Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Bit Out Of Sorts

The kids are home, out of school this week and Mr. Unplugged has taken off so of course my usual routine is not usual right now. I haven't been on the computer all day. Washing, cooking, visiting. I did take VolleyGirl to a vball lesson yesterday and today. I have shagged the balls (okay, those of you from England, it is not what you think!!!!) meaning I have been chasing the volleyballs and picking them up during the lessons.......that I have discovered has been causing lots of pain in the evenings for me so I guess no more of that.

I did this zentangle last night with some new colored pens I bought a couple of weeks ago for mostly this purpose. I am still working on a colored pencil drawing.

Tomorrow the guys are going to be away and VolleyGirl is having three friends come spend the night. I probably will get some drawing time or computer time tomorrow night if Apollo, a.k.a., His Royal Hineness, Fat Bastard, Canine Messiah, will act right and not have been after him every five minutes to keep him from going up the steps and trying to cover the floor like a dustbuster! Hope to catch up with all the posts I missed today!


  1. ha ha this is another hilarious view of life with the unpluggeds. that canine messiah must take up all your time, i know bullies do....aaaaaawwww, do you wanna send him over to london for a 6 year visit???

  2. Love your zen and yes your life sounds a bit harried right now. Just relax and try to enjoy these times with the younguns home and all the busyness. You will have plenty of time later for the computer.

  3. Oh, my favorite!! A daisy zentangle!! Love it.

  4. You should teach Apollo to shag the balls. Then again, maybe not.

  5. Loving the zen, and seems like you need some proper zen in your life right now, AU!

    And, 'shagging the balls...?'

    Only in America! (LOL).

  6. Nice job on the zentangle- kinda reminds me of my dad's neckties! Please don't be insulted- the neckties are pretty artistic- and I like your colors!
    Oh all that washing and cleaning- it's for the birds- but I know how good it feels to look around and see the shining beauty of wood furniture, and no dust balls or clumps of dog/cat hair on the floors! Enjoy the visitors (your own, your husband, and what my husband call "the rent-a-kids")they'll be gone before you know it. Thanks for the encouraging words this morning-

  7. Cute zen, and I am laughing out loud at your names for your wonderful and adoring pet! Cats are not better. Hope you can get some "you" time this week. Stop being such a slave.

  8. LOVE this Zen. Your Zens are so precise like an enginers work. Mine are silly little doodles.
    Is your home like this too. Neat as a pin? :))
    Enjoy the kids while you can. They grow up and move on to quickly. Take care of that back. I know how you feel.

  9. Hi, I really like this illustration!