Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall and Frequent Feelings

Did a small painting of this tree last year.
All of these were taken on VolleyGirl's school campus except for the last one.
Yes, I packed myself into my Spanx and had that interview Friday, will get the job. They are doing a background check, oops, may have the job!
This very moment, my friend is at the Mayo Clinic finding out some answers I hope.
It's raining here today.........Mare Tails in the clouds Sunday.
Hate when I'm like this, any little thing makes me weepy. Saw some item in the grocery store Sunday and almost burst out crying, reminded me of something mom and dad always prepared at home this time of year.
VG has an appointment this afternoon to check on her foot....probably will start wearing her boot. NOT going to play club ball this year. Yea! No Saturday tournaments! She will be strengthening, increasing her jump and taking private lessons.
Presently in the middle of baking a big cake and filled cupcakes for the volleyball banquet tomorrow night........mixed four recipes of buttercream icing last night. I will post a photo later on Wednesday.
Shopped yesterday for a little under two hours for something to wear to the banquet and for a gala for VG's school this Saturday night..........could barely walk on this stupid knee and my back is killing me......hate it!!!
Thank you (no, not YOU) for ramming Christmas into the butt of Halloween and ruining it with the commercialism, totally overlooking Thanksgiving, since it's not a money maker, merely a time to be thankful....(blah). Yeah, I'm gonna call it Christmas, not the holidays....cause that's what it is!!!! Christmas music was playing already yesterday........geez! Don't get me wrong....Jesus' birth is easily deserving of endless celebration but as soon as Dec. 26th hits, BAM! No hint of Christmas....if you can "celebrate" it months before in a Halloween costume, why can't you for days, weeks after? I know why. My family loves Christmas so I shall not bitch.....except to you......(lucky!)
I pray my friend has good news from her appointment today.


  1. Poor baby, I hope you are feeling better after your letting here. Sometimes it just feels better to get it out. Pretty tree photos. I hope your new job is the answer to some of your prayers and that your friend gets the best news.

  2. Congrats on your job!
    I have these grumpy moods as well, so recognizable. Tired PMS, have no idea what it is. Ah it makes life interesting, suppose you are always the same and never pissed about something......
    Beautiful pictures and hop your friends gets the good news!

    Take care!

  3. Job? What job? What did I miss?

    I tried to put a Spanx cami on the other day and I nearly busted my big gut trying to pull it over my head. No thanks!!! I'll suck it in the best I can. I'd rather breathe comfortably :P

    Beautiful photos! I'm enjoying fall so much here.
    Hey, it's kind of refreshing to hear you bitch. It makes you just like the rest of us!

    I hope your friend will be okay. And YAY for finding possible work in this market!

  4. I am so on board with you regarding Christmas being stretched to the maximum dollar! It's only November 10th and already I've delivered more gift catalogs than anyone needs in a lifetime. No one gets more tired of Christmas (except maybe store clerks) than postal workers. By the time Christmas gets here I am a total Grinch!
    I still have everything crossed regarding your new job. Is it safe to uncross now? Or maybe I'll stay crossed until your friend gets good news.
    These photos are simply gorgeous. Lotsa leaves, tho!

  5. I came over since I saw the photo and thought you had painted it...well you did with the camera...here to the job!

    I lost one once because I failed a stupid polygraph. I just get nervous when men in black suits start asking questions, LOL, really that was back before they realized they were not so reliable, darn men in black suits!

    I view the change in seasons as a way of finding a renewed self I suppose, but I too have my down moments!

    Okay why is the word verification saying 'beadead'...

  6. You have so much on your plate any more. Its no wonder your feeling down and out. Is this job full time on top of everything else? Will you be able to keep painting?
    BTW, How is your show going?
    I hope your friend is ok. I hope you will be ok. This post hit the nail on the head in so many ways!!

  7. Congrats on the job!
    Sorry about VG's foot- and I hope you are feeling better!

    I just read in the paper this morning that one of the local stations has begun broadcasting ONLY Christmas music ALREADY!
    Years ago I worked in a shop (my first job after 20+ years of mothering) that had the radio tuned in to the station playing only Christmas music. Every now and then, I will hear certain songs that put me RIGHT BACK IN THAT STORE (mind you - only certain songs-and I don't know why that is) and I SMILE to hear them-
    bah-humbug- right? sorry!

    Hope your friend is ok.