Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dogs On Thursday: Patience Is A Virtue

Dad and BigBoy left me.......but I just KNOW they are about to come in that door any moment!
O.K., but now....I bet they are REALLY about to come through the door....waiting.....waiting.
I will try sitting here- real still and stare- really hard......then poof! -they will walk through that door! I said POOF!

C'mon guys, I can only sit still and stare just so long......please, walk through that door....or I may actually have to lay down!

I agree with've just got to stop and smell the roses, daffodils or just whatever odor happens to be handy for the sniffing.
(Editors Note: Apollo DID survive the evening minus his buds with little incident. His mom faithfully watched him in the den as VolleyGirl very loudly entertained three friends upstairs. Today he will begin his watch again, awaiting their soon as he wakes up.)
Later Mom has to post the award she received days ago........


  1. Oh the faithful waiting a dog will do. So adorable!

  2. How sweet is that. He misses his buds. I saw a darling French Bull dog yesterday on our nature walk. He was a character. :)
    Sounds like you survived your evening with the sleep over. :))
    OH and my house.. Same thing as you. Cant seem to keep it up and we have NO kids. but we do have three cats and a dog and a very messy Artist lives here. LOL

  3. oh sweetie, they will always come home again. and they will throw their arms around you (well almost all around you) and hug you so tightly you will gasp for air. and you will know you are soooo loved by them (and me)....

  4. Poor Apollo. He's so forsaken and forgotten. And mistreated and starved and..and...unloved. He should pack a bag and find a GOOD home to live in.

    Your house is beautiful, Apollo. You are very lucky to have such wonderful owners. Ones who will always come back to you.

  5. AU - Did you get the dog to match the house, or decorate around the beautiful brown and cream of that sweet puppy-dog? ;)

    Gorgeous, thank you! xx

  6. Poor Apollo being left behind. At least you don't woooo like Luna does when we leave. I hope your boy buds are back by now.

  7. HOw cool is this. And I can just imagine that's exactly what they're thinking too.

    You're the second person in two days to ask if I'm on vacation. I wish that were the case, but I can't figure out how that idea's getting around.