Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dogs On Thursday: Soul Special

Originally, my plan for today's "hear ye! hear ye! celestial canine time" was on the topic of a new friend coming into the fold of the extended family. However, due to the comment left by my second mum, Miss Soulbrush, considering she has been ill the last few days. The topic today will be more focused on "moi". Dearest Mummy Soul, I know you have been requesting it, my mom here has stepped beyond the boundaries to bring you some never before seen photos......hope you enjoy them, feel better soon (slurp)!
First, allow me to share a few words on the ballgame last Sunday. Though my team did not walk away with the win, my salutations go out to the state of Louisiana and my Uncle's sidekick, "Pee Wee." Their jubilance is over the top, though Pee Wee probably is immune to the noise. He is quite elderly and this morning's report is that he has lost almost all of his sight and hearing but retains his physical prowess! You keep on waggin' buddy!
Warning: These next four photos may contain canine nudity and subject matter not suitable for children!
My best buddy gives me the royal dip regularly behind closed, that crazy, canine, puppyrattzi entered, with permission, to take these photos last weekend.
The shame of it - me, the Royal 'Hine'ness, Canine Messiah, buck naked, soaped up, like some type of common soap commercial!
Zone out, that's what I do, just concentrate on my next meal, or anything! Mom explained to me that Second Mum misses out on these tender moments and that I should put my pride aside for I did.
How freeing it felt, once that wall was let down! This personal moment was yesterday, immediately after my morning meal. Such a great feeling to run to the den, scruff around, roll on the rug. The canine puppyrattzi caught me again as I held this calming, comfortable pose for a few minutes yesterday. Feel free to blow it up into a poster, Mummy Soul.
Well, after the physical and EMOTIONAL week, YOU would be tired too!!!
Friends, far and near, furry and fur-free, don't hold back from the ones you love, particularly this Valentine's weekend! Especially Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Luna, Snickers, Buddy, Dizzy, Friday, Penney, Tonka, Hope, Trixie, Bella, Zoe, Chief and, coming next week - Sophie!


  1. darling apollo
    roflol i am 'tickled pink' with this special post for little moi. and those bathtime pics are superb,and that last one all scrunched up is adorable, now that would make a wonderful poster. you have cheered me up completely even made me forget my tummy ache. i wuv you wots and wots. and i hope the 'puppyrazzi' (roflol again) take more pics of you real soon!!
    love and one thousand kisses behind your right ear (don't tell snuffles)
    aunty soul xx

  2. I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!! So pretty.
    Apollo is adorable even taking a bath. Annie says WOLF back. She said to tell Apollo that she HATES baths too but hey let me have a muddy hole to wallow in. :)

  3. Happy Valentines day from Luna. You look awfully cute there in the tub.

  4. This dog is waaaay spoiled!
    Wasn't that ballgame a hoot? My team didn't win either. Oh well, maybe next time.
    Hearts to you, Apollo, and Happy Valentine's Day.

  5. I love his adorable face. I want to just cuddle and kiss it.

  6. Yes, I once got in trouble for carrying around a nude photo of my dog in my wallet. I love bulldogs, all dogs, all animals really, but I would like to see more of your art.
    By the way, you are a brilliant writer.

  7. You are a hoot!!!! I loved this post!

    Too bad you couldn't block out his private area with one of those black bars ;P I did like the parental warning though, hilarious!!

  8. I loved the look around your art gallery - Seems as if you are reaching a very exciting spot in your life, AU, and so well deserved - I thought you'd taken a photo of bananas!!!

    As for Apollo, those eyes foretell 'the horror', do they not ;) What a sweetie... xox