Thursday, November 5, 2009

Art Exhibit!

Seems like weeks ago since the state volleyball tournament, the weekend is somewhat of a blur. Sunday evening till late and all day Monday till late with a little rush on Tuesday morning.....then put the display up at the coffeeshop! My first real showing! I am both excited and exhausted. My close friend went with me, which was very helpful and fun! Took longer than I thought because I had to put a loop on the back on a large amount of them for the hangers to fit on. Thankfully I brought the wire and cutters. I am still busy, trying to get a new blog or website up, sent out a mass email about it, wrote a "bio"...that was a thrill (not). Missed washing for 2 days and it looked like a week! Dealing with the news last week that my new friend from Chicago area is very ill and they moved back to have support and help of her family. Scanned in all my work before framing it, purchased frames! The kicker, have a job interview in the morning and I don't have a clue what I will wear cause stress/depression has me eating....vicious circle! No, it's not in art, it's auditing. Money is good, hours flexible, close here and will get the monkey off my back some to bring in some money. Keep your fingers crossed. Okay, there you go. That's why I've been MIA online. Haven't forgotten you, always thinking how I wanted to share things going on with my blog buddies. The first photo is inside the coffeehouse, it's so cozy, warm and comfortable inside!
Here is one of the latest color pencil pieces framed in a 11x14 with an 8x10 opening.
You've seen the pumpkins but this bronze frame really set them off.....may not can tell, I put a light apple green background in just before framing.
Just finished this zentangle Wednesday night. The photo does not do justice to the frame. It is a totally smooth surface of plexiglass, very sleek! Also a 11x14 frame with an 8x10 opening.
The portion of the wall with all my goodies, except for the last zentangle, it wasn't quite finished yet........why did we not save an opening for it that was easily reachable??? Duh. You will probably recognize all the pieces. Some were touched up a bit before framing.


  1. My goodness you wear me out reading all you do in a day. HOW DO YOU DO IT? and your getting a job or another one...? wow. but your show looks wonderful and I hope things sell. How long will it be up.
    Thanks for your comment on my Annie video & Painting, it isn't something I took. I just love the cottage photo when I saw it.

  2. Your exibition looks GREAT!!!!
    Lovely works. Nice to enlarge that last one, I love that little one with the trees!
    You have been enourmously busy! But please take care eh.
    You will be so tired after this but it's fun.

    Hope your interview goes well

    Have a nice day!

  3. No wonder you are stressed. Too much to do and now you have to work?!! Maybe after some missed meals and dirty underware someone will think your work at home is worth the time and money not brought in. Please take care of yourself. Spread the chores. VG and Husband can help. Don't don the Superwoman cape. Obviously it won't be appreciated.

  4. Hi great news, congratulation for the first opening and I cross my fingers for the job interview! You really are so very busy, but so many good things you are doing there:)

  5. Congrats!!!Such a wonderful exhibit. Seems like you had all the FUN. All the stress would have flown down the drain.

    Best of luck for the interview!!!

    Happy day!

  6. That's wonderful! So happy for you. I still love those pumpkins.

    Good luck on the job... do keep us up to date.

  7. this is so exciting for you. well done. and i am waiting every day for apollo to arrive all wrapped up with a big blue bow. (I wish)

  8. Oh this is so exciting!! Both the exhibit and the interview. I've got everything crossed for your interview.
    Your exhibit looks very attractive on that wall. The coffee shop looks very cozy and inviting. Our Border's Bookstore exhibits local art in their coffee shop area. I think it does quite well. Love your zent.

  9. wow - this is exciting and it does look great. good luck with the job interview (or is it over already?); and enjoy the art show accolades

  10. How exciting .... Everything looks wonderful! I hope the interview went well.

  11. Looks great!
    I love the trees -right of center- wanted to enlarge the photo more than allowed to get a closer view.
    I don't remember seeing them before.