Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dogs On Thursday

Best Buddy was home for a long visit but before he left I was given a "royal dip". It is soooo much fun to play with the towel afterwards!!!
That Best Buddy....I could just eat him up, I love him so much! (I think he really likes me too!)
The bath and playtime just can wear a royal canine out though......
Mom was gone all day today and I was really happy to see her tonight, getting all the petting I could from her...when she was available! Here's hoping that all my good friends out there are getting all the petting that is allowed...go for it Snuffles, Annie, Emma, Luna, Snickers, Dizzy, Friday, Penney and Tonka! Hey, look below and check out my housemate too!


  1. The Royal Dip...... I love that one!
    Now you take a Royal nap dear!

  2. You do get the Royal treatment. Happy DOT.

  3. I love Bulldogs! This is tooo cute! 'Royal Dip' indeed!

  4. What sweet photos. I love the one of him laying on the blanket. I tried to leave a comment before but everything came up saying ERROR. But now I can. go figure out Blogger. lol

  5. aaaaaaw i love you too royal prince of all princes, ask bb when you next see him if i can be your godmother ...cos U NO I WUV U!!!

    (anyone reading this will think i am completely mental!)