Sunday, December 20, 2009


Finished this a day ago and have one more to complete by Christmas! This and the next is are 8x10 in size. We wrapped gifts yesterday and hopefully will finish those today, attended a family
get together last night, seeing most of my mother's sisters and many cousins and their families. It is SUCH a blessing to see them all and I really should make the effort to spend more time with them...perhaps a New Year's resolution....hmmmm. Came back and watched "Elf" together again, still funny! Making my lists and checking them more than twice, have some cooking to do this week. I did not work Friday and do not Monday. It is still going pretty well. Met with owner of a fine art gallery this last Wednesday and decided to jump in and exhibit which will be Feb. 1-May 31. Must have pieces ready by middle to third week of January! I want to do some new after the holidays is already planned looks like. I finally have my business cards printed up correctly after Staples did them and they turned out horribly....BigBoy did the artwork without asking me one question and he had me pegged perfectly. They are gloss black with letters reversed with a very light design in the background that you may miss if you look too quickly. Keeping very, very busy, not anal though like some of you may think I floors are really dirty and bathrooms need cleaning again...........I am not a maniac...have to watch the back, if it goes, I'm in trouble! Hope all of you are well!!!!


  1. Well this lastest is awesome. You have, what 4 days left to get that other Zen done? yikes. Hope its started already. Congrats on the Gallery show. No pressure there. lol I do know about watching the back. Some things just dont get done as often as I would like. Dont over do now.
    Oh word verifacation is...hercow. yeah.. dont have a cow getting things done. lol

  2. Who thinks you're a maniac?? Shame on them!
    I often worry that you don't take enough time for yourself but what I've come to realize is how much you LOVE taking care of your family ;) That's admirable and awesome!

    yay. art show coming up.
    The Zentangle for VG is magnificent!

    Merry Christmas girlfriend!

  3. Gosh they get better ever time! You have really found your gift T!
    Can't wait to see mine ;)

  4. What studio are you displaying in?

  5. Wonderful you have an art show coming up again.
    Maybe it's an idea to ask if you could show some sold work as well (from ones you know) It works in many ways: People like their pieces to be exhibited. It is good to have some sold pieces in between them, makes people want to buy the rest ;) They see they have to be quick......

    Take care and leave that floor, no one will notice . Do some fun things instead!


  6. I love the touches of color in this zen. It is fablous. Take care of that back.

  7. I love all the little splashes of color! "Elf" is still one of my favorite Christmas movies, too.

  8. wow wee. haven't been here is a while and look where you've taken the zentangles! Really impressive. enjoy your family while you can :) happy holidays from your fan, victoria

  9. I really like this in color! You put so much detail into these things. My mind doesn't work that way, I guess.
    So glad the job is working out and that you get to have some time off. Lucky you.
    I'm also glad that you are going to exhibit again. That's really great. And your stuff is selling, too. Good going.
    Try to stay calm through all the holiday rush, and breathe and enjoy.

  10. Your Santa Hat header is adorable! You are so good with drawing crumpled fabric, paper, and stones! This hat looks like how I feel right now. Whew! It's almost over.