Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Harmless Sweet

Still playing catch up with everything but here is one of the drawings from the thumbnails I posted the other day. It doesn't photograph that great since the paper is wavy from the brown pencil. This morning I have an appointment to beautify my hair, yesterday I perused Hobby Lobby and Michael's for some frames. I am slowly trying to work on different things to perhaps enter an arts festival or two. Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Hmmm yum, it looks good enough to eat!!

  2. That's really intensely realistic! I wasn't sure it wasn't a photograph until you said so.

  3. This is VERY good. I could eat it. :)
    Took you awhile to get back into your art but you are making up for it big time now. Kudo's.

  4. ooooh nothing worng with this picture at all, rather yummy...please show us your new smart hair look.

  5. I realise you are working this donut off with your visit to the salon - But some of us are still sitting on our behinds here!

    Good luck with your styling, AU! x

  6. wow-I see others had the same reaction as me- this looks so good!! Good enough to take a bite!

  7. Could this be a Boston Cream Pie, MY FAVORITE? I can taste it, just looking at it. Thanks for that. Now I'll probably have to make one.
    Hope your life gets back to normal this week.

  8. Oh stop. I am trying to diet here. This looks real.

  9. Hello AU!

    Hope you don't mind the abbreviation. Enjoyed browsing your blog....

    1. Your cat is gorgeous!
    2. Your hair looks great
    3. Your dog looks like a real character... adorably so!

    Look forward to stopping by again!