Sunday, March 15, 2009

Double 'Whew'...

Double, because the day was long and the loooong list of facts are complete! I did not take that many photos yesterday, seating was not great and games too close. I like how the ball showed up in this photo though. I thought it would be a fairly short day since it was to be tougher competition at this one and our team was missing two players and the setter was playing with torn ligaments in her left arm which affected her quite a bit....duh. VG played really well! I predicted we would finish around 2 p.m. The two men in the family always want to know when it's over even after years of telling them it all depends on how much you win........but what's a woman to do.....ha.....guess I could draw them a picture of it!!!! We left a bit before 7 a.m. and didn't return home until around 8:30 p.m. The team played pretty well considering and the competition was not what I expected. Today my body feels like a mack truck ran over me. It is alot of standing and bleacher sitting........but I do enjoy them though I was looking forward to getting home and all of us going out to dinner. Thankfully we have an entire week to spend some time together.

I have wracked my poor little menopause stricken brain to think of something really interesting to wrap up the facts challenge that I hypnotized each and every one of you this past week. I keep thinking that there is something I am not thinking of and you don't know how bad I wish mom were here for me to ask. It's like I know she would recall something right off that should be so obvious to me..........oh well, it's actually been sort of fun however it seems like my comments have dropped off! I've either chased some away with my yawning life or some have formed some type of opinion of me that is unpleasant! Whatever the case, I appreciate those that have hung in there. Here is the last of the 70 facts!!!!!!!

61) Pocohontas connection in ancestry
62) Had a pen pal from England
63) Rode with mom & aunt to sneak a peek of a KKK rally nearby (NOT TO ATTEND - TO SPY!!!) We got more than bargained some started coming by with guns out going towards a house! Wow did we get out of there!
64) I have degenerative disc disease and arthritis
65) LOVE to dance, have taken a hip-hop class-difficult to now though
66) Spent many nights in hospital with VolleyGirl, she was born with cleft palate, her whole babyhood was constant ear infections, carried her till she was 3 years old
67) Dislocated knee cap practicing high kicks to try out for college dance team (now have to have total knee replacement)
68) 100: decorated over 100 tshirts & painter's caps as different animals for children's choir performance, used to paint clothes in 80's to sell, once did 100 outfits alike for tupperware group to go to convention, baked 100 filled cupcakes for VG and 2 friends combo 13th bday and iced in their favorite colors, purple, hot pink and turquoise blue
69) Had photo taken with John McCain at a book signing a few years ago
70) Love historical things- movies, documentaries, antiques, old homes, etc. John Adams miniseries was amazing!


I have a fresh pot of coffee made for you, y'all come! (assorted teas available also)


  1. 61,64,66,67 are very interesting too. comments always drop off over a weekend. now you have a bloggy pal in england. ha ha, your devotion to vb is amazing.thanks so much for playing along with me au, i will choose the winner later today. hugs.

  2. AU, I love those little insights you have given your readers into l'il ol' (not so ol'!) you - Excellent stuff!

    The zentangles are so cool, I wish I could have a go, but I know mine would look very pale in comparison with your beauties! I love the ribbon this time - Fascinating, and I usually like your flowers so much!

    I am sorry to hear that you have a number of disc/knee and joint issues going on. Good luck by the way, with future work and treatments.

    That you manage to stay so upbeat, AU, raising the children so beautifully, and remaining endlessly creative, offers such inspiration to us, your readership. ~ Bless you, AU! xxx

  3. ha ha you did thank me with a lovely comment too.
    guess what??? you have won the card giveaway!!!
    really,for sure, i folded all the names and threw them on the carpet, and snuffs 'sniffed' yours...ha ha...will 'announce' it tomorrow..congrats,you deserve it, you did the whole lot and i thoroughly enjoyed your facts, and know you lots more now... now send me your

  4. hey i am taking a soul line dancing class that starts next week. it is quite possible that i will be the only white person there. LOL I'll have to blog about it. love hearing about all your life's little tidbits, dingdongs, wingwangs etc.....zendoodles.....

  5. Way to go. You made it through the 70 things +one. I am impressed. Glad your weekend went well.

  6. Well, I'll be! You did come up with 70! And all so very interesting. I don't think my life is anything in comparison! All I do is work and plan for the next trip to anywhere.

    I always wanted a foreign pen pal. And boy, you have really been involved in you kid's lives. Cool Mom.

    You go, girl, with those zents!

  7. Wow Teresa! If I could only remember all those things, there were so many I had questions about! Like, who's "Elvis"?, Some of us guys actually know how to score VB, My son was born with cleft lip(not palate), I have Fibromyalgia, I have degeneterive back disease, arthritis, scoliosis. It's "Mentalpause" not menopause :-} I guess that's enough for now - (you forgot to mention the alien abduction):-}