Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finished Painting and More Facts

The 9x12 canvas cloud painting in acrylic is complete! I'm not a very fast painter, this may be a record for me.......ha!

Now, for the next ten (yawn) facts about me in the challenge:

11) Learned to waterski at 9 years old
12) Raised Baptist, married a Methodist by Presbyterian minister, sent kids to Catholic schools
13) Was lifeguard/mgr of pool in summer during college
14) In a back brace for months at age 18
15) Have tried chewing tobacco
16) Can twirl a baton
17) My two children born in hospital as myself
18) I was Senior class president
19) Used to walk 3 miles almost every day
20) I love popcorn


  1. Your painting really turnedout gorgeous!!

    These facts are so fun!! I'm with you on the popcorn!

  2. Didn't you just start this a couple of days ago? I'd call that pretty quick myself. Of course, I guess drying time with acrylic is a little shorter, so maybe that's just a relative thing. Worth waiting for it though!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Teri!

    Mojo, I did just start this last Friday and didn't work on it any more until yesterday when I finished it. Acrylic drying time is really fast. Thanks!

  4. Very Very nice work. So glad to see you painting. I love the fact that acrylics dry faster, but I sure love the rich colors of Oils and the fact I can move the paint around awhile longer then the acrylics. I am thinking of starting my paintings with acrylics and then going to oils for the rest of the painting. might move it along faster. I love to watch Jerry Yarnell on PBS. Hes been doing that.

  5. i really like this, wow, you are hiding your talent away somewhere...and the facts are gr8 too, specially the methodist, baptist etc..not at all yawny stuff, i am really getting to know you a lot better.

  6. no yawns from me!
    I read number 12 a second time so I could absorb it all. Then I chuckled - but no offense meant!
    I really like your painting. The rays from the clouds always make me think of my loved ones reaching down to say hello.
    ps- I was my Senior class treasurer. Now, if you knew me better, you would be laughing your head off!

  7. My Goodness! Are you confused, or just trying to get a well rounded religious experience? Not that there's anything wrong with that, (to quote Jerry Seinfeld).
    You have some very interesting facts.
    I like your painting. You did get this done pretty fast.

  8. Great painting. I would love to share a bag of popcorn with you.

  9. This is absolutely georgeous!! Now I am confused to my response about "you finding your knack" (zentangle)
    This one makes me feel...well...hopeful :)
    love it love it love it

  10. Niiiiice painting! You've captured the rays so well.

    Fun facts too!!