Sunday, March 8, 2009

In The Palm of My Hand and Taking the Challenge........

One of my latest to get my hands on a zentangle!
I am (gulp) taking the challenge, given by none other than Soulbrush, of posting 1o facts about myself for the next seven days. The challenge is not DOING it, it is THINKING of things, by the seventh day I will probably be counting hairs on my head or doing weird, insane things, in order to have something to list-stay tuned for I could be making the news later in the week! O.K., here goes:
1) I have never been outside the U.S.
2) Played the trumpet in school for 8 years
3) Have been in seven weddings yet didn't have one of my own
4) Held my mother's hand as she took her last breath
5) Sang my first solo at 35
6) Have slept overnight in my car more than once
7) I have always enjoyed watching t.v.
8) Drove myself to the ER with appendicitis
9)Quarterback on intramural football team in college
10) Sprayed cotton one summer


  1. My goodness you have done some intereting things AU. I have never heard of spraying cotton. Actually I have only seen cotton growing in a field one time. I have seen it sitting in huge bales sitting by the roadside.

    I really like your zen in hand too.

  2. Okay, I"ll bite. WTF is a "zentangle"? Sounds like a condition when your chakras get out of alignment making your chi all knotted up and unable to flow.

    Certainly doesn't sound like something I'd want!

  3. A beautiful way to present this wonderful zentangle. You are really hooked on them.

    Such interesting 10 things. Some sound familiar like sleeping in a car overnite.

  4. are such a sport! thanks for joining in (you only needed to do 10, but would love you to do as many as possible!), what a lot of interesting facts, the wedding one, the sleeping in the car one...mmmmmmmmm do we have another rebel in our midst here?love your zens.

  5. Wow, that's a great list of ten!
    No wedding...did you elope? I eloped the first time.

    The zentangle and hand are lovely!!

  6. Interesting Ten..We went to the Judges office and had no wedding either.
    Love your Zen on your palm. Very good.
    Oh & I commented on having a day for Cats on my blog but hey they shouldnt be left out. :)
    OH OH.. my word Verification is..autsm. :)

  7. My, my, aren't you the interesting one? I don't know if I can make it to 70 things or not, either. My list is already growing shorter.
    I like your Palm of My Hand Zent. Hands are tough to draw, but yours looks great. You're really rolling with these Zents aren't you?

  8. You sound like a fascinating person - as I was always sure you were!