Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Animal Wednesday, Yesteryear

Let's go back, back into's the early, early 80's and I am in my dorm room working on this drawing for class. Assignment? Do not remember. Grade? It is probably scribbled on the back of the drawing paper. This is both my kids' favorite. Photo not so great. Had this framed for our very first house, um, around twenty-one years ago so that's what is making the different shades show up in the photo. This is approximately 16x24. I still remember working on it as I sat on my bed in the dorm.
C-c-cold today.....and we were standing out looking at vehicles again...the wind was blowing...............


  1. I like your lion. I hope you don't catch cold out in that wind.HAW

  2. You've been a wonderful artist for a long time. How nice to be sharing this with your children.
    Stay warm.

  3. Wow, I love it! Just like me, my old marilyn monroe I did way back during school years, got the cover of a local magazine! Funny how life comes full circle! Great drawing I can see why the children would love this who wouldn;t!!!
    Great work!

  4. OOOOh, as a Leo I love this and as an artist I love this!!

    I had no idea you went to art school. Where have I been?

    I love pulling out old stuff. Sometimes I'm shocked that it was something I did 30 years ago!

  5. this is sooo fabulous, and thanks for telling us the story too. but i must admit i came along here to see my apollo for animal wednesday- after all he is an animal isn't he? and also the king of all kings.

  6. This is a great sketch!! Wonder what prompted a lion? As Lynn said, you've been really good at this for a long time.

    Hope you find a vehicle soon! The worst thing about car shopping is the salespeople!

  7. wow - the detail! isn't it fun to pull out old stuff?

    HAW...a few days late for me to be commenting but you know how it goes!