Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Still Around

Since my last post I have finished sketching out, started painting on a Maytagarama, started this zentangle, almost 8x10, which is already sold, and agreed to do a specific drawing for my niece for an auction by Dec. 5th. I know, probably should say no, but we help each other out, be supportive and it will also reach another group of people to my art.

I just received a call yesterday and my start date for work is Dec. 1st, Tuesday. That Tuesday and Wednesday I go in 10 until 2, Thursday and Friday is 9 til 4. That's just because I will be training for a couple of weeks. Generally I will work 10 til 2. Ah, yes, right at the holidays....but I knew that would be the case. I have still not sold anything at the coffeehouse but still hopeful I may before it's over. My niece has a prominent role at our main library and has gave me information about exhibiting there and I just emailed them. Also, recently she was at one of our swanky restaurants for an artist's reception for an exhibit and spoke with the manager about my work and I am about to contact him. Why....well, I enjoy doing my art for fun but I would also rather bring in some extra income doing my art on my on schedule than working at something totally unrelated away from the house. Not that I mind getting out of the house that much, may be good for me....we will see.

Got the big grocery run today, cooking some for us here at home this week though we will be at my in-laws for the main Thanksgiving meal....my contribution is a German chocolate cake. I usually look for a new cake to make but I haven't made this and I don't think my kids have tried it. I will come up with something new for Christmas. Speaking of that, have picked up a couple of things for the kids, and Mr. U already while I've been out. I really hope to get by to leave comments.....maybe tonight since BigBoy came in last night and they are going somewhere later today for a night. I miss the interaction with y'all so much!


  1. Congrats on the sale! Good luck for more of the same!

  2. Cool you sold your art! Congratulations.
    Exciting times ahead of you! new job and new exibitions!
    Hope you can enjoy everything!

  3. O, So much excitement going on!!!

    Congrats...and Good Luck:)

  4. We miss you too but know you have a lot on your plate right now. But congrats on the sale of the Zen. I hope you sell more. Nice to have someone looking out for you to place your Art. Keep persuing it will come. The cake sounds WONDERFUL. CAN I COME TOO??? LOL

  5. all that and a job? wow, it sounds crazy. enjoy your thanksgiving and keep doing and selling. whats a maytagrathingie?

  6. Congratulations on selling your work! That's wonderful. I wish you luck with your job. When I get tired, I tell myself I'm so grateful I have a job when so many don't! Happy Thanksgiving--your cake sounds delicious. Thank you for so many nice comments over the months.

  7. wow, showing at a coffeehouse! that is so much fun! I love stuff like that, little tea houses, coffeeshops, cafes...etc. You're gonna be plenty busy with the new job! Good luck!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!