Friday, February 19, 2010

The P's

The past two days were particularly productive. Allow me to share the excitement beginning with some good ol' potty and tub scrubbing. Not necessarily recommended for spurring the creativity but there is some satisfaction upon completion of the tasks. Now, here I thought that my hand was getting cramped up from working on this tree last night, when all along it was probably that stimulation with the bathtub that came in to effect........okay, that mutes my 'artist' pain quite a bit. Today, my back is vocalizing but I shall press on! Later yesterday I spent some time painting on the strawberry that was started after finishing the banana. I finished (I think) this pencil drawing that was started earlier this week. It is approximately 7 1/2 x 9 1/2, looks smoother, more blended than the photos show.


  1. Oh my this is coming along so pretty!!!!
    I also love that banana painting (just perfect in every way!) and those other fruits!
    You have been very creative!

  2. it is so fulfilling to get something done, far better than housework. lol.

  3. Follow that artistic muse first, always. That household work will wait for you. Nice picture. Love the colors in the sky.

  4. I got such a laugh out of this! Carpal Potty Syndrome?? :-)

    Beautiful piece of art!

  5. LOL Teresa said it all. It is lovely. Oh much better to create art then clean. The house just gets dirty again, but creating leaves something beautiful & lasting. :)Great work here.