Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dogs On Thursday Special Feature: Apollo Debates Dog Tricks & America's Funniest Video of Gabe

I overheard mom and dad talking about and laughing at some video about a bulldog doing 'tricks'. In fairness to this other dude, check out the video site posted at the bottom so you will know what I am referring to. Anyhow, this Gabe dog is apparently embarrassing himself to make a buck. Hmpf....I am filled with waaaaay too much dignity for that type of thing.

Ya know, you just gotta love me for being me. I don't want to take any of my chair lazing and gazing time away to practice a skateboard or put some disgustingly used tissue in my mouth............whoa, hold on............tissue in my mouth.....I LOVE putting things that don't belong in my mouth actually IN MY MOUTH! I will give that one some thought...........right after this nap I feel coming on.
. Sorry if this offends you but this is about as close to a trick as I do. Being built so stout, muscular and solid, it is a real challenge to even get in this position! That Goob, Gabe- whoever he is, must be double jointed or something to do the things he is doing, come on, think of the dignity of the English bulldog! Real dogs don't dress up and ride wooden ponies!!!! I guess it might be somewhat entertaining to watch IF you like that sort of, it's about turbo sniffing, gobbling down a good bowl of food and getting all the attention just for being me cause I'm all dog!


  1. Oh, little dog, what are you doing? Mother is not there? Come this way to the Father. :)

    Health is the Greatest Happiness & The World at The Present

  2. Apollo is just to cute.
    Love that face. :))

  3. when a guy's gotta go, a guy's gotta go!!

  4. Apollo is so cute even in this compromising position. I love hearing the dog's side of the story.

  5. I think Tonka would agree with Apollo on this one. He pretty much thinks just being Tonka is enough of a trick.

    And I mostly agree.

    Oh this word verification is just TOO funny:


  6. Apollo, you are darling just as you are. Now don't be fretting about some showbiz dog.

  7. I'm on Apollo's side here, tricks are for dogs who have no character of their own..
    I replied to the pulses question, then realised you wouldn't go back to my blog to look, so, pulses are chick peas, kidney beans, lima know, peas and beans and things???
    I'll be posting again soon about an addition to our family....don't forget to look!!!

  8. I think it's fine for some dogs to learn tricks as long as they're not harmful. If it keeps them busy and active, yay!
    Lying about in the chair seems okay to me too, Apollo!
    Looks like you're pretty good at the "squat" too! That's good for the lats and the glutes :)