Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long Sigh............

Sorry that I have been missing.....was watching the Royal One from Sunday night till last night. He is constantly looking for something to get into, so it is similar to watching a toddler, not letting him put anything in his mouth or get upstairs. It's a constant up and down thing from the chair so unless he settles down and goes to sleep, I can't do anything. I try not to put him in the crate cause he is in there when I leave the house. This week, both VolleyGirl and I had eye appointments, I had a dental cleaning and went to the coffeehouse for that photo. I was able to do this scribble last night after the Mr. came home. Nothing has sold at the coffeehouse. I got all my art scanned in and put on my laptop this week. They come up in photoshop so I will have to work on the brightness, etc. there. I have been supposed to be learning photoshop, illustration, etc. since getting the software last summer..............if I would get proficient in those, I would look for work in that area. I will be hired at the company I interviewed with but the information from my background check has not returned yet.......fingers crossed.....hahahaha. Now, ugh, I must address my eating......perhaps I am attempting suicide by food. Unfortunately, it is my comfort (in the moment), my go to when stressed, upset, sometimes even anger and then there's that extremely pleasant explosion to my buds -but it has to stop. It is so much easier said than done but do it I must. It's not a matter of hunger, yes, I know how to do it. Probably the worst is inconvenience. Not very helpful that exercise is next to impossible but it is what it is so I must do what must be done and stop being a wimp about it. It will not solve all of life's problems but it will sure make life more tolerable. More on this later......or shall I say less on this later. Hope to catch up with comments soon, forgive me.


  1. Love your Autumn Leaf. Yes, I know how difficult it is to find time for ourselves this time of year, and you really always have a full plate.
    Maybe some obedience classes would help the Royal One. I used to teach them and they really do help to calm down most dogs. It's like brain food for them. Makes them think outside themselves. Just a thought.
    Be patient with your art in the coffee shop. It's not easy to move framed art. People have to percieve it in their homes (or a friend's home) and it requires waiting for a good match.
    Like you, I need to learn some kind of computer graphics if I ever want a job outside the PO (and I do). Trying to find time for classes is hard. I have software for it too and I haven't even loaded it in. We are bad, aren't we?
    As for the wieghty problem, all I can say is, it's a tough, uphill hike and I wish you well. I found I didn't have the willpower for it. Good Luck.

  2. Nice piece of art:)

    Wishing you all the very best in all your endeavours...

  3. ugh-
    2 things I can relate to-
    trying to learn photoshop, and that eating thing.
    Every now and then I attempt something else in photoshop. The last thing I tried to do was darken the dog's eyes in the photo of my last post. I decided that it was too fake looking, so ended up using the photo in its original shape. I have ideas, but don't know how to execute them. Someday...
    Food? love it. I too use it under any and all circumstances. The only time I could not eat was when my dad passed away. But I made up for that time after a few months.
    ah well...