Thursday, March 12, 2009

Change Is Coming!!! Ten More Thrilling (ahem) Facts

I get all excited...well, not all the time, but sometimes. It's hard for mom to catch it on camera since I'm fast as the wind! It's been pretty ho-hum around here and I have managed to pick up a bit more quality resting time but I feel the change coming, not Spring......Big Boy is heading home this Friday! I will be in hog-dog heaven for over a week!!!!! Mom not only likes to take pictures of me, she has been wracking her bring to think of ten more things that help put you to sleep! They are:

31) Went snow skiing once, at Lake Tahoe

32) Attended an Elvis concert

33) Walked 12 miles for March of Dimes

34) Sang with Contemporary Christian women's quartet for years

35) I was a Homecoming Queen

36) Wish I had been a nurse

37) I have fibromyalgia

38) Toured Louisiana swamp and fed alligators

39) Have worked for two Fortune 500 companies

40) I hate hearing the F-word

I'm going back to sleep until at least 11:00 a.m., then it's mealtime!!! See you all again next Thursday.
Sincerely, Apollo


  1. He is FUNNY!! Apollo is his name??
    Interesting facts- once again.
    A nurse? I wanted to be a nurse when I was about 6 years old.
    then I grew up and realized I would have to deal with blood and hurt and pain- to say nothing of the science and math required in the schooling to be a nurse! Those things pretty much did me in!

  2. It is really quite surprising (to me) how a collection of apparently mundane facts can build up into an interesting person. I look forward to the next tranche

  3. hiya apollo, snuffs has sent you another big woof today. big boy coming home...yipppppeeeeee so thrilled for you, can see you tumbling all over the place together.
    hey mom, your facts are far from dull, love the elvis fact, the homecoming queen and feeding crocodiles. fibromyalgia isn't too nice! hugs.

  4. Hello Apollo, you are so laid back. It is a good thing since your mom is so busy. She has done lots of interesting things she just is tired of thinking about them.

  5. You wanted to be a nurse? Interesting. I think I'm done with the trival tid-bits. 50 is the best I can give.
    And Homecoming Queen? That's a noteworthy fact.

    Apollo, you look completely exhausted! I think you shoud rest up until Big Boy comes home.

  6. Apollo's so cool. Gotta love him.