Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It is Done !

The old woman is finished, bless her heart! She thought wash day would never end!!! This is my very first person to have painted. Yeah, I know, I have a whole lot of improvement to do. This is from my series of laundry themed 24x36 paintings that I am doing for a friend. I am working hard to get these finished so I can move on to something else. There will be another I must do almost exactly like this one but I don't want a duplicate, hmmmm, will be changing it up somehow. Presently working on a 5x7 of a beautiful fall-changing tree for VolleyGirl's school's fundraiser. That should be finished later tonight or tomorrow. Wow, I'm thankful I don't have to clean my clothes in this manner. I have had quite a bit of experience in hanging clothes on the line when I was a junior high and high schooler. I particularly recall hanging out a line full one summer when temp was about 103. Glad to finish, free to go swim across the street. Sad when mom called informing me the line had broken, clothes on ground......went home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paint and Polish

Ta-da! Here is my latest finished painting. I have another in progress....two actually. I have yet to paint today because I have been living out another dream in my life - yeah, scrubbing toilets, washing clothes and cleaning floors. The feeling of satisfaction is somewhat lackluster upon completion of these tasks. I will admit to a slight sensation of glee, just like in the commercials when the lady stands back, leans on her mop and smiles with satisfaction. Aggravatingly I will be required to do the same exact thing over and over and over and over............ Could you imagine creating the same painting repeatedly for the remainder of your physically able lifetime? Ugh.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brush, Ball, Boy, Bladder, Back, ...........

I am working on this 8 x 10 for the school's big fundraiser.....no, the Teletubbies are not about to pop up over the hill.....
Still going to games and practice for VolleyGirl. She has been moved to varsity for the rest of their season, jv season is over. Last Friday's practice was three hours. Coach confessed she had been hardest on VG all season. Mother Hen urge to smack her with my my big wing......but VG has thrived this season. Fall break this week, no school....but practice every day!
BigBoy has bounced in today for a long weekend. Has only two days off during this break. There is plenty of food to be prepared...........always fun when he's home - keep your hands to yourself while he eats.
Well into my second week of coughing now. I swear a small chunk of lung came up the other day. Sick of it and so is my bladder. It's not a new bladder, it's been around awhile and the pressure is getting to it. Same with my back. If there were any goo left in my discs, it surely would have ruptured by now...hmph....one time, it's good they are dried up. What organ is going to be affected next.