Monday, February 11, 2008

Ta Da !!!!

Finally! This is my very first canvas painting in about 30 years......during that time, I had worked a few years as a graphic artist until I had BigBoy. Many a backdrop for plays, huge wall paintings and characters created for bible school and dinner theatres. Even got into the painted clothing craze back in the 90's. Wow, I sound so old......just experienced and wise......uh, um, yeah, that's right.....I'll go with that. This painting was put in the silent auction for VolleyGirl's high school big fundraising event. I must get one painted for the middle school event as well. I did purchase a portfolio case and have my photos ready to be printed today. It is only 8 pieces but all the businesses say to bring by a portfolio and so...........I think I can sell myself, confidence feeling pretty good right now.
Busy weekend, not much time with BigBoy really but that's the way it goes. Spent about 6 hours on my feet yesterday, baking muffins, filled cupcakes, potato salad and of course more washing (highly underated as a form of entertainment...riiiiiiiiiight) .....had to rush to get VolleyGirl to practice at 3 then straight to inlaws to celebrate father-in-law's big 7-0! Cupcakes were a hit, good time was had by all.....youngest nephew is the cutest. Laundry (pardon that segway) list of medical ailments that affect me, degenerative disc disease/spurs/arthritis in neck and lower back, two bad knees and today neck is hurting, burning down arms and "good" knee is the pits but I am so darn excited about getting this portfolio together and getting upstairs to paint! Hopefully the "bullmaster" will be quiet, must scrub offspring's bath today after him getting his Royal Wash yesterday by BigBoy. Speaking of BigBoy, he has a huge test in Art History Tuesday, 60 slides......ah, the olden days, I had to study notes on slides from class for, these days...spoiled by the hi-tech, great for such classes I must say.....
I am coming to you live from the sweet laptop SuperSpouse secured for me.....finally has my email addresses on it and all. Don't have my favorites list, but that will accumulate. That does it for the moment, I realize one can only take in so much excitement, and must be taken in small increments. Hey, if you're visiting, leave a message.....doesn't even have to be nice, I can take it.......knock, knock, anybody there? You get the idea.

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