Monday, March 16, 2009

Life Sustenance and Drawing

My dad would have probably agreed with me if I were to say that for many in the south, homemade buttermilk biscuits are part of life's sustenance. My mom sure made more than her share of them and my dad did some too. I have made them through the years but more so in the last few years. I must admit loving them myself as well. I usually make them when BigBoy comes home and so I did this morning. Still feel like I have been ran over with something but that biscuit (or two) shall sustain me throughout the day I'm certain!
This flower was drawn a few nights ago with ink, I colored it last night with pencils and also worked on another sweet pencil drawing that I will probably post tomorrow. Don't bother trying to figure out what type of flower it may resemble some type, or two but I just made it up.
Soulbrush has so kindly given me and many others an award which I will also post about and pay forward to others. In the meantime, my Bewitched nose still is out of whack so I must clean up in the kitchen!


  1. yum yum we don't have those here. look like scones, but probably very different. congrats on winning the giveaway cards. they will be on their way to you really soon. if big boy is anything like my sons were growing up, then he is always hungry and has hollow feet which need filling constantly.

  2. Yummmmm I love biscuits. We don't have them very often. I don't make them from scratch anyway.

    Your flower is pretty. Ilike the pastel colors. So spring-like.

  3. Biscuits are good.

    Especially with chicken in a bucket.

  4. Umm, umm. Love those biscuits!
    Your flower is very pretty. It looks like a lily.

  5. Looks like some kind of lily to me, but don't quote the botanically challenged.

  6. Oh those biscuits look SO yummy!!
    Your flower is so soft and springy.

  7. Hi AU -
    Really sorry that I just get back to you. I've been busy traveling around - work is not that fun anymore.

    Thank you for giving me an award, very kind of you. Very sorry that I haven't follow it up yet. I just open my blog... and thanks it's not been closed yet since I didn't touch it for ages.

    ....and yummy... I love home made biscuits. I have tried to make it once but unsuccessful - over baked...

  8. I too can taste those biscuits. yumm they go with anything. :)
    Love the flower drawing too. A nice spring flower.

  9. How about a "Southern Scenes" series of drawings... I bet you could do justice to biscuits!

    Made me hungry for those with gravy.