Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dogs On Thursday: Welcome Sophie!!!

Welcome Sophie to the extended family!!!! She is pictured above with my eldest great nephew, 5 year old Finn. From all accounts her transition has been a smooth one. She is a bit over 2 years old and previously belonged to a friend of their family.
You may recall this photo of 3 year old Eli from December holding a friend's yorkie in the Christmas parade. He's a real animal lover and it seems Sophie has found a nice place to sleep at night with him. The boys' dad's allergy to dog hair has not been bothered so far by Sophie's coif!!! May their family be together for years and years to come! Now, for a word from the chosen one..........
This week has had it's ups and downs. One of the most comfiest spots for me to lay is in front of the large window in dad's study, it also is a super spot to have the vent blow on me....ahhhhhhh.
Mysteriously to me, dad disappeared earlier this week for an overnight trip. Hours before he was to leave, sadly, it must be reported that moi got into a wee bit of trouble. I know, I know, shock, disbelief, I feel you. My behavior has often been described like a toddler, getting into things, always looking for something to put in my mouth. Duh, what's a toddler? Puhleeze - it's fun to put things in your mouth! However, I confess that the timing for me to chew up the cord to dad's cellphone charger was ill timed on my part. The photo above depicts my sitting in the den, staring at the front door, waiting for dad to come back... All is well at the castle, you will be relieved to know I didn't lose any sleep over the cord. Welcome to the pack, Sophie!!! Long may your tail wag with your new family! Keep wagging the tails for your super families Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Luna, Snickers, Buddy, Dizzy, Friday, Penney, Tonka, Hope, Trixie, Bella, Zoe and Chief!


  1. What cute puppies. I am sure the King is nice to them all.

  2. dear apollo
    as you know i don't like dogs anymore, ever since mamma's son and dil got their dog. sigh, but if you came to stay, i would soon learn to love you, i think, as long as you didn't sit on me.
    your pen pal

  3. Cute post!

    His allergies should be fine with that dog because she looks like a Silky? Yorkie? and they're hypo-allergenic :) yay!!!

    Apollo, chewing cords at your age?
    I think you should take up drinking instead!

  4. How adorable is Sophie and Apollo. I bet he stewed until Daddy got home... well he slept stewing maybe? :))

  5. what an adorable tale....

    or should I say tail? lol