Thursday, February 7, 2008

Busy Days....................

Seems like forever since I have updated. This photo should represent the breakout that hopefully will happen soon. I have a lead on our church possibly needing some art in the prayer room which is being redone. Also, at church, I am trying to get in contact with the person responsible for images that is used on the 2 large screens in the contemporary worship services. Apparently they purchase the images and a friend suggested that they may be interested in some of my photographs.

Spoke with the Starbucks manager by phone, she was out the day I went by....but no harm, I got a free peppermint-mocha latte grande out of it for waiting on the shift manager to come back and basically tell me to talk with the manager. Aloofness was not even required!!! So, as I was saying, she said that her partner had given her a piece of artwork to hang, to bring my portfolio and card by and we would see. Uh, yeah, um, just getting started, like I have NO PORTFOLIO! The plan now is to take photos of all my drawings and paintings from college and the three that I have already done, put together a portfolio. Not sure about the cards, my "super spouse" said he would see that I have a website set up, therefore, it would be better if I wait for that address before printing cards. I did get my great Ott light, not the 49.99 one, a more suitable one for painting. It sells for 169.99 at Michael's and I got it for 65 at Tuesday Morning....sigh......I just love a good bargain. It is great....and....yea! my painting doesn't look crappy under the light! (relief)

My "super spouse" purchased me a laptop. It is so nice. I think he wants to take my computer and use it elsewhere. Whatever...........I like the laptop. I don't have all my addresses or photos on it yet though. He is away for a couple of nights so I have had fulltime care of His Royal "Hine"ness. I hardly had time for much else today, had him out alot since the volleygirl had practice tonight and had to go to school for an interview on her science project. And Yeah! It was giggles galore staying up Sunday night for that to be finished. Not to mention, after being in Tenn. for the volleyball tournament all day Saturday. They did very well, considering they had not scrimmaged anyone at all. Came in 3rd place. Said child is now up again finishing homework.......guess it is better than changing poo poo diapers way back when........or not........they didn't have such an attitude then and I was still sleepy.....hmmmm. Oh well, just enjoy the moments, whatever they are. Such as, the other night, getting up at 3:30, getting in the bathroom, a man, his lovely wife, their sweet daughter and a magical bulldog. The cat was in the closet. So thankful we did not get hit, so many prayers going out to those who did. Later....

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  1. Love the blog site! It's a good way for me to catch up on you and the fam. It's the first time I got to really see the cloud picture too, and I love it just as much as the flower one...maybe even a little more. I am amazed at your talent! I guess I should say amazed at how you just picked it back up after all those years. I guess it was just lying dormant. I probably can't really give you too much advice on letting volleygirl loose right now. It's been 10 years since I had a 14 year old (thank god), and things have changed just a bit since then. Given all I see and hear about today, I think I'd keep the leash short for at least another year. Guess I watch too much Nancy Grace. We seem to have the same political views too. Must be in the genes.