Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Art of Christmas

Pictured above are the recipients of the zentangle created especially for them by request of their daughter...who just happens to be a magnificent artist living in the same town as myself. How honored and flattered I was to be able to do this for her, for them! It went all the way up to the last minute, finished in the late afternoon of Christmas Eve. I called Michele (see her blog) and proceeded to frame it. Apparently, they were very pleased with it....that really makes me happy! We left after she picked it up to my in-laws for the evening, returned home to bake a pecan and key lime pie.......then it was time to wait for Santa!
Like I said...most of these pictures and symbols were specifically for careers, interests, family and personal meaning to this long married couple. Now....Michele has already sent me information to create another one, with two more to come! Last night I managed to create the outside border for it. Next week is busy, working a half day Monday and then three full days, probably because my best friend is off all week to attend her daughter's basketball tournament. I also agreed to work for the sweet 19 year old on Monday so she could be out of town. Next month I need to limit my days and hours so to get ready for the art exhibit. I did rest some yesterday though my knee ached the whole time. We had a nice Christmas, love having the kids free from school and home all day.....they have been very helpful. Next week is VolleyGirl's last week out of school and I hate that I will be working so much....may see if I can get a little more time off. I want to catch up with everyone's site.......remember patience is a it may take me a few days. Hoping you are all healthy and happy! Off to the grocery store now....


  1. You did a FANTASTIC job T. Thank you so much for making my parents Christmas a very special one this year. They have done so much for me over the years and I wanted to give them something spectacular...and THAT is why I called on you!
    Your Zentangles are truly a gift.
    Thanks again,

  2. Iam glad they liked your zen. It is great. Be happy.

  3. This zen is OUTSTANDING!! How wonderful that you made it personal with little tid-bits of their lives woven throughout. I looked closely at every single thing you did. I am amazed at your ablility to assemble all this into such an asthetically pleasing picutre. Definately continue to take commissions and do these. You are so great at this! You've found your niche!

  4. I so love the Zentangles! What a great design! I am so excited for you! Your work is beautiful!
    Wishing you great creativity this season! Caroline

  5. What a special gift!
    Your zentangles are so great!
    No wonder they loved it!

  6. OMGosh ... you are so creative. Thanks for dropping by and your nice comment. Have a wonderful new year.

  7. what a wonderful treat and i love your new header too, actually much more than the previous one. have a wonderful end of year time with all.

  8. OMG this Zen is Wonderful. There arent enough words to say how wonderful and fantastic it is. YOU GO GIRL!!! You have found your calling.

  9. This is beautiful and so special, as it really is all about the persons who got this! Great job. I love the little bits of color, just enough to make it live even more...
    Looking forward to see more of those, but I know how it is with time...never enough on our hands...:)

  10. Such a nice one and so much fun looking at all the little hidden treasures.