Saturday, July 26, 2008

Going Where I've Not Gone Before........

Here is the latest in the maytagarama series to be complete. I just got bored with backgrounds and just did something different. Why I did not paint it on the vertical is just as much a mystery to me as it probably is to you. Visions of landscapes, fruits, the clouds...haunt me, no, they laugh at me because I am not painting them yet until these whirlpoolaramas, whatever, are complete. I am thankful for the work, thankful for the work, thankful for the work...
What is it with these paintings of old washing machines and laundry that seem to take FOREVER for me to complete??? It's like a boxing match that keeps going into rounds that you wouldn't think they would (OK, I realize that sounds like a comment from a male, which I am not, but I had this vision of the bell ringing and a bloody, sweaty fighter heading to the corner and sitting hard on the stool, needing aid!) I mean knock them out already! These are trying for me, but I think they will make me better. It is crystal clear to me what I want to be painting. This is not my forte. God is making me stronger and using BigBoy and VolleyGirl as helpers! They were laughing at the old woman I have sketched out. (Look up) Hey, I know people drawing/painting is not one of my gifts. I almost begged not to have to put people in any of the maytagaramas but yea, doth The Maker has another plan....and believe me, it is not of my own! Trudge on....

New Adventure!
Monday morning I am driving VolleyGirl and three of her friends six hours away to the beach. This will be the first time she has had a friend go with her on a vacation AND the first time I have driven that far without the SuperSpouse. The girls are SO EXCITED and I will be AFTER I reach our destination! SuperMother-In-Law, SuperSister-In-Law and BabyNephew will be there also but are leaving in the early a.m. for optimum infant sleeping. It will be a memory maker for sure. The girls will not be any trouble, they just want to swim in the pool, be on the beach with one day of a little shopping, get matching airbrushed t-shirts and will take HUNDREDS of photos of themselves! If you do not have a teenage daughter then you are not aware that there are millions of girls that are semi-professional models already. VolleyGirl and her friends snap themselves constantly when they are together, just to look at them and laugh, whatever. I enjoy trying to get interesting photos and will probably try to get some good ones of them on the trip. Wish me luck, cause if there is a wrong turn to make, I can make it. It's the last hurrah before school sad. Back to school sales are still depressing to me. That's another story perhaps I will share to kick off the school year. Tomorrow I will prepare a blueberry cobbler for the family's lunch. For the trip, lasagna, cookies, muffins and the simplest, yet most amazing treat of all: Rice Krispie Treats.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dear Me,

Skipping around reading different blogs this time of year there are those gushing over the wonderful vacations they have taken and the fabulous adventures had outdoors. Perhaps gardens have made them proud and more importantly eased their grocery bill. I am still relatively new to this realm of public diaries for all to see. Recently, I have enjoyed reading entries written by parents to their young children in recognition of birthdays. Usually it is a letter, of sorts, remarking on the cute things the child has said or done over the year and how quickly the years have past. Often I have thought about how most of the things we say and do as a young child are noted by parents and others of more maturity. Ah, yes, children do say the darndest things....can't take credit for that, thanks Art Linkletter. A sizable portion of you that are still ravaged by youth do not know who Mr. Linkletter is. No matter really. My dear parents are gone, so I decided to share some random thoughts I have today, my birthday. Maybe many years from now one of my children can read it back to me and see if I can remember writing any of these words or remember any of these thoughts. Will I long for the good ol' days I have now? Just have to wait and see.

Thoughts to Myself so I May Think Them Later

Birthdays past I have heard my mom tell the story of going to the hospital for my birth. My dad, friendly man that he was, kept talking to people along to way while she tried to urge him on, in great pain and with urgency but trying to pretend like all was normal. Finally, she made it to the maternity area and she knew I was anxious to appear. Super bummer for her, it was too late for any meds to ease the pain. I'm number three, the baby, the only girl....and I was already being a pain in the butt (area). Oh no, breech. Uh, a really super bummer, doubled-over, greet the world with my moon breech. Sooooooo sorry mom, didn't mean to. I like to think I was bent over laughing already, but not because of the excrutiating pain that must have been. Bless her, she always wondered if that was the root of all my back trouble. Who knows, wasn't your fault anyhow.

Some of the cute things I did this year were....hmmmm....ummmmm....... there was the time, uh, no, didn't mean to do that. Well.....uhhhhhhhh, oh yeah! Isn't my blog just the cutest! I enjoy it so far, as I write, I really think that I am speaking to literally vast amounts of people. My innocent excitement and naitivite is certainly cute....especially at my age. If nothing else this shows my determination since so far the most comments I've had on one post was three. That poor ol' horse I keep crawling back on is sooooo sway backed and has no teeth, but it's so cute!

Painting, I started it in the Fall. Not as bad as I thought I would be, the cobwebs, I mean. Hey! I can paint from the image in my head and not just from looking at something right in front of me! Maturity? Untapped talent? Years of images viewed, filed, and stored now in the aisles of my
noggin? I'm an artist, not a brainiac. Yippee!

I started giving my nails a little attention. No, I'm not tacky....that often. Once I learned years ago that SuperSpouse couldn't care less what my nails look like, correction, SuperSpouse doesn't care for long nails, well, I rarely made time for them. Just kept them clipped short. Frankly, it has been very convenient all these years. But whadayaknow, I became self concious this year about my nails. The ones that weren't cut off years ago at the cotton gin look amazing!

The way I have been giving some of my dishes I prepare for my nicknamed family some presentation in recent months has been so Paula Deen of me. Hey y'all, it can taste good AND look purty! Bawn your petite!

Years ago I was under the impression that an antique was something at least 50 years of age. I don't know if that is correct or not. I do like older pieces better than new ones. I am getting very used to myself too, knowing me better than I ever have. I will be prized in just a short time.

Old underwear is not a good thing, even if it is rarely seen by others.

High heels are almost out of the question for me these days so thank you hoity toity fashion gods for making flats acceptable. Visualize my heels dug in creating a perfect row for planting as I try to stay far away from dark tan, match everything, old style nurse's shoes.

The way I pull the covers up to my neck and 26 seconds later throw them off in one smooth, swift swoosh!

That quick flipping back and forth of my hand close to my face with that distinctly southern charm.

Sometimes I get things mixed up because I misunderstood a word. Everyone around me still thinks it's funny!

Just a few of the things that I observed about myself that are special and unique to me. This next year will have more titillating and riveting nuiances that I may or may not notice. Those of us that are on the verge of seeing our teeth grow longer - still changing by the year.

I love me anyhow and don't even give a rip that it's not that cute.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Sunrise, sunset"

I got a little painting done the other night. Today has been filled with running errands, cooking, baking cookies and rice krispie treats for VolleyGirl's team get together tomorrow and last but never the least: wash. Completed that close to 10 pm so I opted not to start painting that late. Racked up 18 loads of wash this week and there is probably two loads left in the laundry. I believe we are on our third washer. Considering setting my easel up just outside the laundry room. Hmmmm, I may be on to something there.
I took this photo a few weeks ago. The days are flying by and making me feel like I am being left behind. Behind being the key word. The magic pill to give me the energy and drive to push beyond what is required every day has not been found. Somehow, I must get more done each day. I think I am so accustom to feeling bad that it is the norm, and my norm doesn't get extra projects done. Hours of painting done after a full day or getting closets cleaned out, rooms cleaned out, floors cleaned, those types of projects are not being completed. Treading water, always treading water. Perhaps waking up feeling tired has a bit to do with it. I must press on and manage my time better....the plan now is just not working for me. Suggestions welcomed.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Too Many Irons in the Fire

How can I paint when my poor aura is practically squished into non existence by all the other things on my "to do" list. Cry me a river (couldn't resist), yes, I've washed 14 loads of clothes since Friday and ran the dishwasher every day and took VolleyGirl to buy three birthday gifts, buy food, prepare food, wah, wah, wah! Prepared a corn boil for the 4th, I grill out all the time so had to do something different. It turned out very good and EVERYBODY liked it! No multi-menu! Stopped by BookMama's house for her youngest's birthday party. Sooooooo cute...but I am not partial. Later my family all loaded up in the car like sardines, taking the Canine Messiah also to view the fireworks. It was a good day.

Down By the River

I have finished this painting. Not saying that I am overly pleased. May I use that artsy, sound like I am speaking from my aura and say, "My work is a continual progress...what flows from my soul through the brush is much like waves crashing on the tiny pebbles of sand which have been formed over thousands of years, neverending, ever changing and each and every frame of time is different........" Basically, I've never painted a flowing river and I am sure that the next time that I do, it will look better. I do not like people, oh, don't get in a tiff, I mean painting people. I have seen people my whole life but they do not flow naturally from my brain to my brush. I am pleased with her left arm though and hopefully next time I am painting a person they will be lucky enough to have more parts that I am pleased with. Hmmm, that sounded funny. Didn't help my very delicate ego that my kids laughed at thing, she's on her knees washing clothes in a rushing stream! What did you expect, a supermodel? I think the painting has a folk art sort of look to it. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I am getting close to finishing my first round of the "matagaramas", then I get to do them all over again. Gulp...guess you will expect them to look better next time. Hmph, that depends just how my aura feels the day I am painting.