Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dogs On Thursday.....finally

Okay, I do not always do my business this way, like a girl, I mean! However, I am still taking medicines and the side effect is the need to Royal Wee frequently. The morning RW, shown above, is veeeeery lengthy and until a RHH (Royal Hind-leg Holder) is hired, this dude will not be holding my appendage up that lengthy of time!!!!
What, you ask, is this? Mom was informed by her niece that it is a Fairy Circle. You know, the Tooth Fairy gets stiff bending over those pillows over and over every night and from time to time just has to let loose sometime! Just think, I thought it was just dad digging up the mushrooms in the front yard so moi would have zero chance of ingesting anything not on my Royal Diet.....
Ah, blessed peace, it can be so exhausting being royal but fortunately for me mom has otherwise been occupied lately, keeping her from pointing that camera at me!!!! Hey, all my friends out there...hope you are being treated royally as well, especially Snuffles, Annie, Luna, Emma, Snickers, Dizzy, Friday, Lilah, Penney and Tonka!
P.S. Dad, mom and VolleyGirl are riding over to see the bulldogs compete at a nearby dog show early in the morning.....why can't I go too???


  1. they should let you go to see the other bullies, tell them i agree with you. big smooches lovely boy. and get well soon (btw, snuffles wees like a boy, lifts her leg!)

  2. Good to see that your Royal Hindeneeness is doing well. Have you recovered from your big trip??

  3. I don't have a dog anymore but I sure enjoy reading about all of your dogs. I feel like an Aunt.

  4. Get well soon.
    Love this post, but kind of sad they make a picture of his majesty making his Royal Wee, don't they have a law over there to protect Royalty from the paparazzi?!!??!!

  5. marianne's comment is hilarious!!

    You'd think a dog could whiz in private ;P

  6. I like that Fairy ring. We have some of those too. I was picking toad stools out of our lawns this morning.