Saturday, February 6, 2010

Horrific Day

Sadly, our little town is in the national news, we have been before, for being a good place to raise your kids, educated, young, diversified community, one of the fastest growing in our state. My uncle lived here when I was growing up, it was a little place, close to the airport...seems like it took forever to get out here from my hometown. It was a few places surrounded by cotton field. Then the interstate was built and the town has grown soooo much. The high school is the largest in the state now and they are finally planning to build another. Yesterday, at 1:45, at the middle school less than 2 miles from our house a freshman student was shot by another freshman student. I usually have the television on the news when I am around the house but didn't. Only when I passed the school on my way out yesterday seeing all the police, the entrances blocked off to the school, photographers snapping photos and all the news trucks did I know that something bad had to have happened. Didn't take long to find out on the radio what had happened. Called my best friend where I work and told them. Then my niece and sister-in-law started texting me. None of my really close friends have children there but many that I know do. I can imagine how frightened those poor students were, especially after reading our paper this morning. Fortunately, the school officials, the emergency workers, everyone did exactly what they should do and in a very timely manner. Still, nothing could help, last night the boy died and now the other will be charged with murder. One thing that makes me angry is that I am not shocked. Not because our schools here aren't doing all they can to be safe or that we have much crime. Just because it can happen anywhere, just like every other town feels when it happens to them, because sadly this is what happens in our society now. My heart aches for the families of both boys though and for all the kids that will be nervous when they return to school Monday. Bless all those that are affected by this horrible incident.


  1. I haven't seen the news. I am so sorry to hear of another shooting. So SAD.

  2. Horrible... And here, a father has killed his teenage DD and wife because he seemed to be hiding debt from them... Unbelievable, AU - My blessings to you, my sweetheart x

  3. Sad that a life can be taken away seemingly so casually by another. Prayers to the families of all involved and to the school and community.

  4. Oh no, those poor families!
    I haven't seen the news either and I use MSN as my homepage. I'll have to check it.

    I just can't believe what's happening.

    A few days ago there was a stabbing across the street from our house and on the same day a bank downtown was robbed by 2 teeneage girls. The stabber was on the loose for nearly 2 days before he was caught. The girls were caught the same day.

    This town used to be so charming and quiet. A typical New England town where my husband loved growing up which is why we moved back here.

    Crime and hard times are on the rise everywhere. I'm so glad your kids are okay, my goodness.

    lots of hugs,

  5. I posted my comment to this tragic story on the prior post by accident. Sorry.

  6. I saw this in the news, how awful for everyone.
    you take care!!!

  7. Didnt see this one. but saw one in Oregon that was shot working. No where seems exempt from it now a days.

  8. Oh Teresa, I am so sorry about all this. It is shocking, the lack of compassion and sensitivity that people feel for each other today. I have trouble understanding how we have arrived at this point also. My heart goes out to the families of the victim and the classmates that have to deal with trying to make sense out of this crazy world. My thoughts are with them all.

  9. Teresa, I had not seen this. And you're right - it isn't shocking anymore - when did that happen?