Saturday, February 16, 2008

This Is Your Lucky Day !!!!!!!!!!

Did you feel that? You know, that tingly feeling and rush of blood you feel when you get very excited! Oh yeah, you've just met face to photo His Royal "Hine"ness, the Magnificent, Miraculous and all Mystical, Magical Bulldog!!! This photo is so fresh, you could pick a majestical hair promptly from this very pic. SuperSpouse took it, that in itself is a bit of a small miracle. SS isn't known for his Ansel Adams prowess! You now have a reason to bookmark this page, just for an anytime pick-me-up, take a gander at the pooch prince. Doesn't he look like everything goes his way? Now, he is special, don't you wish you were?

Miracles abound, I painted last night and today! Upon completion of this prose of outrageous entertainment I will again be spending more time with assorted brushes in my tingly hands! (No, His Majesty no longer causes my tingle, it's a neck disc thing) Working hard to complete the blue rose painting that the background gave me slight fits. I can't stand to start another with a previous piece left incomplete. I have promised to have a painting for our old middle school's fundraiser and cannot not find the photo I took of a tree that once stood on the grounds that I promised them I would paint. (Whew, that sentence was l-o-n-g) SuperSpouse and I saw it a few nights ago. That's going to be a problem.............Did I post the rose in progress photo?

VolleyGirl has a four day weekend. Yea, no rushing on Monday morning and then only four days of it. She has done some cleaning.....worse than pulling teeth to light a fire under that one. She is slightly motivated by a desire to attend a sleepover with her friends tomorrow night. Hey, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, I would like a little input. Some of VolleyGirl's friends go places and attend games and movies minus an adult. I realize we keep a tight leash (learned from HRH!) but at 14 isn't that pushing it a little? Shouldn't we keep a closer eye til they mature a bit more? Will she not have 3 and a half more years to loosen the leash some. I mean, what will she have to look forward to by year 3? I want her to look older and learn more lessons on all the freaks out there. I watch and hear the girls together all the time when they get to talking and laughing. A mac truck could head towards them and they wouldn't be aware of it! Uh, unless it was a cute teenage boy driving it. To SS and my credit, BigBoy has done fine and his leash was short compared to many. Just a sayin'...........So what do you say?

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  1. I think you do a great job and to trust your instincts. BigBoy is such a sweetie, even if he doesn't want anyone to know. I know VolleyGirl is very different, but she's smart and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Keep the leash short but take her out often... how else will she get trained?? :)

    That's my two cents, of course I'm running a fever and hallucinating so ignore me completely.