Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Large Choir Voices !!!!!

Hear that choir singing great praises that I have
finally completed another piece! It is not my usual style. I like darker, richer colors but this is fine, trying to do different styles. I must complete the painting for the school fundraiser this week. I have not taken my long-awaited "poortfolio" around as of yet, feel it needs some more pieces before that. Thinking after I add one or two more that I shall make one or two rounds. Friends that I have shared it with have been very receptive and complimentary but I was not pleased yet.
So it is a busy, busy week. VolleyGirl has a lesson tonight, practice Thursday and a two day tournament this weekend that we both will have to help with. BigBoy will be coming home and that requires a bit of prep as well. Yesterday, I started cleaning out VolleyGirl's closet with a forklift. I do not let her operate large machinery as of yet.......so I began the process. Believe me, it was past that girl's abilities to do it alone, she was brought in soon after it was checked for varmints and perhaps large animals. The pruning process is far from complete and don't even ask why I started it this day!
It will be complete before the weekend and believe me when I tell you her life will be in grave danger if said closet has anything out of place once this mission is complete!!! (See.....3 exclamations: that means I am serious) I felt a compelling urge to have something done that is in dire need....and that just hit me, naturally by bedtime I could not walk. Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day"....and so it is, I can walk again. His Majesty is snoozing so some tasks must be completed. Cut my vein and I would bleed laundry....so, natch, that will be going on and some kitchen tasks must be completed before painting. Sigh, if only I was not just a court jester...
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  1. Wow your blog pages are great. The art work is even better but the royal hiness is the best.

  2. You survived!!! Glad to see you on the other side of last weekend. Saty away from Hotwheel Hacienda, however... Caleb and I are SICK and his parents have the boys!!

  3. When you are done with VolleyGirl's closet can you come help me out with Teen Pig Pen? :) I love your blogs! Very funny!