Friday, February 29, 2008

You Gotta Be Kidding.......................Do Over!

I can't believe it....had written a few paragraphs, a few chuckles, one or two global warming jabs, just so pleased, like a kindergartener finishing up a coloring project for his mommy and voila! my window was gone! One of the kinks that I have not worked out since this wizardly new laptop! Sooooooo aggravating. You must take my word, it was most entertaining. Once again, I will attempt to make somewhat mundane and boring information and commentary fascinating and interesting merely by the small movement of these talented digits.
First off, the painting in progress photo (ppp), not unlike the Hilight magazine: find all the differences between the ppppp (previously posted painting in progress photo) and the present ppp. How much can you find? Yes, that is a shadow beside the tree.....that may change....unsure if I like it. Secondly, but certainly second to none, pencil portrait of our beloved Bubba, the golden retriever (a common dog, not of royalty status) created by none other than BigBoy. He truly excells in pencil which has been the medium of my choice but apparently the "change" has brought out the brush in me. He will do your pet's portrait with a good photo provided.....leave a comment.
The week has flown by and has not been a banner week for those with weak backs but I must push on. Remember the "flip" job on VolleyGirl's closet? Well, hit a snag with the contractor and hopefully that job will get back on track tonight and this weekend.
Laundry Show update: Um, I'm thinking that graphic images would be a good bet if the Laundry Leader would like these done before we go into another climate change cycle! Worked on some ideas as I sat during volleyball practice last night. Need to get it all together soon.
His Majesty is beckoning me for a royal wee.............................more later!

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  1. Both artworks are beautiful! Big Boy should have no problem getting commissions. :) Darla