Saturday, March 14, 2009

Week Wrap-Up and Counting Down The Facts

Here is the zentangle I did a few nights ago.
The past couple of days I've been doing some cleaning and preparation before Spring Break. BigBoy and VolleyGirl are both out of school next week. Feel pretty good that I have squeezed out 50 facts, completed a painting, a couple of drawings and some zentangles. Saturday Mr. Unplugged, VolleyGirl and I are off for a one day volleyball tournament again. It is only an hour and a half drive away so we won't leave until close to 7:00 a.m. Thankfully I do not have to prepare food because it is not allowed, they sell it there. I hope to get some good photographs, probably not much sketching....I'm cheering, clapping seeing that VG is getting water and food in-between. O.K., control that gag reflex, the fact challenge is almost complete!
The next ten are:
51) Have met Don Rickles, the comedian
52) Have broken four bones
53) Art major, marketing minor
54) Have tap danced on stage dressed as a nun
55) Have shot a gun
56) Played on tennis team
57) Had a foot of intestines removed (sure to be crowd favorite!)
58) Made a 3-tier wedding cake
59) Raised a baby goat on bottle
60) Toured Graceland

When I snap my will awaken!!!


  1. You should add that you are a comedian. I love this zen. It is such an intricate ribbon of thought.

  2. lurv the zentangle...
    am intrigued by nos 52,54,55,57. would love to spend a day with you just chatting! enjoy the vb and see my blog for a new award for you 'sister'.

  3. This Zen looks like it could be ties. I love how you do them.
    Wow thats a lot of instestines to lose. ?
    Have a great day at the VB Game.

  4. I love this zentangle!!! So interesting. As are your fun facts.

  5. See, someone else thinks you're a riot too!!

    This zentangle is very Escher-esque. Wow!!

  6. This zen is great. I can't believe you came up with 10 more things. I ran out. You can tap dance? I wanted to learn, but never did. Do you miss your foot of intestines? How big is an appendix? Does it count?
    Have fun on your volley-weekend. My niece used to play competitively. She has very broad, muscular shoulders now. Looks like a quarterback. Ha.