Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life Can Be A Whirlwind: Update

UPDATE: Tornado warning sirens have went off for the sixth time now, storms keep popping up and coming in, not over yet by far. Local stations have been like the photo above all day long. VolleyGirl's school ended up closing, other schools in the area made the bad decision to open late then 2 to 3 hours later had to close and send kids home, some during bad weather. Already making up days due to winter snow and knew they would have to make up today if they they will and also catch grief for their bad decision after it's all over. Damage in surrounding areas, some flooding, none horrific yet, but a very bad storm right now south of us, seeing a tornado on the ground there now. Bad tornado hit in at least two towns, still going.

Woke up early to dodge tornadoes today, probably all day since our area is the bullseye in highest risk today. School delayed two hours already with a message that they could close early or decide to be closed all day. Pushed His Majesty out the door at 5:20 this morning before it became really bad. Note about my last post...BigBoy's wedding date is May 14 of 2012, not next month.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Still here, struggling today after too many hours on my feet which made my knee, back and leg from my back unhappy. I have not created any art this year, except perhaps through cooking but I do plan to. Unlike many of you, I don't feel the pull to art, usually I begin to feel some fulfilment from it after I get into it. I'll save that topic for later. First, this is a fresh pic of the offspring, Easter morning just after church. Words cannot describe the joy of announcing that Big Boy was home for his last weekend visit since he GRADUATES in early May!!!!!! He will be living at home probably until May 14th, his wedding day. VolleyGirl graduates from high school May 27th and will attend college here, at least her first year. They are a joy to have around so it's gonna be a year to remember, the last one under the same roof together!

My in-laws usually request that I bring dessert for my meal contribution and this year we were to celebrate my MIL's birthday so, as usual, unknowingly why, I try out a new recipe. My MIL loves chocolate so I chose to make a Dark Cocoa Buttermilk 3 layer cake with Cocoa and Mascarpone Icing. I also made a coconut cream pie cause it's a favorite of everyone (below) and

I made a Truffle pie to take to my brother's house for a get together later in the day (below). Oh yeah, I have been dieting the past couple of months, so I didn't have a piece of either and only a very small piece of the cake. Still have much to lose but am down around 15 lbs now.

Since three of the desserts were to be whisked away, I urged VolleyGirl to try her hand at a new recipe I found of Chocolate Dipped Macaroons since the guys here love coconut. Let's just say VG has yet to embrace the enjoyment of baking.........but I didn't either at her age so big deal. These were outstanding....okay, I did indulge these and this will be included in holiday baking in the future.

I hope all of you had a blessed Easter! Though I have been absent, I thought of you often and need to catch up. It is good to see Soulbrush back online.....Apollo and I have missed her!

Friday, April 1, 2011

SkyWatch Friday

One of the few clear sky days lately. More skies for your eyes at