Friday, November 13, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Yes, you've seen it before, a couple of times! I just snapped this photo Wednesday of this week, one of my favorite spots on the way to my daughter's school. I have painted these red trees with the clear blue sky behind them, at this spo,t two diffterent times...but I had to snap it again! Enjoy more sky photos at


  1. Its worth repeating!!! Lovely view. I do it too. Each year I take the same pix but they do grow a bit more each year. You should put them together and see what changes there are. Any word on your show? How long will it be going?
    Word verification...manic. lol Are we manic to keep shooting the same views? LOL

  2. I can see why you like this view. It is beautiful.

  3. I do, perfectly, see why you keep returning to this spot. I think I would too.