Saturday, February 13, 2010

Serious Valentine Day Sentiments

Last year, some of you may recall that I snacked on the practically all-sugar conversation hearts that are widely available during the season of love. Stopping to read the writing on the little, tasty treats made me think.....what if they could take healthy foods and put little quirky sayings on them? Tonight, I did a couple of quick color pencil drawings with the similar idea, though I did not make them heart-shaped as last year.

Please, don't tell me, this squash isn't romantic.....well, perhaps the strawberry is a bit more sensuous.
I do believe they speak for themselves. Oh crap, I did a horrible job on the shadowing! Did I mention these were quick? May you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day whether you have a sweetie or not.You know, go buy a bag of conversation hearts, you can at least have conversation with SOME type of sweetie! Whatever your sweetheart gives you, be appreciative. Years ago, one of my friends received a dustbuster from her boyfriend for V'day......doesn't that just suck?!? I realize that is the purpose of them, but that gift was a two-fold sucker. They did not end up married - shocker. Probably best that I just leave it with Happy Valentine's Day to all my blogger friends......may your flowers live long and the chocolate not go to your hips!


  1. LOL, this is so funny, I love the squash and the berry, they are wonderful and make me smile.
    And wow, a dustbustergift for Valentine. Makes me think that the German word "GIFT" means poison in English:)
    Have a great day and thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I guess in Wordpress they don't have a follower widget, so all I can do is set up the email subscription...thanks for sharing your Valentine's visions

  2. I LOVE the squash! Happy Valentine's day to you my friend :)

  3. As you said, the strawberry looks much more sensuous...I liked the squash too...:)

    I think its a nice job done!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too:)

    ps: Thanks for your support thru comments...they make my day!

  4. What a riot! And pretty darned great for quick sketches!

    I'm the odd one who doesn't like candy. I might have one or 2 chocolates a year, maybe. My husband is a chocoholic though.
    I'd much rather have the squash with a little butter and low sodium tamari and tons of pepper!

    That dustbuster reminds me of my friend this Christmas. She bought her husband a new shovel!! Meanwhile he bought her everything she pointed, jewelry, etc. He is the sweetest guy on the planet and would do anything for anybody. She treats him terribly. We've noticed just how bad it is since we moved back. She screams at him constantly. Ugh, it's so sad. I truly think he wouldn't know what to do without her. Go figure!

    Happy Heart day!

  5. Love your edible Valentines. I think you may be onto something here.