Friday, February 29, 2008

You Gotta Be Kidding.......................Do Over!

I can't believe it....had written a few paragraphs, a few chuckles, one or two global warming jabs, just so pleased, like a kindergartener finishing up a coloring project for his mommy and voila! my window was gone! One of the kinks that I have not worked out since this wizardly new laptop! Sooooooo aggravating. You must take my word, it was most entertaining. Once again, I will attempt to make somewhat mundane and boring information and commentary fascinating and interesting merely by the small movement of these talented digits.
First off, the painting in progress photo (ppp), not unlike the Hilight magazine: find all the differences between the ppppp (previously posted painting in progress photo) and the present ppp. How much can you find? Yes, that is a shadow beside the tree.....that may change....unsure if I like it. Secondly, but certainly second to none, pencil portrait of our beloved Bubba, the golden retriever (a common dog, not of royalty status) created by none other than BigBoy. He truly excells in pencil which has been the medium of my choice but apparently the "change" has brought out the brush in me. He will do your pet's portrait with a good photo provided.....leave a comment.
The week has flown by and has not been a banner week for those with weak backs but I must push on. Remember the "flip" job on VolleyGirl's closet? Well, hit a snag with the contractor and hopefully that job will get back on track tonight and this weekend.
Laundry Show update: Um, I'm thinking that graphic images would be a good bet if the Laundry Leader would like these done before we go into another climate change cycle! Worked on some ideas as I sat during volleyball practice last night. Need to get it all together soon.
His Majesty is beckoning me for a royal wee.............................more later!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Thought it was time I show you the babies, the youngest of my laundry producers! Here is BigBoy and VolleyGirl on Christmas day. I'm fairly certain they would be mortified if they knew I put it up. It is one of the constants that I am able to do, embarrass them, it is a powerful and lethal weapon in the arsenal of a mother of teens! What can I say? These two have been an amazing part of my life and though I complain of bleeding dirty socks, I wouldn't trade it all in for anything!
Speaking of laundry, it is all fitting, yet humbling that I may have a substantial request for artwork to decorate two laundrymats. I don't think I spelled that correctly, isn't it laundramat, why a "mat" anyhow, why not laundry store or better yet, "Club Laundry", "Whirl-Away", "Clean Clothes Club"? You get the idea, laundramat is a door"mat"........"Dish-N-Swish": A place to clean your dirty laundry and air out everyone else's! I digress, a request for 10 to 15 paintings? That will surely put me through the ringer! Sooooo, been doing a little research online today, coming up with an interesting plan. First, I need to paint a couple to peddle to some other establishments.....very quickly. I will be painting tonight and probably will post my progress tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Here Comes Debbie Downer!"

Don't even go there....I realize the tree needs more work. This is a piece in progress. Originally, I thought I would have it ready for the auction at the school fundraiser. I had to punt and go with the cloud painting that has been previously posted. I was left with HRH to pamper and make out with on Thursday and Friday. Working like a true "arteest", I stayed up like the rebel I am and painted past two in the morning, then couldn't go to sleep afterwards, thinking of how I was going to add to the landscape and how I had to wake up at six. I am glad to be so excited about the energy bursting from these very blogging hands that I can't even go to sleep.......I do love listening to Conan...he is so my favorite. He was better when the writers were on strike. I knew that I would not have the time or energy to complete it for the auction.

Big Boy came home but I spent all weekend at the volleyball tournament with VolleyGirl. He and SuperSpouse came down. Alot of time on my feet, made me decide two things: 1. Get a handicap tag and/or 2. Decide when to have a knee replacement. Either one makes me feel like an old woman. Granted, I am not the age I used to be, who is, by the time you finish saying it, you are already older! Cue the muted trumpet, with womp, womp. I still watch SNL, feeling sort of like Debbie Downer, can't clean, it's dirty, can't not clean, it's still dirty, back hurts, knees hurt, arms burn, just one of those days........

I have painted more today, a bit over an hour and am very anxious to return but, ye old SS has requested my presence with the reading of the bills. Cue trumpets with mutes.......then will be time to take VolleyGirl to a lesson......where is Conan when you need a quick pick me up!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Large Choir Voices !!!!!

Hear that choir singing great praises that I have
finally completed another piece! It is not my usual style. I like darker, richer colors but this is fine, trying to do different styles. I must complete the painting for the school fundraiser this week. I have not taken my long-awaited "poortfolio" around as of yet, feel it needs some more pieces before that. Thinking after I add one or two more that I shall make one or two rounds. Friends that I have shared it with have been very receptive and complimentary but I was not pleased yet.
So it is a busy, busy week. VolleyGirl has a lesson tonight, practice Thursday and a two day tournament this weekend that we both will have to help with. BigBoy will be coming home and that requires a bit of prep as well. Yesterday, I started cleaning out VolleyGirl's closet with a forklift. I do not let her operate large machinery as of I began the process. Believe me, it was past that girl's abilities to do it alone, she was brought in soon after it was checked for varmints and perhaps large animals. The pruning process is far from complete and don't even ask why I started it this day!
It will be complete before the weekend and believe me when I tell you her life will be in grave danger if said closet has anything out of place once this mission is complete!!! (See.....3 exclamations: that means I am serious) I felt a compelling urge to have something done that is in dire need....and that just hit me, naturally by bedtime I could not walk. Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day"....and so it is, I can walk again. His Majesty is snoozing so some tasks must be completed. Cut my vein and I would bleed, natch, that will be going on and some kitchen tasks must be completed before painting. Sigh, if only I was not just a court jester...
Please leave a comment, feedback helps!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

This Is Your Lucky Day !!!!!!!!!!

Did you feel that? You know, that tingly feeling and rush of blood you feel when you get very excited! Oh yeah, you've just met face to photo His Royal "Hine"ness, the Magnificent, Miraculous and all Mystical, Magical Bulldog!!! This photo is so fresh, you could pick a majestical hair promptly from this very pic. SuperSpouse took it, that in itself is a bit of a small miracle. SS isn't known for his Ansel Adams prowess! You now have a reason to bookmark this page, just for an anytime pick-me-up, take a gander at the pooch prince. Doesn't he look like everything goes his way? Now, he is special, don't you wish you were?

Miracles abound, I painted last night and today! Upon completion of this prose of outrageous entertainment I will again be spending more time with assorted brushes in my tingly hands! (No, His Majesty no longer causes my tingle, it's a neck disc thing) Working hard to complete the blue rose painting that the background gave me slight fits. I can't stand to start another with a previous piece left incomplete. I have promised to have a painting for our old middle school's fundraiser and cannot not find the photo I took of a tree that once stood on the grounds that I promised them I would paint. (Whew, that sentence was l-o-n-g) SuperSpouse and I saw it a few nights ago. That's going to be a problem.............Did I post the rose in progress photo?

VolleyGirl has a four day weekend. Yea, no rushing on Monday morning and then only four days of it. She has done some cleaning.....worse than pulling teeth to light a fire under that one. She is slightly motivated by a desire to attend a sleepover with her friends tomorrow night. Hey, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, I would like a little input. Some of VolleyGirl's friends go places and attend games and movies minus an adult. I realize we keep a tight leash (learned from HRH!) but at 14 isn't that pushing it a little? Shouldn't we keep a closer eye til they mature a bit more? Will she not have 3 and a half more years to loosen the leash some. I mean, what will she have to look forward to by year 3? I want her to look older and learn more lessons on all the freaks out there. I watch and hear the girls together all the time when they get to talking and laughing. A mac truck could head towards them and they wouldn't be aware of it! Uh, unless it was a cute teenage boy driving it. To SS and my credit, BigBoy has done fine and his leash was short compared to many. Just a sayin'...........So what do you say?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

It is so cold today! It has been back and forth, warm and cold all winter, does a sinus good...not. Looks like other places are having record snow and crazy cold below 0 temps. Oh yeah, such global warming, such bull crap. Just a way for some igmos to make a dollar, especially big Al, he has really racked up. Looking back into history supports the belief of cycles in the weather, hurricanes, years of hot seasons and of freezing seasons. I have great doubt that man's little century and a half of industry has created it all.....we give ourselves waaaay too much importance! We are merely a drop in the universe and in the life of the earth. History proves it. My opinion, of course, but I am not alone in it and many scientists concur. Why does the majority of opinions fall on the line of liberal and conservative, huh, have a theory, but don't worry, I wouldn't bore you with it.....wouldn't want to run any readers off.....that is if there are any! Hmmmmmm, would be a surefire test to see if anyone reads, treading on the frey of the political borders I mean....oops.....accidentally hit an issue! That may bring true colors to life, at least the colors of red and blue.

My Valentine's booty...(sorry) lying in wait to spring early tomorrow. I fear that I lacked somewhat in creativity but I do think SuperSpouse will like his bag of goodies! He is a man of simple pleasures, so that is what will be provided. VolleyGirl will be pleased I'm pretty certain too. Hopefully, the stars will line up above the postal service so that BigBoy will receive his parent package of love tomorrow! His Majesty, however, will not be presented with any, strict diet for the king! Straight from my heart to yours, I wish each of you a sweet day tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snail Paced Progress

This my latest finished painting. Finding it difficult lately to find time to paint. Today I have spent quite a bit of time with Prince Apollo, the always magical bulldog. Have washed....again.....I know what you are thinking.....we must wear the cleanest clothes! Have made BigBoy's favorite chocolate-peanut butter-oatmeal cookies and have a couple of items to package up to send today to him at school. for Valentine's Day. Next, I will make a quick trip to my home away from home, put a roast on and pick up VolleyGirl. THEN I plan to paint. Later a volleyball lesson and hopefully more painting. Can't tell yet, but hopefully I am getting some sort of personal and emotional satisfaction from this diary......wait........checking......nope, can't tell anything yet!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ta Da !!!!

Finally! This is my very first canvas painting in about 30 years......during that time, I had worked a few years as a graphic artist until I had BigBoy. Many a backdrop for plays, huge wall paintings and characters created for bible school and dinner theatres. Even got into the painted clothing craze back in the 90's. Wow, I sound so old......just experienced and wise......uh, um, yeah, that's right.....I'll go with that. This painting was put in the silent auction for VolleyGirl's high school big fundraising event. I must get one painted for the middle school event as well. I did purchase a portfolio case and have my photos ready to be printed today. It is only 8 pieces but all the businesses say to bring by a portfolio and so...........I think I can sell myself, confidence feeling pretty good right now.
Busy weekend, not much time with BigBoy really but that's the way it goes. Spent about 6 hours on my feet yesterday, baking muffins, filled cupcakes, potato salad and of course more washing (highly underated as a form of entertainment...riiiiiiiiiight) .....had to rush to get VolleyGirl to practice at 3 then straight to inlaws to celebrate father-in-law's big 7-0! Cupcakes were a hit, good time was had by all.....youngest nephew is the cutest. Laundry (pardon that segway) list of medical ailments that affect me, degenerative disc disease/spurs/arthritis in neck and lower back, two bad knees and today neck is hurting, burning down arms and "good" knee is the pits but I am so darn excited about getting this portfolio together and getting upstairs to paint! Hopefully the "bullmaster" will be quiet, must scrub offspring's bath today after him getting his Royal Wash yesterday by BigBoy. Speaking of BigBoy, he has a huge test in Art History Tuesday, 60 slides......ah, the olden days, I had to study notes on slides from class for, these days...spoiled by the hi-tech, great for such classes I must say.....
I am coming to you live from the sweet laptop SuperSpouse secured for me.....finally has my email addresses on it and all. Don't have my favorites list, but that will accumulate. That does it for the moment, I realize one can only take in so much excitement, and must be taken in small increments. Hey, if you're visiting, leave a message.....doesn't even have to be nice, I can take it.......knock, knock, anybody there? You get the idea.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some Progress!

It has been a family day today, offspring doing homework, buying makeup at the drugstore, going to a computer store going out of business, going to Michael's to get art supplies for BigBoy (he's majoring in art :), supplies for VolleyGirl to do a project for school, Walmart with SuperSpouse, other words, alot of running around. I DID get photos of my artwork, get sheets to put them in and a folder for them! I hope to get 8 x 10's made early next week and SuperSpouse said he would set up a website for me, wether I can set it up, is a totally different story. We are going to in-laws tomorrow to celebrate father-in-law's birthday and I am making my somewhat famous filled cupcakes, decorated for Valentine's Day and potatoe salad (requested). Thought I would get cupcakes done tonight or at least the buttercream frosting......uh, uh. Now I am too tired, though I may paint while offspring are studying. Want to puke over hearing the results of today's primaries right now.......................................

Friday, February 8, 2008

Slow and Fast Simultaneously ???

Just how do the days pass by so quickly, doing many tasks, yet accomplishing very little? Literally a snail could get more painting done than I have accomplished this week!!! Ye tho contacts may have been made and good info recieved, ye fire, not yet lit below thee feet! What a bonfire that would be, considering the largeness of thou feet........I did have some creative interuptions, helping volleygirl hot glue everything from ribbons to creating high heel shoes on her science project this week. Required my moving all of the painting set up off of the table and having glue drippings all over it. The project looks nice if you like, pink, red, polka dots and high heels. is cute.....looks like something Reese Witherspoon's character from the movie, "Legally Blonde" might do! Head of the household, one magical, yet mystical bulldog once again snoozing on the couch that he has taken over! That has been time consuming also this week with the super spouse away. What you say? Yes, I should be upstairs with brush in hand at this very moment..........but I do consider this "marketing" (and worldly entertainment!) ((for me at least!)). Double parenthesis...invented my myself. You think correct English prose has any life anymore with the messaging, blogging and most of all phone texting? Teeny, tiny example of good manners, parameters and all else.....out the door in our society. Oops, just contributed to it, guess I must rethink that........

Big boy comes home this evening, meals must be planned and food purchased in bulk! Eats like an infant....several times a day. Yeah, me too, but it looks terrible on me! Therefore, another trip to Publix, my home away from home. 1. List is made. 2. Get wash finished 3. Feed and walk dog 4. Duh, bathe

This photo was taken at Disneyworld, I believe. My kids, I think, have a little more appreciation for the natural beauty that I do in the sky. They often point it out to me now and Big Boy (college son) has taken pics at school to send to me. Can't beat the Almighty as an artist, won't try, just love to recreate it. Took pictures while driving volleygirl to practice last night, much to her dismay, "Do we really have time for that???" as to which I replied, "uh, yeah, check out the beautiful pink sky, as I snapped one last one, free of light poles as I stepped out of the parked car. Something they get used to......somewhat. Hopefully, I will get the latest ones, and my artwork photos for my portfolio downloaded onto my new nifty super spouse-generous laptop in the next few days. Stay tuned! Love and Blessings, especially prayers for tornado victims........

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Busy Days....................

Seems like forever since I have updated. This photo should represent the breakout that hopefully will happen soon. I have a lead on our church possibly needing some art in the prayer room which is being redone. Also, at church, I am trying to get in contact with the person responsible for images that is used on the 2 large screens in the contemporary worship services. Apparently they purchase the images and a friend suggested that they may be interested in some of my photographs.

Spoke with the Starbucks manager by phone, she was out the day I went by....but no harm, I got a free peppermint-mocha latte grande out of it for waiting on the shift manager to come back and basically tell me to talk with the manager. Aloofness was not even required!!! So, as I was saying, she said that her partner had given her a piece of artwork to hang, to bring my portfolio and card by and we would see. Uh, yeah, um, just getting started, like I have NO PORTFOLIO! The plan now is to take photos of all my drawings and paintings from college and the three that I have already done, put together a portfolio. Not sure about the cards, my "super spouse" said he would see that I have a website set up, therefore, it would be better if I wait for that address before printing cards. I did get my great Ott light, not the 49.99 one, a more suitable one for painting. It sells for 169.99 at Michael's and I got it for 65 at Tuesday Morning....sigh......I just love a good bargain. It is great....and....yea! my painting doesn't look crappy under the light! (relief)

My "super spouse" purchased me a laptop. It is so nice. I think he wants to take my computer and use it elsewhere. Whatever...........I like the laptop. I don't have all my addresses or photos on it yet though. He is away for a couple of nights so I have had fulltime care of His Royal "Hine"ness. I hardly had time for much else today, had him out alot since the volleygirl had practice tonight and had to go to school for an interview on her science project. And Yeah! It was giggles galore staying up Sunday night for that to be finished. Not to mention, after being in Tenn. for the volleyball tournament all day Saturday. They did very well, considering they had not scrimmaged anyone at all. Came in 3rd place. Said child is now up again finishing homework.......guess it is better than changing poo poo diapers way back when........or not........they didn't have such an attitude then and I was still sleepy.....hmmmm. Oh well, just enjoy the moments, whatever they are. Such as, the other night, getting up at 3:30, getting in the bathroom, a man, his lovely wife, their sweet daughter and a magical bulldog. The cat was in the closet. So thankful we did not get hit, so many prayers going out to those who did. Later....

Friday, February 1, 2008

Another Day in Paradise!

Yea! Painted last night, changed the background to a very pale yellow and that's what I'm sticking with. Would post a photo but last night took two of the batteries from the camera to put in bedroom remote. Preparing for the volleyball tournament tomorrow. Hopefully we will be there a long time since the more you win, the longer you stay. Since the Superbowl is Sunday and volleygirl's science project is due Monday, I am finishing up all the wash, cleaning bathrooms (my passion, argh) and last minute errands. Included in those is a quick trip to Tuesday Morning to hopefully pick up an Ott lamp that was in the sale flyer.This lamp will provide daylight like light and I need that soooooo badly for my painting. Heck, outdoors my Picassos could be hurling ugly. Regularly it is 129.99 and they have it for 49.99 and in the flyer is a 5.00 coupon! Oh yeah, dreams can come true if you click your heels hard enough, hold your breath and read sale flyers! If they don't have one, I will be most certainly bummed..........Alas! Yesterday, a good source informed me that our local Starbucks manager is looking for original artwork to display for sell. I am so in that drive-thru today, ordering something and securing a deal! Hmmmm, must I go with Venti to impress, or just Grande to not seem to eager. Do I choose something that allows me to appear artsy and aloof or just go for the commonfolk choice of say....mocha frap...or a plain latte.........uh, yeah, the usual, don't even know what an aloof drink is after pondering that thought for a moment. Now, to just paint 2 to 3 more masterpieces next week..............I rarely include buildings, lights or any "manmade" object in my sky shots but this one does not bother me so muc and not much choice, that was the view towards the west to get the color. His majesty, the royal "hineness" is making zzzzzzzzzzzzz's on the couch, I, the head jester must awaken him for a royal wee and lure him back into his magical crate in order to continue today's duties. Till we meet again.