Friday, March 13, 2009

A Frozen Treat and More Freaking Facts!

I never know if I am tying up loose ends or just unraveling!!! The latter is probably the correct choice. Created this 'ice cream' treat last night. As I wander around my brain (yes, there does seem to be that much free space in there!), okay, wandering around looking for random, yet interesting thoughts, it feels like I am finding little strings from my past and present. How much do they weave together, the past with the present? What new thread am I weaving in for the future? Hmmmmmmm, a cool metallic, that will pop out and add some zing? Some rough string that doesn't pull easily through the fabric? Wow, I'm really not THAT deep, just occurred to me as I began to comment on digging up the next ten facts and noticing the zen treat posted above. Oh well, enough! Must not soil that clean brain space! The next ten nap inducing facts:

41) Like to topwater fish for bass but it's been years since I have
42) Both my babies were c-section
43) Emcee events such as dance recitals, fundraisers
44) Used to take Jazzercise classes
45) 2 separate carpal tunnel surgeries in 3 weeks before BigBoy's birth
46) Took walking tour of the Hoover Dam
47) Visited Teddy Roosevelt's home
48) Enjoy watching medical shows on Discovery health AND the fictional shows as well
49) Have ridden on a parade float
50) Held my 14 1/2 yr. old dog as she was euthanized

Now go splash some cold water on your face!


  1. Love the Zen it looks so lively. Your facts kept me wide awake.

  2. This Zen is really cool. Not sure I see an ice cream cone. It looks more like a kite or a fish of some sort. Very interesting.
    You had both hands operated on just before you baby was born? OUCH. My Dad had both done at the same time years ago and he couldnt do a whole lot for awhile and it was microscopic. How did you ever take care of your baby.

  3. this drawing is my favorite so far, looks so mermaidish........!!!!LOVE IT
    btw, had carpal tunnel syndrome so bad in both wrists. stopped eating wheat and it went away in about three days and never came back. i even have wheat now and then and it doesn't affect it.
    also had two C secs and then one VBAC!
    it's amazing how much we all have in common with each other, and it's what makes the world sing.

  4. omg i had both carpal tunnels done too, within weeks of each did you manage with your baby??? i had keyhole surgery but it was still a long recovery and i seem to have walked some similar paths. btw i am also getting so sick of my facts by now...ha ha...better go do mine.

  5. Well, I see you've made it to 50! Facts, that is. Gosh, 2 hand surgeries? That sound painful.
    All your facts are fun. You like to emcee? That's different.

    Your Zen is cool. Now I see the graphic artist side of you.

  6. Cris, I referred to the zentangle as ice cream after Mr. Unplugged asked if a zentangle was some type of ice cream.

    My trouble in my hands started early in my pregnancy from swelling and it reached a point where some fingers were staying numb all day and that forced me to surgery. The left was 3 wks before and the right 10 days before he was born...which he came ON the due date. They did a bier block, I was awake and just had my arm numbed, about a two inch cut in the palm. I just had to push through it with handling him.

  7. I love this zen also! One of your facts could be excelling at zentangles!!

  8. Now this is a wild and wonderful zentangle!!
    You're making me laugh out loud with your comments about putting us to sleep. You're hilarious!
    Good for you (as hard as it was) for being with your dog in the end.