then there's that extremely pleasant explosion to my buds -but it has to stop. It is so much easier said than done but do it I must. It's not a matter of hunger, yes, I know how to do it. Probably the worst is inconvenience. Not very helpful that exercise is next to impossible but it is what it is so I must do what must be done and stop being a wimp about it. It will not solve all of life's problems but it will sure make life more tolerable. More on this later......or shall I say less on this later. Hope to catch up with comments soon, forgive me.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Too Cute Not To Share but then I Bore It Up Some...

Yes.....many already have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads and perhaps making the grocery list for the Thanksgiving meal but I never got around to sharing these photos of my great nephews, Finn and Eli. Finn, the robot, will be 5 on Dec. 23rd, my mom's birthday, Eli was 3 in early July, he is Samurai Jack (recall, I helped my niece make a SJ birthday cake. They live very close to us but sadly with both our schedules, I do not see them that often. It is a tradition that they are the first trick-or-treaters at our door on Halloween. My niece really enjoyed the fact that Finn was unable to run in the robot as not to get waaay ahead of them.
See the little "ponytail" on Eli?

Okay, we all had been in the front yard awhile and they were ready to move on! Those boys have endless energy but they are adorable, at least to me.
Here is the full sheet cake that I made for the volleyball banquet. Not one of my better works but it was done and tasted good!

Spent a full day helping my friend choose curtains, meeting with the seamstress and going to a nearby town to look for was fun, but knee/back tiring.

I have been getting updates from my friend, she may get more definitive answers on Monday.....what I have learned so far doesn't sound very good to me.

Going to have an article in the paper on my show this week....have to meet photographer at the coffeeshop for a photo...grrrrrr.....hate being on the opposite side of the lens!

I am itching, itching, itching to do some art, perhaps tonight!
Thank you all for your wonderful comments and support, you don't know just how much it means to me. I will have some Royal Canine Duties this week, hopefully finding out my start date for my job, doing some drawing, pen and ink too! Try to catch up with comments soon!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Yes, you've seen it before, a couple of times! I just snapped this photo Wednesday of this week, one of my favorite spots on the way to my daughter's school. I have painted these red trees with the clear blue sky behind them, at this spo,t two diffterent times...but I had to snap it again! Enjoy more sky photos at

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks Dad.......and many, many others

Sorry this is late on Veteran's Day, but my thoughts were thinking of the many all day....had to get some of these photos of dad from my brother. My dad served in Korea and was injured by shrapnel hitting his lower back. They thought sure he would be paralyzed, but he was one of the lucky ones. Only in the hospital on his back for a full year. That was before my brothers and I were born. One of mom's three brothers, Willard, lost his life in Korea.
Thank you to all that served, sacrificed, and those serving now.

Cats On Wednesday and Animal Wednesday


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall and Frequent Feelings

Did a small painting of this tree last year.
All of these were taken on VolleyGirl's school campus except for the last one.
Yes, I packed myself into my Spanx and had that interview Friday, will get the job. They are doing a background check, oops, may have the job!
This very moment, my friend is at the Mayo Clinic finding out some answers I hope.
It's raining here today.........Mare Tails in the clouds Sunday.
Hate when I'm like this, any little thing makes me weepy. Saw some item in the grocery store Sunday and almost burst out crying, reminded me of something mom and dad always prepared at home this time of year.
VG has an appointment this afternoon to check on her foot....probably will start wearing her boot. NOT going to play club ball this year. Yea! No Saturday tournaments! She will be strengthening, increasing her jump and taking private lessons.
Presently in the middle of baking a big cake and filled cupcakes for the volleyball banquet tomorrow night........mixed four recipes of buttercream icing last night. I will post a photo later on Wednesday.
Shopped yesterday for a little under two hours for something to wear to the banquet and for a gala for VG's school this Saturday night..........could barely walk on this stupid knee and my back is killing me......hate it!!!
Thank you (no, not YOU) for ramming Christmas into the butt of Halloween and ruining it with the commercialism, totally overlooking Thanksgiving, since it's not a money maker, merely a time to be thankful....(blah). Yeah, I'm gonna call it Christmas, not the holidays....cause that's what it is!!!! Christmas music was playing already yesterday........geez! Don't get me wrong....Jesus' birth is easily deserving of endless celebration but as soon as Dec. 26th hits, BAM! No hint of Christmas....if you can "celebrate" it months before in a Halloween costume, why can't you for days, weeks after? I know why. My family loves Christmas so I shall not bitch.....except to you......(lucky!)
I pray my friend has good news from her appointment today.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

SkyWatch Friday (on Sunday)

My dad referred to these clouds as "mare tails".....said it meant rain would come in the next three days. Two of these are almost alike but it was so pretty I thought it was worth it. There's a little rainbow spectrum that can be seen in the first and third photo. These are fresh snaps...just taken a couple of hours ago as I arrived at the grocery parking lot.....have got quite a few good ones there in past! Go see more sky photos at

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dogs On Thursday.....finally

Okay, I do not always do my business this way, like a girl, I mean! However, I am still taking medicines and the side effect is the need to Royal Wee frequently. The morning RW, shown above, is veeeeery lengthy and until a RHH (Royal Hind-leg Holder) is hired, this dude will not be holding my appendage up that lengthy of time!!!!
What, you ask, is this? Mom was informed by her niece that it is a Fairy Circle. You know, the Tooth Fairy gets stiff bending over those pillows over and over every night and from time to time just has to let loose sometime! Just think, I thought it was just dad digging up the mushrooms in the front yard so moi would have zero chance of ingesting anything not on my Royal Diet.....
Ah, blessed peace, it can be so exhausting being royal but fortunately for me mom has otherwise been occupied lately, keeping her from pointing that camera at me!!!! Hey, all my friends out there...hope you are being treated royally as well, especially Snuffles, Annie, Luna, Emma, Snickers, Dizzy, Friday, Lilah, Penney and Tonka!
P.S. Dad, mom and VolleyGirl are riding over to see the bulldogs compete at a nearby dog show early in the morning.....why can't I go too???

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Art Exhibit!

Seems like weeks ago since the state volleyball tournament, the weekend is somewhat of a blur. Sunday evening till late and all day Monday till late with a little rush on Tuesday morning.....then put the display up at the coffeeshop! My first real showing! I am both excited and exhausted. My close friend went with me, which was very helpful and fun! Took longer than I thought because I had to put a loop on the back on a large amount of them for the hangers to fit on. Thankfully I brought the wire and cutters. I am still busy, trying to get a new blog or website up, sent out a mass email about it, wrote a "bio"...that was a thrill (not). Missed washing for 2 days and it looked like a week! Dealing with the news last week that my new friend from Chicago area is very ill and they moved back to have support and help of her family. Scanned in all my work before framing it, purchased frames! The kicker, have a job interview in the morning and I don't have a clue what I will wear cause stress/depression has me eating....vicious circle! No, it's not in art, it's auditing. Money is good, hours flexible, close here and will get the monkey off my back some to bring in some money. Keep your fingers crossed. Okay, there you go. That's why I've been MIA online. Haven't forgotten you, always thinking how I wanted to share things going on with my blog buddies. The first photo is inside the coffeehouse, it's so cozy, warm and comfortable inside!
Here is one of the latest color pencil pieces framed in a 11x14 with an 8x10 opening.
You've seen the pumpkins but this bronze frame really set them off.....may not can tell, I put a light apple green background in just before framing.
Just finished this zentangle Wednesday night. The photo does not do justice to the frame. It is a totally smooth surface of plexiglass, very sleek! Also a 11x14 frame with an 8x10 opening.
The portion of the wall with all my goodies, except for the last zentangle, it wasn't quite finished yet........why did we not save an opening for it that was easily reachable??? Duh. You will probably recognize all the pieces. Some were touched up a bit before framing.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: First Sleepover

Wednesday morning I was awake around 6:30 and three hours later we were on our way! This was a first for me, riding in my crate. Not to miss a moment, I stood up just about the entire two and a half hour trip! Why, you ask, do I not have a comfy, soft blanket to rest upon in my crate? I must confess, it's my fault, till this day, I will chew on anything put in there so I'm left with the hard plastic floor.

Not sure who was the most excited, me or my best buddy, upon my arrival at his apartment at school!!!! I ran straight to his bedroom and jumped on his bed. Here you see me resting on best buddy's bed with my favorite bone. Being awake since 6:30, not only did I miss my usual hours of sleep till noon, I was exhausted from standing up during the ride. Need I say just how much I enjoyed sleeping on his bed for hours? Later some of his friends came over and we hung out in the was beyond awesome. Both of us were in "dog heaven"!!!! Mom and dad didn't stay, they had some ballgame to go to or something.

The plan was for me to stay with mom and dad at the Residence Inn but I wanted to sleepover with best buddy and he wanted me to also. Mom and dad picked me up in the morning before he had class and it was back to the crate and another ride. This time I decided to get a little rest because it had been an exhausting, though wonderful trip.

Hope all my four-legged good buddies out there get to have a sleepover sometime with someone you love! Big woof to Snuffles, Annie, Luna, Emma, Snickers, Dizzy, Friday, Lilah, Penney and Tonka!