Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decking the Halls and Other Places Too

Just when I was working towards posting more regularly.....BAM......decorating season began. It has been up awhile though the gifts aren't all wrapped, the parties have began and so has the baking. I have enjoyed seeing friends decorations posted so I took a bit of time to snap some scenes of an Artist Unplugged's plugged up home......... Mr. Unplugged and VolleyGirl set up the initial setting. BigBoy arrived home from school and are still adding to it. Those guys LOVE Christmas!

The foyer, just inside the front door.....not quite like I want but it looks festive with the little lights inside the glass containers filled with shiny ornaments.

The front stairs and view of the den from the foyer.

Big Boy and the chosen one agreed to be in the shot.

I put a small tree in the den since "someone" might bother the big tree. This year I put all the bulldog, golden retriever and a kitty ornaments on it which was met with glee. He owns the den, may as well decorate it that way!

Carolers, given to me by my MIL, are on a table in the den. Some of my Christmas plates, mugs and such are on the kitchen cupboard.

The dining room is to the right as you walk in the front door. It is painted a dark red. The chandelier came from my grandmother's house, as did the table, buffet and a china cabinet that isn't in the photo. The red tablecloth was embroidered by my mother, she used it on her dining room table which my brother has now.

The cupboard in the kitchen is covered with mugs to use.
Go up the front stairs, to the right ,down the end of the hall is a rec room where our big tree is up. Have had the white tree for a couple of years now....kind of a nice change. I will show the "wreck" room after I've finished wrapping. It's also where I paint.

Dudley checks out the lighted garland every year right after it's put up.

The kids' stocking were crocheted by my mom and are about 4 foot tall. She made one even bigger for her first grandchild, sort of as a joke. She reigned them in a little bit for the rest of the grandchildren. Makes a cute decoration and a conversation piece. Many gifts have been stuffed down into those stockings through the years. Hope to keep up a bit better if it doesn't get too hectic this week. May everyone be blessed and safe this week.

Friday, December 3, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

Chilly, early December morning before the moon and stars retired for the day. Apollo was totally unimpressed. See some impressive skies at !!!