Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Here Comes Debbie Downer!"

Don't even go there....I realize the tree needs more work. This is a piece in progress. Originally, I thought I would have it ready for the auction at the school fundraiser. I had to punt and go with the cloud painting that has been previously posted. I was left with HRH to pamper and make out with on Thursday and Friday. Working like a true "arteest", I stayed up like the rebel I am and painted past two in the morning, then couldn't go to sleep afterwards, thinking of how I was going to add to the landscape and how I had to wake up at six. I am glad to be so excited about the energy bursting from these very blogging hands that I can't even go to sleep.......I do love listening to Conan...he is so my favorite. He was better when the writers were on strike. I knew that I would not have the time or energy to complete it for the auction.

Big Boy came home but I spent all weekend at the volleyball tournament with VolleyGirl. He and SuperSpouse came down. Alot of time on my feet, made me decide two things: 1. Get a handicap tag and/or 2. Decide when to have a knee replacement. Either one makes me feel like an old woman. Granted, I am not the age I used to be, who is, by the time you finish saying it, you are already older! Cue the muted trumpet, with womp, womp. I still watch SNL, feeling sort of like Debbie Downer, can't clean, it's dirty, can't not clean, it's still dirty, back hurts, knees hurt, arms burn, just one of those days........

I have painted more today, a bit over an hour and am very anxious to return but, ye old SS has requested my presence with the reading of the bills. Cue trumpets with mutes.......then will be time to take VolleyGirl to a lesson......where is Conan when you need a quick pick me up!

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  1. I think you mentioned donating art to a non profit...check out this page I made - Artist Deduction Bill
    The way it is now, if you donate an artwork as an artist, you can only write off the cost of supplies for your taxes. But an art collector/investor can get the full fair market value for the work. The Deduction Bill would allow artists to also receive the fair market value once 18 months has passed since creating the artwork.
    To me, it seems perfectly reasonable. When it's better tax-wise to write a check instead of donate an artwork, that's what artists will do, and nonprofits are not going to get the art donations that they need for fundraisers.