Friday, February 8, 2008

Slow and Fast Simultaneously ???

Just how do the days pass by so quickly, doing many tasks, yet accomplishing very little? Literally a snail could get more painting done than I have accomplished this week!!! Ye tho contacts may have been made and good info recieved, ye fire, not yet lit below thee feet! What a bonfire that would be, considering the largeness of thou feet........I did have some creative interuptions, helping volleygirl hot glue everything from ribbons to creating high heel shoes on her science project this week. Required my moving all of the painting set up off of the table and having glue drippings all over it. The project looks nice if you like, pink, red, polka dots and high heels. is cute.....looks like something Reese Witherspoon's character from the movie, "Legally Blonde" might do! Head of the household, one magical, yet mystical bulldog once again snoozing on the couch that he has taken over! That has been time consuming also this week with the super spouse away. What you say? Yes, I should be upstairs with brush in hand at this very moment..........but I do consider this "marketing" (and worldly entertainment!) ((for me at least!)). Double parenthesis...invented my myself. You think correct English prose has any life anymore with the messaging, blogging and most of all phone texting? Teeny, tiny example of good manners, parameters and all else.....out the door in our society. Oops, just contributed to it, guess I must rethink that........

Big boy comes home this evening, meals must be planned and food purchased in bulk! Eats like an infant....several times a day. Yeah, me too, but it looks terrible on me! Therefore, another trip to Publix, my home away from home. 1. List is made. 2. Get wash finished 3. Feed and walk dog 4. Duh, bathe

This photo was taken at Disneyworld, I believe. My kids, I think, have a little more appreciation for the natural beauty that I do in the sky. They often point it out to me now and Big Boy (college son) has taken pics at school to send to me. Can't beat the Almighty as an artist, won't try, just love to recreate it. Took pictures while driving volleygirl to practice last night, much to her dismay, "Do we really have time for that???" as to which I replied, "uh, yeah, check out the beautiful pink sky, as I snapped one last one, free of light poles as I stepped out of the parked car. Something they get used to......somewhat. Hopefully, I will get the latest ones, and my artwork photos for my portfolio downloaded onto my new nifty super spouse-generous laptop in the next few days. Stay tuned! Love and Blessings, especially prayers for tornado victims........

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  1. Aunt T-

    Love your work! I do wish that I had some creative bones in my body abut I have yet to find them. Anyways, very proud of you!