Friday, March 28, 2008

How To Do Much And Still Not Get Anything Done

I am pretty much a master at doing a whole lot and yet still not accomplishing much of anything. I do not have much paint on the canvas for my "Maytagaramas" but in defense I have been left this week with His Royal "Hine"ness. SuperSpouse has a business trip this week and when he is away, I have all the royal duties. (That word really has a dual meaning!) Sorry to go there but since the Canine Messiah had a little tummy trouble earlier in the week, SS and I rushed him to the vet before he left to ensure his good health and therefore I have to play "I Spy" with the HRH's pie and report back to his master. That dog, um, I mean, His Majesty, is strong as a royal ox and I have to take extra care of my back and knees in order to preserve myself and maintain only the best care for HRH! So, yes, I've been busy since VolleyGirl had a lesson both Monday and Wednesday night and practice Thursday night. She wants to be all she can be for school team tryouts coming in a couple of weeks and to continue to further her vb abilities. She would love to play in college.....who knows, still have three more years to work on it and she continues to get better. We are about to begin three weekends in a row of tournaments, the first two will be out of town and the last will be here. Tomorrow will be an painfully early morning as I am to make turkey sub sandwiches for the team and parents. VolleyGirl promised to get ready in time to help me. Sorry, can't risk making them the night before and being soggy.....detest that. It has been done before. I am driving and will have the van full, so it will be fun - really! It's an early morning but it is alot of fun, will be picking up a couple of people so must leave by 5:40 probably....ugh.
Totally on a different note, I read in our paper that the local arts group wants to have a new Art Day every first Saturday of the month beginning in April and probably through September. I want to do that....but vb tournaments will prevent it in both April and May and surgery may prevent it in June and further. I am getting that shiny new knee! I also want to get my resume out for emceeing events and gee, who wants an emcee with a limp....c'mon.....think about it....hilarious sort of.......
I will be emceeing a dance recital again May 17th but I can work around it, will be sitting alot and ad libbing, even when I stand up and suddenly have pain.....thankfully I know how to work with it and make a joke about it. That may be hard to picture but I will be in character soo........
Imagine though, hosting some formal, fancy, high falootin' (sp?) event, host is introduced and walks out.....with a, not on the saw, Doc!!!
Must continue on with my wash, I bleed cotton. Times a tickin'

Monday, March 24, 2008


Check out BigBoy and VolleyGirl in their Easter frocks yesterday before headed out to church services. We went to SuperSpouse's parents's home for lunch and watch the little ones hunt eggs. They don't get to see them often enough, so these get togethers are a great blessing. Quite chilly outside yesterday, must be that global was a beautiful day anyhow. BigBoy got his ears lowered quite a bit over the Spring Break but I like it. It was a purely volunteer choice on his part. Countdown until summer vacation has officially begun around here for these two. 45 days or less for BigBoy, depending on his test schedule. VolleyGirl, not quite as lucky, still has right at two months. Time should fly with all the volleyball left.
The ice cream dessert was a hit at our Easter Dinner yesterday and I would highly recommend it. The only change I would make next time around would be to use Starbucks Java Chip ice cream in the middle instead of plain coffee to add a little more oomph in the middle! Also, it was very messy taking it out of the springform pan at my in-laws and very difficult to cut. BigBoy did the job, but bent the serving utensil before switching to a knife. Later, at home, after it being in the freezer awhile, I took it out, sliced it in serving pieces and put it in a container and returned to freezer. This made it very easy to get out a piece. In conclusion: Freeze it, slice it up into serving pieces, when easy enough, store in a container. That would have been much easier yesterday.....but it was still enjoyed!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Seeping Into The Skin of My Hands

VolleyGirl and I just made a pie....somewhat. I can't believe I didn't take a photo of it and I have covered it and placed it in the freezer. My mother-in-law requested that I bring a pie for the Easter dinner tomorrow. In the past couple of years I have brought some very well liked and somewhat impressive desserts over for the meals, so I felt like I had to find something new and really, really good. Got my rep to think of, you know? Bookmama has had a taste of my desserts and some other dishes I prepare and has her favorites. My coconut cream pie, that is out of this world was not an option, my m-i-l was making a coconut cake, besides, I've made that for them. So I searched my books and magazines and the internet for that recipe that would leave a mark, but it was not to be found. I did hit the jackpot for my next cake to make however, quite by accident too. My m-i-l had given me a whole box of cookbooks that she had cleaned out of her kitchen and I surfed through most of them and narrowed it down to two or three. Do I go lemon, which BigBoy loves, truffle, VolleyGirl loves? The one I chose is really very simple, which is fine, but I do like the challenge of one complicated and one, perhaps, no one else wants to go to the trouble with. It is in one of the cookbooks that apparently came from SuperSpouse's grandmother's book since I read it signed to her. It is called simply Ice Cream Delight. Prepared in a springform pan, graham cracker crust, layer of chocolate ice cream, followed by a layer of coffee ice cream and another of the chocolate. Top it off with crumbled Heath Bars and drizzle with chocolate syrup. That sounded good to me. Different from what we usually have. A nice twist on ice cream in a bowl with syrup. VolleyGirl and I commenced to the task and there.... waiting..... the crumbled up bars and syrup. I had more than enough of them. Heath bars are hard to find, I have found out a few years back. About the only way to get them is a big of the small ones. Ahhh, Target had them today, 2 for $4, and I needed 8 bars, of course I bought two. I knew I would not put the entire can of Hershey's syrup on the top. Told VG we were going to ratchet it up a bit. In between the three layers of ice cream we sprinkled some of the candy and drizzled a bit of the syrup, not alot, just a nice little surprise in the middle! Oh how I could feel the calorie-laden creaminess of tastebud heaven seeping through the very skin of my hands as I worked to evenly distribute and level the layers of lusciousness. The finale on top was solidly covered with the tasty toffee bar bits and severely drizzled with syrup. Loosely covered, and stored with care in the freezer. I will let you know if it is another winner.
More to come later on the adventures of a Spring Break at home: If you can't go to the water, let it come to you!

Happy Easter
May God Bless You

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby BigBoy Returns to Clinic

Did I mention how thankful I have been that the university has a health clinic? O.K., did I also happen to mention how often BigBoy has frequented that handy little dispenser of medical aid for himself? Alas! You have not been enlightened on the numerous times that BigBoy has come to the aid of one of his roommates, taking him to the clinic and very early in the year, to the ER. If it were not for the thousands of $ already being sent to that university, I would seriously consider sending in a donation to that place! Previously, BigBoy was diagnosed with sinus and respiratory infection. Recalling the conversation, he said he was prescribed a antibiotic, which seemed logical. A few days ago, he complains with the side of his head hurting and his ear totally stopped up, along with all the drainage. Yeah, yuck, you get the idea....I told him not to take anything and suggested he go back to the clinic. In the meantime, find out he was prescribed an antihistamine, not an antibiotic. O.K. Two days ago, he still complains, told him to return to clinic. Today, he returns, badly infected ear - now he gets an antibiotic, at least that's what he says. Tomorrow he comes in for a week off of school, splendidly, VolleyGirl is out all week too......and today from school feeling nauseas. (never could spell that). You get the idea.

Today I decided to cause greater pain and discomfort to my back, knee and hip by thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and bath floor. Thoroughly doesn't mean I mopped it, means I slid around on the floor on my still padded butt and cleaned the cabinets all the way down and the quarter round, washed the rugs, vacummed the den, dusted and finally........set up a Homedics air cleaner. Had this thing for months, figured SuperSpouse would balk fearing His Royal "Hine"ness could have some sort of contact that could possibly harm his sensitive system. HRH is exactly the reason I purchased the Royal-Homedic-Help-Me-Make-the-House-Not-Smell-Like- A- Bulldog. Upon SuperSpouse's inquiry to this hopefully heaven scent do-diddy, quick thinker that I am, I suggested that perhaps the do-diddy would help the Canine Messiah with his sensitive allergy difficulties that so plague the breed. Blissfully and with gusto, SuperSpouse agreed and went on to suggest that perhaps BigBoy would benefit from the blue-glowing contraption............YES!

Finishing up my painting tonight before starting my old washing machines "series". Trekking to find an (cheap) easel to work on the 24"x36" size "Maytagaramas."

Monday, March 10, 2008

Peaks and Valleys

I am not used to BigBoy being gone yet, not really. He is sick again. Weeks ago, he had the flu and strep while at school. Saturday, he was diagnosed with a sinus and respiratory infection. I thank God for a decent clinic for him to go to on campus, don't know where we would have been without it! What is the deal with his illnesses coming in twos?

I woke up with "Elmer's" eyes yesterday and bloodshot worse than ever. It is very embarrassing looking that way and going to the grocery store or anywhere else. Looks like I have been on a minimal three day drunk or smoking something potent. They look some better today, doctor gave me drops. I have had this happen several times in the past year, but this was the worse.

Yea! I have secured a deal to paint fourteen 24 x 36 paintings and frame them as well. It it not for an art studio or store but two laundry mats. O.K., I am getting started, it's money, what can I say. I will have to organize my time and put in hours every day in order to complete these in my lifetime. They all will be paintings of old washing machines, very old machines. It should challenge me for sure and hopefully speed my process up alot.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my orthopaedic doctor. One of those appointments made six months ago that I didn't even know I had. Will be getting the lowdown and last word on whether to say bye-bye to my favorite left knee this Summer. Now, I must head out to hold my feet to the fire once again......weigh in.....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rookie Blogger Injured In Early Morning Remote Attack!

Somewhere before 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, a relatively new blogger, that created her site in January of 2008, was injured by a flying object. The victim said the morning began much as any other. "I woke up around 6:20 to make sure my daughter was awake to get ready for school." She went on to say, "Since I did not have to prepare a lunch for her, I decided to lay down for a bit longer and watch a little television." "I settled down, lying on my back with my head slightly propped up on my pillow." She stated that her husband, who works at the residence, awoke about that time. "My husband took a few steps from the bed, heading toward the bathroom" she continued on, "I wasn't really paying attention, but I recall he bent over, then I felt a powerful blow on the bridge of my nose, kind of on the right part of it." She details her reaction and what occurred next. "I yelled out his name, loudly." "My husband had bent over to pick up the tv remote that had fallen on the floor." She continued, "apparently he flung (southern term, often used for word throw ) it to return it onto the bed, but, he is so brutally strong, it hit me." "Obviously, I was shocked, and it hurt, yeah, it hurt alot." "He didn't know what had happened. Apparently oblivious to the great harm he had caused in that one quick motion!" She went on to say, "It seemed like a lifetime went by before my husband was by my side to inspect my injury." Talking to the husband, it was evident that he was very disturbed by the harm he had caused his wife. " "Where did it hit you, where did it hit you?", he had repeated as he poked (southern term for a hard touch) around her face, the victim said. She went on to say that her injury has left a bump and a cut, approximately one quarter of an inch long, on the the bridge of her nose, not two inches from her right eye. "I really feel lucky, considering it was so close to my eye." "My husband feels badly and it was truly an accident." "I have only mentioned it a couple of times today and he wonders if I am going to mention it the rest of his life." Apparently, a similar incident occurred in the mid 80's at their apartment complex pool. The husband had attempted to perform a karate move at what he thought was a safe distance from his wife but instead hit her in the nose. No long term injury remained and rarely has the incident been mentioned in the years since.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Wanderings of the Lost...

My font size fluctuates. There, I have said it. Sounds like some type of medical condition...."a fluctuating font". I could not decide which size to stick with but I have decided upon the larger size for the lens challenged.....primarily mine. Speaking of fluctuation, my weight has been doing that as of late too. No need to be alarmed, it is not doing it all by itself, I am aiding and abetting it. Before the holidays, I had taken off almost 20 pounds and doing fine when I ended up in the e.r. with my back. Slid right on into the holidays and did great for awhile. I was doing my own thing, keeping my mouth shut more often, turning down the mental food I use to soothe my soul. However, I did go to weight watchers to weigh in. It was necessary to have my feet held to the fire to hold me accountable. Seems silly to pay to weigh, but that is what I have to do sometimes. Sooooooo, I went back today after a nice period of stockpiling my fat cells for the depriving I would have to go into. Yes, I know they say you don't have to be deprived, but I have to. You see, I am an addict. One taste of something really, really tasty and I could fall off the wagon! I am miserable when I am off the wagon because no matter how much I feed the beast, it still wants more! Plus, I do hate the way I feel in my clothes and there is always something I want to wear but refuse myself until I am smaller. May sound strange in logic but it's my logic, doesn't that explain it?

My painting is almost finished. It may be difficult to tell, it is quite dark on the far back treeline and in the bottom right. Thinking I will add one other tree in the far back, next to the road and on the grass some more. I must move on to finish the ideas for the laundry and see where that takes me......
I am presently leaning towards the total knee replacement surgery in the early part of the summer. There is a dance recital that I will be emceeing in late May and sometime soon after that would be the time. Perhaps we could plan a vacation after VolleyGirl gets out of school. The rundown on the timeline on the whole experience is: 3-5 days in the hospital, either go into a rehab or home, 3 weeks or so with a rolling walker, (yeah! if that doesn't register high on the ol' lady-meter, what does?) 4-6 weeks of physical therapy and generally almost a year to fully be recovered. Only a big change from weightloss would change my mind at this point. SuperSpouse is not really wild about the idea, but he hasn't been walking on my knees lately does affect me greatly the inconvenience that would be created on everyone, but my hope is that after the recovery I could do more and be in a much better mood as I do! Time out: My fire has been lit, literally, I am grilling and the fire is now ready. Greatly appreciate the comments that have been left...keep it coming! On to a new fire....